Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Statement from K

I will never ask any III Patriot to join me on the Green.

That is simple reality.

If and when I choose to go to the Green, I may, or may not, make a public announcement of when and where I plan to stand on an X.

I may or may not define my RoE.

I lead no Man or Woman.  I ask no Man or Woman to follow me.

I walk my path.  It is mine to walk.

If I ever announce that I will be at X - join me if you wish.  Stand down if you wish.  I will take no judgment.  Simply know that I walk my own path in this life.  If you choose to stand at my shoulder, so be it.  If not, so be it.

When, if, I choose an X - I may or may not be willing to Go Hard.  I act and react to circumstances as they evolve.

My goal is to keep my wife safe, and my Tribe safe, to the best of my ability, as I see fit based on the circumstances on the ground - circumstances that are ALWAYS changing and evolving.

That is all I have to say on this topic at this time.

And so will we end: '...more coffins than cradles....'

PJB, here.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Drudge Takes Notice: Hammonds

Is the evolving goal to prevent taking the Hammonds to prison?

You decide.  You weigh-in.

Here's the link.

Evil is winning.  All that takes is for good men to do nothing...

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hammond Ranch: UPDATE

From deep within the Hammond inner-circle: the Hammonds WELCOME anyone and everyone who chooses to come and show their support for the family.  

Everything following is from K: These people have been wronged - flagrantly.  They do NOT deserve federal prison.  They are set to enter prison by 4 January.  See the post below for contact information if you decide to muster.

Let your conscience guide you.  Evil is winning.

That is all.

Developing: Hammond Ranch

The Hammonds have until 4 January to surrender to B.O.P.

More as it evolves.

FYI: To date the Hammonds have NOT requested assistance.  My personal experience with the family indicates they would NOT WANT a Bundy Ranch scenario.  Disclosure: I am NOT in direct contact with any participants at this time (more direct intel by the end of the day).

Engage your brains before taking any actions or decisions.  

What has happened to these people is wrong on every level.  Now a dose of realism: If you are not going to defend them with arms and take them down a road they may not wish to travel, slow your roll, folks.  FedGov has issued remand orders and the Marshal Service will enforce the order of the courts.  Unless you are ready to Go Hard - thus imposing your will on the Hammonds - don't go at all.

More as it evolves.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

III Cookbook - Passing the Torch

We've already begun looking at the 2016 Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous to follow-on our successful event last summer.  This coming year we are considering the addition of specialized training to book-end the weekend PatCon - perhaps a Tactical Training course, perhaps Comms, perhaps Combat Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun 101 & 201 - possibilities are many. One workshop that is almost certain during PatCon is a complete 80% AR Build.  And maybe even a 1911 80% Build Workshop.  Your input is welcome.

For last summer's event a III Cookbook was considered as a fundraiser.  Miss V and H worked hard to bring together recipes from many in the community, including Starvin' Larry/GameGetterII.  But the project evolved to something more substantial, and rather than use the concept as a fundraiser for the 2016 PatCon, Miss V and H have handed Larry the reins as a fundraiser for his Mobile Kitchen Project.  Touch base with Larry and give him your support for his project!  Here's the link to Larry's post.  

Here's the link from the PatCon Crew.

PatCon will probably be earlier this year, depending on many factors, including weather. But we'd like to launch the first Jedburgh Academy Training Programs with PatCon so those of you who want both PatCon and Training can plan for a single trip.  More details to follow - if I remain alive.  I am often threatened with violence from the PatCon Planning Committee...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Europe will burn - Texas anyone?

If we're not, there will be civil war throughout the West. It is eminently clear that a sufficient number of young Europeans have now concluded that they will no longer endure Muslim attacks without reprisals.

The governments can't stop them. Are they going to arrest the 1500 young nationals in Holland? The 600 young nationals in Corsica? And they can't even hold the threat of disemploying them over their heads, because the youth unemployment rates in Europe are over 50 percent. The die is cast, and most of the current governments have foolishly bet on the side that is destined to lose.  - Vox, here.

And in Texas... Here.

Remember this guy?  Someone in Norway will break him out, one day.  And they will build a statue to him.  That's simply how it will go.

Friday, December 25, 2015

A Redoubt Christmas

Christmas morning in St. Maries from one of our windows.
That's not a postcard - that's our life.
Snow is lightly falling - as it has done every day for more than a week.

Merry Christmas, III Percent Patriots.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Our future can be found in our History...

On Christmas day in 1776, a heavy snowstorm began to lash the East Coast from North Carolina to New York. This storm is well known because it impacted General Washington’s Continental Army as it crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night, en route to Trenton, New Jersey, to attack the Hessian forces that occupied the city. The storm dumped about two feet of snow from Central Virginia to Central Maryland in a twenty-four hour period. However, farther to the northeast in New Jersey, much less snow fell due to a changeover to sleet and freezing rain.

