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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Your Team

One of the polls at right reveals something interesting.  Just over 1/3 of you answered that you could be on the X in an hour with one serious and trusted ally.  Another 1/3 answered that you'd have 2 people with you - making a three-man team.  While all the usual disclaimers apply about blog polls, and the number of respondents is lower than the minimum 100 I prefer, the percentage trend lines are pretty solid.

Most of you can't (or have chosen not to) hit the Green in an hour with a four-man team.

Max, Mosby and most other trainers train the two-man Buddy Team, merging into four-man Fire Teams, and so on.

For those of you who can only muster 1 or 2 serious allies, do you train regularly in two-man and three-man team tactics?  Do you work on your larger team dynamics in any way to allow for adding new allies in the heat and chaos of an emergency?

In another discussion direction - why do you think you are having such difficulty adding members?  Is it the "oh, you are militia whack-a-doos" paradigm getting in the way?

If you choose to weigh-in on the latter, keep your answers focused on your specific AO versus a broad brush national supposition.


Sorry for any typos or format issues - I'm using a new tablet to post while traveling.