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Friday, January 23, 2015

Symbols & Rhetoric

I am working on a post in my head about symbols, symbolism and rhetoric as relates to the fight for Liberty.

The topic began bubbling in my head with the recent announcement of Kalishnakovs being manufactured here.

I think most of us agree that symbols and rhetoric are a major part of the fight.  Even today we look at Gadsden and the Sons of Liberty flags and know what they are, what they meant, and that men fought under those symbols.  Same same with the Confederate battle flag.  Even today for the younger among us, the word 'Comrade' carries a definitive Leftist flavor.

I invite you to consider the topic as well.  It will not be a discussion about the AR platform versus the AK - let's not devolve to that sort of discussion.  Nor will it be a long discussion about the AK - but about the symbolism and rhetoric that is defining this fight for Liberty even now.

I may not post it for a day or two - traveling creates erratic schedules.