The storm was in full fury on Christmas night when Washington’s army crossed the Delaware River. At the time of the crossing, the snow was in the process of changing to sleet. For the rest of the night, the precipitation alternated between snow, sleet and freezing rain. A diary of a member of Washington’s staff briefly describes General Washington and the Delaware crossing:

“He stands on the bank of the stream, wrapped in his cloak, superintending the landing of his troops. He is calm and collected, but very determined. The storm is changing to sleet and cuts like a knife.”

After crossing the Delaware, the American soldiers marched nine miles to Trenton. This march is often described in history books because some of the soldiers did not have shoes and had wrapped rags around their feet. As the soldiers marched, there were trails of bloody footprints in the snow. A strong northeast wind made the march even more difficult as it whipped the freezing precipitation into the marching soldiers.

Upon reaching Trenton, Washington’s army circled the town and engaged the Hessian soldiers. The heavy precipitation quickly rendered all flintlock rifles useless. The battle proceeded with bayonet, sword and artillery. Washington’s artillery was able to maintain dry powder during the storm. The Americans prevailed during the battle and captured 900 soldiers, hundreds of muskets, and six pieces of artillery. Although the number of soldiers and weapons captured at Trenton was not significant, the impact on the morale of both the British and American armies was huge. The effort for American independence had been revitalized.

The precipitation in Northern Virginia and Central Maryland was mainly snow, with a total snowfall accumulation of 24 to 30 inches. In Central Virginia, Thomas Jefferson measured 21 inches of snow at Monticello. Closer to the coast, the precipitation was mixed with sleet and freezing rain and accumulations were reduced. Almost 12 inches of snow and sleet fell near Trenton, New Jersey. To the south, 4 inches of snow fell in central North Carolina.

Merry Christmas, Patriots.


Did the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor, 9/11, have nothing to do with the Islamic faith?

Did Fort Hood and the San Bernardino massacres, the London subway bombings and the killings at Charlie Hebdo, as well as the slaughter at the Bataclan in Paris, have nothing to do with Islam?

Does the lengthening list of atrocities by terrorist cells of ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Qaida, al-Shabaab and the Nusra Front have nothing to do with Islam? Is it really illiberal to inquire “into the religious opinions” of those who perpetrate these atrocities? Or is it suicidal not to?

There has arisen a legitimate question as to whether Islamism can coexist peacefully with, or within, a post-Christian secular West.


Every point PJB makes about Islam and the West is on target.  Muslims are a threat.  

Just remember Islam and her Useful Idiots are being used as a tool by those among us who mean to be Masters.  The the puppet masters pulling those strings are not Imams.  The EBT/FSA crowd vastly outnumbers and ranks higher on your immediate Threat Matrix than all of Mo's Morons in Dearborn - or should, anyway.  And even higher than those Great Wastes should be the Political Class and Bankster Class and their Useful Idiots.


As you sit with family and friends over the next week or so, take a hard, cold, assessment of each.  When the world gets ugly, where will they stand - with you, or against your interests? 

Did your sister marry an idiot who you IFF as vulnerable to the safety of your wife and children?  Might he flip to a guy in a trench coat and a Luger?  Be ruthless - how many of the 'friends and family' with whom you will sit and break bread will be likely targets versus allies when the Big Ugly begins?  Is your Auntie a drop-a-dime Marxist/Liberal who will tell Uncle Sugar about your stash of rice & beans?

I asked a similar question during my Thanksgiving 2014 post, which bunched the panties at the Mason Dixon compound in a most grievous manner (His panties...).  Seems I ruined their family meal - by posing a question.  

The future of the republic is upon the shoulders of men and women willing to do the Hard Things.  Such is the real III.

If Hard Questions are 'distasteful' - folks, you are on the wrong site.

Standing Orders of the III Percent

I: Stand your ground...

II: Do not fire unless fired upon...

III: If they mean to have a war, let it begin here (Defend Yourselves!)...

IV: When war is begun, go find something Evil and kill it...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Behavior Modification


Hint to internet conspirators: You'd be amazed how fast internet tough guys flip on you when under oath.

Just sayin'...

III Ring

The folks at Blue Line turn out first-class products.

Here's the link.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Retreat of Western Culture - Surrender may be a better word

In California about 33,000 Chinese immigrants arrived last year.  They out-paced the Mexicans, who sent in about 30,000.  Arrivals from East India hit about 29,500.

And on average from 2010-2014 more than 250,000 Whites under the age of 20 alone - not counting anyone over 20 years of age, left California. I've lived in California - and I can tell you most of the fleeing Americans from California are NOT staunch defenders of Western Culture - so it isn't as if they are any use to the rest of us.

Western Culture is in full retreat in California - and elsewhere.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

OSS: Tactics and Strategy Relevant to Today's Fight for Liberty

Article One: Here

Article Two: Here

I have advocated - and taught - that the methods employed by Donovan and the OSS, particularly the Jedburgh Teams when it comes to Direct Action and leading the newly-Awakened, are the methods best suited to winning this never-ending fight for Liberty.

