Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The only people who defend Communists & Tyrants - are Communists & Tyrants

There was a time when real Americans looked upon violators of Rightful Liberty as nothing more than dangerous and predatory animals, and treated them accordingly.

Communists and Tyrants of all flavors, and their supporters, are existential threats to the lives, Liberties and happiness of peaceable Americans, and need not be suffered, despite whatever revisionist silliness about political "tolerance" you may have been "taught" in school.

One does not take time to consider the Cobra's ideology, nature, need for warmth and food from his special snowflake perspective, when he's curled at the foot of your baby's crib.  One does not call an "expert" or apply for a permit to relocate the poor critter.  One does not consult the Oracle with concern for the Cobra's family.

One does not seek permission of any man to do what must be done.

Real Americans still understand this Law of Nature.

The imminent sound of wailing and begging for mercy that will be heard across America (and is already beginning to rise upon the air) is nothing more than the application of Natural Law by real Americans.