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Monday, March 9, 2015

So - you leaving the porch, Scooter?

**UPDATE**  A full 75% of a very small sample of Patriots say they will leave the porch if the Washington State Patriots begin getting SWAT'd.  Most say they will operate in their own, hometown AOs, rather than travel to Washington - which is prudent.  

Whatever you decide, under whatever circumstances present - Godspeed.


SPLC is having a bit of fun twisting tails of folks in Washington.  

Several reports, being picked-up breathlessly by some *writers* in the Liberty Movement, suggest arrests are imminent for those who carried recently at the FedGov plaza in Spokane.

OK - let's play "What if..."

What if...

...FedGov (or State Gov) arrests members (some or all) of Liberty for All and those acting in their interests.  Are you leaving the porch to either go to Washington State, or to do some work in your AO?  Real work, of the  -*ahem* - not one more inch/100 Heads variety.

Hey, it's the "What if..." game.  Play along.  It's Monday and I'm bored.  

So - is this one of your lines in the sand - or do you wish the folks in Washington Godspeed and following seas...

Poll is - closed.