Stop talking.  Start doing.  

See you this Spring at the Jedburgh Academy.

That is all.

Friday, December 18, 2015

America First - or - WWIII

Smart money is betting on the latter.

PJB - here.

You need more ammo.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

III Arms

Full T&E report coming soon.

III Arms.  Gen II.

No compromises.

Here's the Official III Arms post on the topic - complete with a bit of Beyonce for those with a nuanced ear...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Here's a comment we rec'd from a very brave Anonymous commentor regarding our Direct Action discussion:

Uh huh, anyone advocating preemptive action is suspect as an agent provacateur. This site is on notice, III Percenters is on notice. Cease and desist. We know who you are.

Obviously this is some form of unAmerican Liberal/Marxist who thinks he is capable of intimidating III Patriots anonymously with his '...we know who you are...' manliness.

'Cease & Desist' - Ha!

Now - I know all of you are diving into hidey-holes right now because of this guy's disapproval - but try not to go fetal.  ;)

Here's the link.

I like Snow Days - I get to catch up online a little bit. 

Snow Day!

Idaho rocks!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray walked away from LEO on a Baltimore street.

As a result, he was chased, arrested, and died in a prison transport of a broken neck.

Get it?

Here's the AP story.

The first verdict regarding the first of the 6 LEO involved will come down soon.

So, Daily Kos wants a war, too...


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Utilitarian Elegance for the Serious III Patriot

Coming to a Gun Shop near you!

...and ARs, too...

Acta non verba

A Serious III Saturday

The III Society, III Arms, III Gear, and other III Projects made tangible, real-world gains today.

Five members of our local Tribe came together to meet allies and potential allies.  III Arms gear was on display and well-received.  We met many people who had never heard of the III, and most of them walked away feeling a little less alone and isolated.

Several serious III Patriots traveled a thousand or so miles to meet us face-to-face, and tomorrow we will break bread with them.  They, too, are building local, local, local and making their AO safe for Liberty.

In coming months we will be in Region X, IX, VIII, VII, VI on behalf of the real III - the III that does more than talk.  The III Society will be broadcasting live from the Constitutional Carry rally in February from Boise, hosted by the very serious and effective Team at III Percent Idaho.  We'll be back in Sacramento very soon.  Laramie and Cheyenne in just a few months.  A bit of business will take us to Texas as well.

Patriots: Identify 2 serious fellow Patriots to build a Three-Man Team.  A CO, XO and Radioman.

More is better, but three will give you operational capabilities.

Then go to work.  This is YOUR country and culture to defend, or surrender.  The choice is yours.

Those serious Patriots who consider Kerodin to be an ally will never surrender.  We will never back up.  We will never be caught in the endless circle-jerking loop that has come to define the online Liberty Blogosphere.  We mean to save America - not jibber-jabber while Enemies of Liberty destroy us.

Today was a good day - with allies finally met, and new allies made.

Tomorrow will be another good day.

Serious III Patriots: Ignore the noise and continue doing the work worthy of John Parker.

There are many fake III Patriots - and they are easy to identify.  Their mouths are loud, their presence is non-existent...

Direct Action...

Over the last month I asked several Patriots who I consider serious a simple question: 'Is it time for Direct Action'?

First: There is no right or wrong answer.  We all exist on a spectrum based on our personal experiences and philosophies.

That said: One person said, essentially 'Let's go'.   Others were more restrained.  'More training is necessary'  "More consensus is required.'  

Personally, I think it is more pragmatic: If you have a well-trained 3-man team consisting of a CO, XO and Radioman, along with a serious plan with a realistic exit strategy, based on a moral defense of Western Culture, I have no problem with a Green Light.  If your Mission is in-line with Rightful Liberty, and defending that premise, I have no problem.  Better yet, you have an upline to which you report for coordination.  This allows for a higher level of coordination for the sake of the Mission.

War is upon us.  That is self-evident.  In a Leaderless Resistance movement such as the III, you are not waiting for a top-down C&C order.  How many Mumbai's or San Bernadinos must be endured before Self-Defense is justified?

The Three-Man Team is ideal: CO, XO, and Radioman.  Get in, get it done, exfil, report and then repeat when appropriate.  Choose your enemy cells wisely.

Western Culture is in the balance.

If you are a true American, you do not wait for Fox News to Green Light you.  You don't wait for me to Green Light you.

See the problem.  Fix it.

That is all.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

CO, XO, Comms

The Jedburgh Model worked.

Three man Teams.

A Commanding Officer.  An Executive Officer.  A Comms NCO.

I know for a fact most Patriots reading this blog can't put together a serious Buddy Team/Fire & Maneuver Team - much less a 4-man Fire Team.  So consider the tried and true Jedburgh Model of the Three Man Team.

