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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Patriot Events 101

Take no action that does not degrade the capability or the will of the enemy to wage war. - K

If you are thinking about hosting any Patriot Event, or attending any event, please consider my counsel above.  Think about it.  Heed it.  Apply it.

If you are considering the investment of any precious resources into an event (and credibility IS A RESOURCE YOU CAN LOSE!), especially an event that confronts and/or challenges OpFor, there are a few fundamentals that you MUST ensure.

First Rule: If you do not have a simple, easily articulated and attainable goal that will define "Victory" for the event, either find one or do not move forward.

When you set out to take Vienna - TAKE VIENNA!

Taking no action is better than a defeat at this stage of the fight for Liberty.  Make certain that no matter what happens, you can claim a victory - or DO NOT move forward.

If you look at the first two engagements of RevWarIII you will see the First Rule on full display.  On the National Mall when FedGov closed the Memorials, Patriots went into town with a simple goal: Open the Memorials.  It was clear.  It was easily articulated.  It was attainable.   It would be easy for all to see if it was a win or a loss.  Not only was it attainable, Patriots positioned themselves prior to D-Day (Sun Tzu called it 'Laying the Ground') in such a manner that they could not lose. If Patriots opened the Memorials, they won. If Patriots were shot by FedGov for attempting to open Memorials, the tyranny would be on full display for every single American, looped 24/7 on every news outlet in the country.  At the end of the day, FedGov would either look weak, or they would be murderers.

Patriots won the day.  Not only did they open the Memorials, a blogger you know well and is linked on this page, raised the call "To the White House!" - and Patriots (including iconic images of young girls and disabled vets on Segways carrying Barry-cades) responded by picking up those Barry-cades and walked the several blocks to the White House and they were "Returned to Sender."  That blogger took what was a win and turned it into an EPIC win - an un-spinnable humiliation for OpFor.

The second engagement of RevWarIII was Bundy. Despite the ClusterFoxtrot that followed-on, the first waves of Patriots arrived with a single goal - prevent the Bundy family from being murdered or arrested by FedGov.  Patriots on overwatch are images we all remember.  Patriots achieved their primary mission.  Then, like taking fence sections to the White House, Patriots at Bundy saw another attainable win, and went for it.  They demanded something that wounded FedGov deeply - they demanded that the man get his cattle released.  We all remember that wash under the bridge, with Patriots on horseback (and overwatch) when OpFor endured the humiliation of turning the cattle loose, back to the owner.

Epic, undeniable win.  Patriots with rifles owned the high-ground, not OpFor snipers.

But in both cases, "Victory" was clearly defined and attainable.  Without a mission goal, how can you measure success?  How can you claim even a propaganda win if nobody explains what a win looks like?  How can you stop OpFor spin-masters from claiming you were defeated, if you have not defined a win?

Rule Two: Do No Harm to the Liberty Movement.  I am going to use the State Capitol event in Washington last month to articulate this Rule - because the failure was one of Leadership, not the troops.  Try to read this as critical analysis - not bashing.  If you were there, stay out of your emotions and objectively consider the words that follow.  I don't care if you don't "like" me.  But I will not be remembered as a Patriot who failed to do Hard Things or tell Hard Truths.  I'm not that guy.

If you have an event with the stated goal of entering an OpFor stronghold - such as a state capitol building - and the stated mission is to enter the Legislature Viewing Gallery while armed, and you let two old, wooden, locked doors stop you - you did NOT achieve a win as defined in the First Rule and your own mission parameters.  WTF - not one person in the group could pick a flippin' old lock on an old wooden door?  Not one person in the group knows how to do a fireman's kick to get into a room?

The "Leader" of the event did not take responsibility for moving the mission to success - and it is that simple.  Fail.  The Commander's Intent was not realized because the Commander lacked the courage to direct a young, strong lad to kick the doors open or to tell a crafty ally to pick the lock, or to do it himself.  Refer back to Rule One - set a goal you can obtain, and are willing to obtain - or DO NOT MOVE FORWARD.

Most of you know of the raging debate between advocates of Open-Carry tactics of protest and those who think Open Carry is too "in-your-face".  I believe in Open Carry because I believe in the Constitution.  But if you are being intellectually honest, when you see a failure like the one displayed when 50+ armed Patriots were thwarted by an unguarded set of old wooden doors, you have to admit the folks cautioning against Open Carry protests are not entirely wrong.  Those optics were just bad for us.

While your allies will help you spin a win in AARs, our enemies understand the reality - not one person, armed and with 50 or so allies - would break a rule and open an unguarded, old wooden door to reach their stated goal.  That is a Fail of will, of determination, of courage of Leadership.  The real damage to the Liberty Movement is much deeper than the perceived benefit of a smoke and mirrors "Spin-Win".  Talk is cheap.  Opera non verba.

Next time, if you are one of the Patriots in the mix, take point when you see "Leadership" faltering. Take responsibility.  Step up.  Get those doors open and take a picture with the gavel in your hand. "Leaderless Resistance" means something - it means you have as much right to take point and get the mission accomplished as anyone else. And sometimes, if you don't do it, it won't get done.  Do not let the mission fail if you have what it takes to get it done.

Rule Three: As suggested by an ally, I will simply direct you to Rodger's Rules: Tell the truth about what you see and what you do. There is an army depending on us for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the rangers, but don’t never lie to a ranger or officer.

Rule Four: Keep your Ego out of the mix.  This ain't no fuckin' game.  Say what you've got to say, to whoever the fuck needs to hear it, then move on.  If they get lost in their emotions, you need to decide if that person is worthy of your continued trust.  This is an Adults-Only caper.  If you intend to participate in rallies and protests in this phase of the counter-revolution, when SUT will not decide a win from a loss, you must play smart.

When you move, the eyes of a nation are upon you.  The eyes of like-minded people are on you, judging your mettle, your intellect, your veracity, your commitment.  Some people will get off the fence - or stay on it - based on what they watch you do.  The eyes of the Enemies of Liberty are on you, and WILL BE EXAMINED in training classes across LEO shops from sea to shining sea.

Battles are usually won or lost long before first contact.