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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

III Craftsman

We chose the Spartan Helm as the logo for the combatives side of the new studio.  It conveys the right message, and it ties-in with our other III work.  Bill has been doing some excellent work with the helm, and he came up with this key chain.  We'll be selling them in the studio for our students, and III Patriots can order them directly from Bill.

You know what the helm represents - it doesn't need any sales pitch from me.

You can see the quality of Bill's product - that doesn't need my help either.  It is awesome in design and finish.  And it is functional, too - more than just a place for keys.  I'll let Bill explain that for you.

Drop by his shop and order one (or 10 - for your Patriot friends), and while you are there, explore his full line of offerings.

Here's the link.