Can you put together a Three Man Team - two officers and a Comms guy who is also tasked with recording the operation?

I bet you can - if you try.  If not, we have the connections and resources to help you assemble a local Team.

Training on this model will commence in the Spring of 2016.

We'll help you shape your Team, craft operational guidelines that are reasonable and achievable.

We'll help you take it to the next level.

No more San Bernadinos...

America and American culture is YOURS to defend - or surrender.

The Cold War never ended - it's our job to kill the Commies...

**This matters, folks.  This post was written just 2 years ago (January) and suddenly a 'National Socialist' pops up.  Consider the timing.  Consider the last 4 months since PatCon.  Understand that THERE ARE PROVOCATEURS AND ENEMIES OF LIBERTY trying to impede the work we do. Read the new comments.  Understand that WWIII is HERE and you and I are THE FRONT LINES!  I STRONGLY recommend you reconsider EVERYTHING you think you know about the 'Liberty Movement' and who is, and IS NOT, sincere about promoting true liberty.



J. Edgar Hoover was hunting Communists in 1924 when he was named Director of the Bureau of Investigation, the predecessor of the FBI.

Later in the 50's Senator Joe McCarthy was hunting Communists who had worked their way into FedGov, and the problem he ran into was that he was outnumbered.  There were so many Communists embedded in FedGov and elsewhere they were able to shout him down.  He died at just 48 years of age, censured and despised.

Yet when the Soviet Union "fell", KGB archives identified 221 Communists who had jobs in the Hoover Administration in 1931!!!  So you can imagine how many were in place in the '50's.

Anatoliy Golitsyn defected in December 1961 and informed the CIA that US FedGov was thoroughly penetrated, there was a very highly placed mole in US Intel code named Sasha working for the Soviets, and that the US was on the wrong end of a very sophisticated, long-term deception that was an existential threat to the USA.  The CIA's best counter-intelligence asset, James Jesus Angleton, perhaps one of the best ever, debriefed Golitsyn and certified his bona fides.  Yet Golitsyn was correct - the Soviets even then owned the highest levels of USG.  Golitsyn was deemed a fraud and Angleton was smeared to the point that his credibility was reduced to nothing.

Fifty years later, look at where we stand today.  "Communism" owns the planet today and they are about to close the deal on the last piece of real estate on planet Earth that has a chance of rolling back the Red Tide - America.  You can't point to a country on that map that doesn't deserve to be Commie Red.  Every country is either communist, socialist, run by a tyranny of some sort, be it religious or otherwise, and the governments of those countries are officially anti-individual-Liberty.  Test the theory - go to any country about which you think I am wrong, put an open-carry pistol on your hip, a few grenades hanging across your chest, a select-fire rifle across your back, then begin denouncing the reigning government.  If you can do this without the government taking action against you, I will stand corrected.

Why are America and Israel the only 2 countries I did not code red?  Because I wasn't offered a dark pink, which more accurately describes both.  Israel is a bit on the socialist side of things - I'd like to see how they would evolve if they were not constantly on the verge of obliteration.  Of course America should be Commie Red by my own standard - I'm stubborn.  I still think we have enough people and enough grit to roll back the Red.  We shall see.

You and I have a simple, albeit monumental, task before us, Patriots.  It is up to you and me to do what Jefferson failed to do to the Federalists, what Hoover and McCarthy failed to do to Commie moles in USG, What Truman refused to do when Patton wanted to go from Berlin to Moscow.

America is infested with Commie garbage and those who support Commie garbage.  They are facilitated even more by the rotten masses that have grown up in recent generations of moral decay orchestrated by the Commies among us.

Are you up to the challenge?

A bloodbath is coming to America not only in our lifetime, but I will dare say by November 2016, at the latest.  Communists have proven many times they have no problem killing tens-of-millions of people.  They mean to kill you to turn the last piece of planet Earth Commie Red with your blood, or your disease, or your famine.

Or we get them first.

There is no middle ground.  There is no compromise.  There is no parting ways peacefully.

They mean to have a genocide based on political ideology.

I have no problem doing the same to them, firstest and mostest.  Communism and all of the variable flavors associated with it under this umbrella of tyranny is Evil.  Supporters of tyranny are Evil.  Stupid people who are too lazy and/or stupid to know what they are doing are too stupid to remain among us.  Making Evil leave the country is not a moral crime.  If Evil people (or the unredeemably stupid) refuse to leave, there is no sin involved in making them leave, by force.  Killing Evil is no moral sin if you have tried reason and non-lethal means of self defense.

Doing nothing, or making excuses that leave Commies or terminally stupid people among us to breed and further their intent to destroy Liberty, is a moral crime, as far as I am concerned.

I have met several hundred Patriots face-to-face and a few thousand more here online.  I know you and I can get it done.  We can personally save Liberty.  It won't take many of us if we are willing to go harder than our enemies.

