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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year from H

Photo by Miss Violet

Hi folks,

This was written by my wife (as she explains in the next few sentences) and it is offered as warmest wishes for you and yours this New Year.


Written by Holly:

This time of year, many of us naturally become introspective. We take stock of our lives, revisit our experiences, and take note of lessons learned.    

So, I dusted off this old piece that I wrote "literally" a million years ago!  ;-)  

It's okay if you think it's a little corny.  It is. (Also, I make no claims to being a poet.) 


As December breathes its frosty last,
Sit quietly and ask:

This past year -- what were my joys?
What were my sorrows?

What do I most regret?
And, what have I tried to forget?

What new piece of me has my experience cast?
And, am I somehow different this year than I was the last?

Am I a better human being now than the year before?
Or is this last year's goodness, good enough for another year more? 

Did I make any difference in anyone's life? 
Did I allow anyone to make a difference in mine? 

Which relationships have I deepened?
Which others are bruised and beaten?

Did any of my dreams, this year come true?
And, did I remember to feel gratitude?

Did I dream any new dreams, or am I forgetting how?
And, what does the world need most from me now? 



May you find Peace & Love no matter what this way comes.  
And, may Prosperity & Joyful Abundance be heaped upon you.  
Happy New Year!