Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Friday, March 13, 2015

Connecting Dots? Are You Really and Truly at the Proper Energy Level?

How many of we bastards are officially, legally, clinically, mentally ill in America today?  Action T4

Why was Nazi Germany able to take the continent so swiftly and decisively?  Because they were decisive in their intent, and they acted aggressively on that intent.  33,000+ slaughtered civilians and local politicians in 2 days qualifies as aggressive and remorseless.  Babi Yar.

And they did it with Useful Idiots, Paid Thugs and Fellow Travelers - many of whom were the intelligentsia of the culture - the Bloombergs and Ayers and Dorns and Cornell Wests, if you will..  Einsatzgruppen.

History is repeating itself, Patriots.  Can you see it?  Do you REALLY recognize what is happening around us?  Do you REALLY understand these people mean to end you?

If we wait until the Enemies of Liberty make their first real move, we will have waited too long.

If you do not think the Enemies of Liberty in America are willing to murder a few hundred thousand "criminally insane, armed, imminently violent Domestic Extremists" in a long weekend of paid overtime for .Gov employees with badges and guns - I can't help you.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably on the agenda for Day One.  It will be swift.  It will be ruthless.  It will be a decapitation strike designed to gut the Liberty Movement of those who would stand their ground.  It will happen while some of you are in your beds.  It will not matter that your children and families are present.  It will happen while some of you are at work.  It will happen to your wife while she walks the aisles in the grocery store, with your youngest in the seat of the shopping cart.  Your children will be taken from their classrooms.

It will happen so swiftly that your phone-tree alert system will go to voicemail.

It will all be "Legal".

Hitler, Marx, Stalin, Mao and Orwell are Academic resources for those in America who mean to be Masters.  They are lessons in what worked, and what could be done better.  They are training manuals.

Here is a simple reality: If you let some people hit you first, you will lose.

I hope you are out there and truly connecting the dots, and grasping that the Enemies of Liberty in America intend to violently cull you and me from the gene pool, and they will have the support of millions and millions of people, from SPLC to IREHR to the editorials of the NYT, to every member of the FSA.

This is not some sort of online game.