When the Enemies of Liberty abandon pretense and decide to go hard, they will do so without losing any sleep.  They will congratulate one another the next day.  They are convinced they are making humanity better by ridding the species of defects who like Guns and God.

You must be ready and able to go harder - first.

But if you can't even get your head around the truth of the Evil that we face, it's already over.

Think about it. 


Friday, December 11, 2015

Connect the dots...

Not long after another very successful PatCon, a small group of Free Shit Army 'Patriots' started yet another anti-K campaign.  This one lasted for several months.  I heeded the counsel of several 'III Elders' to not engage in public - that was my mistake and I own it.  We'll talk about the behavior modification Mrs. Kerodin brought to the table at another time.  Hint: You stalk my wife, you get the full Kerodin.  And you'd better pray the legal system resolves the issue.

Now I am speaking to a very, very small group of the 13,000 people who come to this website every day.  Bill Nye warned many of us years ago, and several prominent militia Leaders in particular, that the White Nationals, National Socialists and affiliated genetic waste had deeply infiltrated the Liberty Movement.  Several of us were able to back-fist several such people out of the public view - but Bill was proved correct - the racist elements have firmly entrenched in the Liberty Movement, and many, far too many, wrap the cloak of the III around their shoulders.  People like SFC Barry and JC Dodge are given prominence by III 'Elders' who disclaim it as 'Free Speech' and 'Challenging paradigms' - racists and self-identified LEO, .Gov employees, Free Shit Army 'Patriots', et cetera, are held out as 'Patriot Leaders'.

Here is a dot for my allies to connect: I have gladly walked away from all of those people - for the racism, the lack of intellectual honesty, the duplicities, et cetera.  Now pay very close attention: A post I made just about 2 years ago suddenly was visited by a self-identified National Socialist who tried to bait me on several fronts.  You can read the original post here - be certain to read the recent comments.

** Be certain to note all the comments he elected to delete... **

Serious Patriots: A very large segment of the 'Liberty Movement' has been infiltrated and compromised by provocateurs who DO NOT want forward progress on tangible Liberty efforts.  The TOC is staged and ready to roll.  The Citadel owns property and has families moving to the AO.  III Arms has product available despite attempts to kill the company.  The Society has a calendar of events scheduled well into 2016 despite lies and liars.  Jedburgh Academy has property and classes and trainers set for spring 2016.

And just weeks after supposed 'banishment' from a group of do-nothing 'Patriots' - the National Socialists make a very prominent appearance back on the III Percent Blog.  Do you not see the connection?  (Point: The III blogosphere did not make me - they can not end me...)

Connect the dots.  I have no time or inclination to explain it to slow-thinkers - this fight is far too engaged to pause for newbies.  Recognize events for what they are and start swinging - Liberty is being murdered and the only people between Liberty and Tyranny are you and me.

Bill Nye is one of the most insightful Patriots in America.  Go here and read the original post - then read the new comments by the National Socialist who suddenly showed on the scene.  Ask yourself: Why?

RevWarIII is underway, Patriots.  Step up or step off - being on the fence is no longer acceptable.

IFF people.  This ain't no fucking game.

What Muslims Believe...

The lass who posted this is on Facebook - here. She is the real deal - Patriot.

Playtime is over, Americans.  We will survive or die as a culture - and it is on you and me - not our children, not our LEO, not our .mil, not our politicians.

Step the fuck up.

Successes of 'Patriots' - yeah...

For all the 'smuggling' and hyperbolic blustering over the years by 'Patriots' - let's look at facts.

Connecticut: The Governor plans to ban sales of 2A to anyone on the no-fly list.

Yeah, there's a major victory for the 'Not One More Inch Crowd.'  Huzzah!  Well done!

New York: The SAFE Act rocks on without impediment, despite 'smuggling' and cries of non-compliance by the same 'Not One More Inch' crowd.  

Neither state has a single, effective group working to roll back the provisions or hold the politicians responsible.  Way to go Keyboard 'Patriots'.

Colorado isn't backing up.  Washington & Oregon smirk and scoff at 2A advocates seeking to roll-back their recent impediments to 2A.  'Patriots' in the State House let a 100-year-old door with a paper sign taped on it stop them from entering the chamber - 'Patriots' armed to the teeth (if you call zip-tied firearms and empty mags 'armed to the teeth')

California - fuhgetaboutit.  The Lt. Governor promises a straight majority rules ballot initiative on 2A ownership as a campaign plank when he runs - and he'll win.  I've seen Camel Toe in person, folks - I've seen him quiver and beg for a plea -- if you think he'll be leading the charge against 2A confiscation in Cali - you are a fucking idiot.  I know a coward when I see one - and the Milfy Mouth is a textbook example.

