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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Symbols & Rhetoric Part I

The image above popped-up at WRSA this morning, and is ideally appropriate for a discussion about Symbols, Rhetoric and the effects thereof.

Let's begin by identifying an assortment of symbols currently part of the polygonal battlespace, and your gut reaction to them.

Gadsden flag
Stars & Stripes flag
The word 'Forward'
* Add your own

Also in comments, feel free to add symbols and rhetoric you identify as part of the battlespace currently.  There are many.  Let's focus on the big ones.

Real quick - my gut on the Symbols & Rhetoric above:

AK - Commie
AR - American
1911 - the ultimate symbol of American Liberty - much as was the SA Colt in the 1800s
Gadsden flag - Excellent symbol, though causes kneejerk reactions in our enemies and insufficiently defines our intent
Stars & Stripes flag - Excellent symbol for Liberty
The word 'Forward' - Good word, but co-opted by the Left and now tainted for our use
Resist: A good word for the 'background', as it were - an undercurrent.  Even suitable, perhaps, as a slogan.

I usually don't encourage a lot of comment activity, but I invite everyone to weigh-in on this one.  The results will shape my path forward.