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Saturday, December 13, 2014

III Percent Grid Down Comms

We've seen interruptions in recent days and weeks that are pretty persuasive that the net and cells will be turned off when SHTF - by one player or another.

When that happens the only way to reach me, short of coming to my nest, will be by radio, using CW/Morse, and in many cases utilizing OTPs (One Time Pads).  This is likely the same option you will have, wherever your AO may be.

Aware that radio Comms are not secure, and simply keying the mic will put you on the radar, all you can do is lengthen the time it takes OpFor to break your codes.  Your Comms security needs to remain unbreakable at least until the operational value of the communique is nil.

If you need Comms training, you know who I recommend.  Sparks31.

Order his book, get your tickets, learn Morse, read his blog, and enroll in his classes.

It's all here.