Maryland likes to brag it has the second-toughest 2A laws in the country - yet it has had 315+ murders in Baltimore alone this year.  No leadership from Maryland 'Patriots' to push back that trend - unless you consider taking third-rate 'Tactical Training Course' from a Maryland 'Patriot' (usually offered free because he can't fill a class with paying students) as 'legitimate action' - just be careful you don't end up in a Maryland Prisoner Transport van driven by such a 'Patriot' - you might just end up like Freddie Gray.

And for the love of all that is Holy don't look to the Super Patriot Boy Wonder in the V.A. to take point of any Patriot Project and see it through - some people simply aren't built for real work.

Calls are coming from many quarters for an outright ban on 2A - from the front page of the NYT to the liberal/Marxist blogosphere and commentariat.  Sure, such actions mean civil war - but they don't care.  They've seen the likes of the Patriot FSA and know those 'Patriots' will never go to the Green.

Meanwhile the average 'Patriot' buys more guns and puts them in the safe while patting himself on the back for 'defying' the Political Class.  Yet how often do you meet such 'Patriots' at places like MVT?  How often do you meet such 'Patriots' who are actually fit and conditioned training together in serious modalities of resistance?

Six states have 'Constitutional Carry': Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Vermont and Wyoming.  Idaho will make the list in the next few legislative sessions.

Islam and domestic Traitors have brought murder to our shores.  Traitors among us import south-of-the-border invaders to dilute American culture.  FedGov takes the position that States have no right to refuse these invaders.

When you few serious Patriots are ready to stop playing footsie with keyboard Warriors, the racists, anarchists, liars, the high-school girl cliques that call themselves 'Patriots' and circle-jerk all over themselves and the members of their echo chambers - let me know.  The Camel Toe Brigade, the 'Constitution is a Joke' Brigade, the Whites-Only Contingent, the 'Not one more inch' bloviators are worse than Enemies of Liberty - they give the Enemies of Liberty freedom to operate without pushback.

Fucking genetic waste.

America was not built by such men.  Western Civilization was not built by such cowards.

It will not be saved by the likes of keyboard blowhards.

This is not a broad public blog, aching for high comment counts.  We do not regurgitate Drudge headlines for content.  We do not link endless self-absorbed and self-aggrandizing contributors to the general noise.  

Write me if you are serious.  In the last 4 months since I have been active on non-public projects, I have not seen one single public III Project launched, supported, or effective.  That should tell you something.  You can run your mouth, hang with those who run their mouths - or you can ignore the folks who indulge in auto- and mutual fellatio - or you can help make real, tangible progress.

I have met well-over a thousand of you face-to-face.  A very, very small number are serious enough to take action and make a difference.  You are the people I encourage to write.

A serious and capable Three Man Team in each AO can change America - if you have the balls to act, and not talk.  See you soon in CDA, Boise, Laramie, Sacramento, DC, and beyond.  Let's get to fucking work, already.

That is all.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

PJB: Establishment Unhinged

The establishment seemed to have become unhinged.

Why the hysteria? Comes the reply: Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration tramples all over “American values” and everything we stand for, including the Constitution.

But is this really true?

The Constitution protects freedom of religion for U.S. citizens. But citizens of foreign lands have no constitutional right to migrate. And federal law gives a president broad powers in deciding who comes and who does not, especially in wartime.

More, here.

There will be a test - and it will be Pass/Fail.

A Serious Question for Serious Patriots

I am not a scholar -- or even well-educated in the conventional sense -- on the Crusades or the religious history thereof.

My question:  Was there a singular, or small number of events, that led the Crusaders to the path of Total War against Islam?  Was there a single, or a few events, that inflamed the fervor of pushing Islam back from the boundaries of civilized men?  Or was it a long series of cumulative events that led to unbridled bloodshed?

I ask this of our more educated readers.

Second: Is there ANY reason we should wait here on CONUS for a mountain of events to push all of these people back whence they came?

If I  lived in rattlesnake country - I'd kill every f'n rattlesnake on my property - and I'd probably dare trespass on my neighbor's property to do the same.

Just sayin'.

Read it all - several posts

Which is to say that Muslim immigration should be banned on the basis of the tangible risk it poses to the lives of Americans. - here.

Lucidity, Intellectual Honesty and common sense - something very rare in the general blogosphere when it comes to politics.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

One-Time Pads

Here is a decent overview and history of the OTP.

Trump & Immigration

Trump isn't "desperate". It is his critics, like Shapiro, who are growing increasingly desperate. Ben is projecting. "The latest Rasmussen Reports (Dec. 4) weekly Trump Change survey finds that 68% of Likely Republican Voters believe Trump is likely to be their party’s nominee next year, up from 53% two weeks ago." And recent events in San Bernardino only helped Trump's cause.

It is not "idiotic" to say that banning Muslims from entering the country is the only way to stop terror attacks like the one that occurred in San Bernardino because doing so would have stopped the terror attack in San Bernardino. That being said, it's true, that won't stop all Muslim terror attacks; the only way to do that will be to repatriate all Muslims to the Dar al-Islam. Which, sooner or later, is exactly what will eventually happen across all the parts of the West that stay West.

