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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Consider: Michael Brown

I've been waiting for someone to exercise a particular bit of critical thinking to the Michael Brown event, particularly from his first contact with Wilson until his death.

This little exercise is not me taking sides.  It is simply me doing what I do - look at something and challenge the conventional wisdom, especially the premise.  I'm not saying my perspective is what really happened between Brown and Wilson.  But I will say: Not one person reading this post will be able to deny my hypothesis based on known and verifiable facts.

Given the facts that are in the record, and given the interactions between Brown & Wilson that can only be known to Brown & Wilson, Consider:

LEO Dispatch broadcast that a robbery suspect was wanted for a box of cigarellos, and they gave a description.

LEO Wilson was responding to an unrelated call, when he passed Brown walking in the middle of the street.  Wilson remembered some clothing aspects given by Dispatch, and felt he had a match for the robbery suspect.  Wilson claimed he saw Brown carrying the cigarellos.  Wilson ordered Brown to the sidewalk.  Words were exchanged, and we assume Brown essentially told Wilson to go piss up a rope.

Wilson then put his vehicle in reverse and blocked Brown's path, as well as traffic.

More words were exchanged.  We can assume (but we do not know) that Brown continued to tell Wilson to piss up a rope, and Wilson probably responded with words and tone that were at least as belligerent.  Afterall, that is what they teach in LEO school.  They are taught to take control of the situation by demonstrating they are the bigger dog by responding to verbal shit-talking in at least a matching tone and volume, and to degrade the suspect in some manner to prove the LEO has the bigger dick.

But what, exactly, was said can never be confirmed as fact.  Brown is dead and Wilson may have told the truth, or not.

Whatever those words may have been, it prompted an unarmed man to start throwing punches at a cop, through a window.  Given my personal experiences with LEO, and given the thousands of stories from places like CopWatch, I'm willing to bet Wilson did not compliment Brown.  He said or did something that was sufficiently provocative that Brown started swinging.  "You're too much of a pussy to shoot me" is a bit of dialogue from Brown - which indicates Wilson said or did something indicating he had raised the potential of being shot during their interaction.

Wilson responded by drawing his pistol and firing twice, one of which grazing Brown's thumb.

At this time, Brown turned and beat feet.  Not an imprudent move when unarmed and facing a man who is shooting at you - a man you know will get away with it because he is PoPo.

We know that Wilson got out of his vehicle and chased Brown, threatening to shoot him.  Consider what your state of mind would be if you'd just had a LEO shoot at you twice, and is now chasing you with his weapon drawn, promising to shoot you again.

Now consider this: Brown is a big boy - NFL Linebacker big - but not NFL fit.  He can't run fast, and according to forensics he ran 153 feet (about 50 yards) then stopped and turned to face Wilson who was, presumably closing the distance because he is in better shape.

Now consider the world through Brown's eyes.  He's grown up in Ferguson.  His entire life has probably been antagonistic with LEO.  Right now he is winded and Wilson is gaining on him, while threatening to shoot.  Brown knows Wilson isn't bluffing, because he's already fired twice.  Did Brown stop running because he knew it was only a matter of time before LEO was on him?  Did he weigh all of his options and conclude that he'd never get fair treatment from Wilson - who had already shot at him and was promising more of the same?  Did he decide his only chance of living was to turn and take his chances by rushing Wilson, and if he got lucky, to beat him down until Wilson was no longer a threat?

From Brown's perspective I think it is safe to say he considered himself to be in a no-win situation.  A bad decision (stealing and being thuggish) had escalated out of control and now he had LEO chasing him down to kill him.  Did he then decide to rush Wilson, ending as we all know it ended?

Now add these two facts: First, we all know that the Prosecutors did not advocate for a Bill to take Wilson to trial.  We know how rare that action is, and if you ever expect a prosecutor to do the same for you, it could, in theory, happen.  But you'll probably get Skittles from the butt of a Unicorn first.

Second fact: The cigarellos that Wilson claims to have seen in Brown's possession, part of the predicate for the stop, were never recovered at the scene.

Consider that scenario.  It is at least as plausible as the scenario accepted by the Grand Jury.

No doubt, Brown was behaving thuggishly.  No doubt, the typical animosity between LEO and the Black community existed.

I'm not positing this theory for copsuckers, or trying to convince the "Your skin color is your uniform" asshats who claim they are Patriots, yet have no understanding of what Rightful Liberty means.  I did not write this for that special subset of "Patriots" who denounce everything LEO does, except when LEO does it to a person of color.  I did not write it for those idiots who may one day find a black man with an AR coming down the road, and shoot at 100 yards, yet let the same man approach his position if he is white with an AR.

I write this for genuine Patriots who mean to be the best Human Beings they can be as History is about to write one hellishly brutal chapter about us.  I wrote it so good men and women who may not have applied serious critical thinking to the situation might do so, and remember to do so in the future.

Think for yourself.  Be as objective as you can be.  Never accept, without question, what is told to you by anyone - especially if that person has a perspective that skews the conclusion.  You must think for yourself and you must learn to trust your own brain.  A Counter-Revolution has no place for non-thinkers.