The Preamble to the Constitution trumps both the Constitution and the Amendments. The citizenship that can be granted by the stroke of a government pen, can be taken away by the stroke of a government pen as well. Citizens are not nationals and the Nation trumps the State.

There are a billion Muslims on Earth. None of them have to live in the West. It is neither immoral nor impractical to suggest that Muslims should live in the House of Submission and to refuse to permit them to bring war to the House of War. Furthermore, it is not only impractical, it is both ahistorical and utterly impossible, to expect large quantities of Muslims to live in the West in peace. They will not. They never have. Shapiro is demanding the Muslims stop being Muslims, a much greater offense to them and their religion than not permitting them to colonize the West.

Our foreign intelligence apparatus in the Muslim world is practically nonexistent anyhow. And it obviously escapes Shapiro that we will not need a domestic intelligence apparatus spying on Muslims if there are no domestic Muslims on whom to spy.

Here's the link.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

From LT

Islam is pure, unadulterated EVIL. It’s purpose is to assemble an army of damned souls to serve as Satan’s footsoldiers here on earth, for the upcoming final battle as prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

Anyone who doesn’t get it at this point, doesn’t want to.

Cross them off your list, and move on… because time is short and we have much to do. Islam is the beast which rises out of the sea (the Mediterranean Sea, specifically) in Revelation 13. ISIL is one of the heads of the beast, but there are seven in all.

And specifically with regard to the Beast which rises from the sea – DAESH MAKARA SHAUY`MAK’RUF – we have a duty to perform:
“He that shall lead into captivity, shall go into captivity: he that shall kill by the sword, must be killed by the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.”

Revelation 13:10

In plain english, we are ordered to hold captive all muslims (the Jizya and Dhimitude, along with Taqiyya, are each a means and justification for enslaving non-muslims), and to kill all those who do/would commit mass murder – that is, to kill every last one of theAlnnisa’Multah Ytalwa`fi Aldam – the footsoldiers of islam. This last instruction is clearly in regard to DAESH SHAUY’MAK’RUF, which is the head of the first beastwhich must receive the mortal wound. 

And we are to follow these orders with the faith and patience of the Saints – that is, without doubt or question, and to follow through no matter how difficult the task may be, even if it should cost us our lives in so doing.

…but he who stands firm to the end shall be saved.


Russian submarine equipped with cruise missiles off Syria coast: Ifax


US Subs are also in the AO, certainly.

The fact that Russia is announcing the fact should be making your spidey-senses tingle.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

We ban lawn darts. It’s time to ban guns

A Liberal/Marxist/Useful Idiot/Quisling view - here.

A reply from a few folks in Idaho - here.  Boise, February 20.

Friday, December 4, 2015

It Can't Happen Here

Connect the dots.

ChiComs to put people in prison for 'spreading rumors' - here.

DoJ won't tolerate 'anti-Muslim' speech - here.

When Washington and Beijing are essentially in lock-step, there is a problem.  

Check your Normalcy Bias status.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Evil retreats or flourishes...

...your choice.

Beat it with sticks until it retreats or it is dead - or you permit it to flourish.

Simple arithmetic.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Go Long on War Bonds

But in this war against "radical Islamic terrorism," who is the real ally: Erdogan, who has been aiding and abetting Islamic jihadists in Syria, or Putin, who has been bombing them?

PJB - here.

According to the AIS tracking system for the movement of maritime vessels, only Turkish vessels are moving along the Bosphorus, and in the Dardanelles there is no movement of any shipping at all. - here.

Russia outfits war planes with air-to-air missiles - here.

There is little the average American can do to prevent what appears to be an imminent clash that reaches from Europe to the borders of Russia-proper.  Many special and national interests appear to want such a fight.

Ask yourself what a US-Russia scrum in that part of the world looks like here in America...

Monday, November 30, 2015

Turkey: No Apologies

Another 'insignificant event' that will likely been seen in history books as a pivotal event leading to WWIII.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Be the problem

Live in the real world - not Fantasyland.

Be prepared to challenge the Herd Mentality and use your own senses.

Do your own arithmetic and show your work to yourself.  Do your own fact-checking.  

Mindless Followers are useless to Liberty.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Today is a day to take pause and give thanks for what you have, what you have had, and what you may have in this life.  Be sure to appreciate what you have - especially if you have a spouse who makes you happy and proud.  I do, and I am.

We look forward to spending the next two days with great local friends, and a few who have chosen to travel long distances to be here for this holiday.  To our friends and relatives we won't see this week - we will be thinking of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

From Matt & Brietbart

Watch the video.

Invasion by Immigration.

Conquest by Dilution of Culture.

Sometimes quantity has a quality all its own...

'Radical' Mosques inside CONUS

Mike has an interesting piece linked, which ties-in with the post below.

If Invasion by Immigration and Conquest by Dilution are parts of the same strategy designed to end Western Civilization...

...what do we do?

Talking among ourselves has produced nearly zero tangible results.  In most cases the 'talking' is a deliberate, diversionary Sparklie.

When Bad People have set-up Base Camp a few blocks or miles from your home, whence they implement their Strategy of Conquest - what do we do about it?

This is an Existential conversation, treat it as such.

I have warned that Mumbai would happen again, somewhere.

I have warned that it could happen on the Potomac, just as easily as anywhere else.

Mumbai just happened once more - in Paris.  Follow-on troops are arriving by the millions.

There is an identifiable pattern, folks.  

Enemies of Liberty are far beyond the philosophical and planning stages of ending you.

They are doing their Hard Things, right now.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Let's go Socratic for a moment...

If Islam is indeed 'invading' Europe through 'migration' - and the same is happening here in smaller numbers...

...and we have our own 'immigration invasion' taking place from south of the border...

What is to be done?

Do we focus on the South of the Border folks in our borders?

Do we work to shut down the 'Muslim Refugees' being brought into the country?

Do we focus our energy and efforts on the politicians in America who are making it happen?

All of the above?

We have limited resources, a very limited voice.  Time is even shorter.

Have any suggestions?  Show your work.  What do we do that makes the invasion of America stop before it reaches EU proportions?

As usual, if you prefer to communicate privately, drop me an email.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

PJB Brings it Hard


Think about it...

“Ok Pastor. President John Adams famously said ‘duty is ours but the results belong to God.’ What if Mr. Adams was right? What if God was only able to bless what we DID rather than what we prayed for Him to do? What if God would only do His part after we had done ours?”

“Your point?” he grunted. “Are you insinuating that prayer isn’t necessary?” Do you think that we can change things in this world without the help of God?”

“No, I don’t believe that. But what if God could not do what He wanted to do if we didn’t help Him out by doing all that we could do? 

Here is the rest.

Sadly, I think this will be lost on too many people...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

White Supremacists Plotting “Race War” Arrested in Va.

Here's the story.

It is relevant to the III and the Liberty Movement.  Provocateurs in our midst use the fallacies of division and composition effectively to keep Liberty Forces marginalized and dismissed by rational people.  Racism, defined as judging the individual based on the color of his skin rather than his behavior, demonstrates a fatal flaw in critical thinking - a flaw that simply can not be permitted within the Liberty Movement - especially by those who claim to be 'Leaders'.  

A major piece on this topic will be published soon - it has been in the works for a while.

Drudge Challenges Obama on Refugee Policy


Yantis: November 21 Ada County Courthouse

We will be gathering in front of the Ada County Courthouse demanding justice is served in the death of Jack Yantis. This demonstration has a very specific goal, release the audio and video footage of the shooting of Jack Yantis.

Remember, this is not an anti-cop protest, this is a demand for justice.

This group is doing it right - they have a specific and attainable goal - the release of the audio and video footage.  If they succeed, they win.  If they are stonewalled, they win because the people who fail to provide the audio and video will IFF themselves.

Here are the details (FB)

Coverage of the recent protest in Council, here.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Iron Legion on Paris

Force our opponents to decide if their ideology is worth fighting and dying for. Proponents and facilitators of third world immigration must now be physically removed from society through jail, exile or death, or be compelled to correct their behaviour through painful and humiliating un-modern punishments. Watch them scatter when they realise that open borders is not a cause worth mysteriously disappearing for. - The Iron Legion, here.

The piece relates specifically to the recent attacks in Paris, from the European perspective.

The principles apply across the spectrum of securing Liberty.  Bad People, liars, hypocrites must be removed from the controls of Society, or there will forever be the thumbs of Tyrants manipulating the scales of Justice.  Be consistent in your Principles.  Endure the headwinds and obstacles put before you by those who fear the change you represent.  Do your Duty to Liberty.  Evil will ALWAYS seek to destroy the Good.

Never surrender.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fucked Around - Finding Out...

Lots of blog-scrubbing and new disclaimers and crying from coast to coast.

When you pick a fight, you do not get to choose how the other guy defends himself.  


This ain't no f'n game.


Dr. Troy Sacquety sent me a copy of his scholarly piece in v11/n1 copy of Veritas Journal regarding the Operational Groups of the OSS.  It is titled 'Skokoski's Journey' and I commend it to every serious III Percent Patriot.  I did a quick online search and was unable to find it - so you may want to contact USASOC directly and request a copy.

Red Dawn and 'Wolverines!' are fantasies.  If Liberty is to prevail in America it will be accomplished by courageous, motivated and patriotic American amateurs who understand and apply the full spectrum of the skills and techniques of Donovan's OSS, working with the citizen soldiers of the traditional American Militias, with a healthy respect for localized, practical politics and culture.

The rest is just noise.  Don't allow yourself to be distracted into inaction by Useful Idiots.