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Sunday, May 31, 2015

I'm easy to find for anyone feeling sporty...

Pete's got the original here.

Do drop in at the CSVG FB and invite the idiots there to try it...


The Premise is Sound...

One of the [Jedburgh] teams operating in advance of Seventh Army was Team Packard. 

Deploying from Algiers on the night of 31 July, Packard, under Capt. Aaron Bank [codename: Chechwan], jumped into the Lazare Department, a region of forested mountains and small cities near the Rhone Valley. 

Caught in the middle of various political squabbles between Communist and Gaullist partisans, they provided assistance to both groups but worked more closely with the non-Communist elements, initially arming and training them, and then accompanying them on occasional forays against railroad bridges and tunnels. 

When the Germans began to withdraw following Patch's breakout from the ANVIL beachhead on 19 August, the partisans stepped up the tempo of their operations, harassing the Germans with roadblocks and ambushes and providing intelligence and all possible assistance to the advancing Allied forces. 

To the end the various resistance factions continued to compete with one another, each attempting to be the first to liberate the French cities and towns. 

Exuberant Frenchmen feted Bank's team with wine and food and even offered free service at a local bordello. 

Aaron Bank.  40 years-old when he was accepted into OSS.  

Went into Harm's Way and trained men and women who were willing to fight.  And he fought with them.

Before there was SF and CIA there were men like Bank, Donovan, Fairbairn and others.

While SF, SOF, CIA, et al are capable of making heroes - never forget that it was heroes who made those organizations, with sweat and blood and common sense.

Be that guy.

For the record: Aaron Bank was a life guard prior to joining the military - at the age of 40.

Be careful how you judge the man next to you, or yourself, based on 'credentials' alone.

An afterthought: If you are a true Warrior, or man of action, do not let doubts slow you down when those around you are too unprincipled, too self-serving, and/or too stupid to do the right thing.  Here are two paragraphs relating to another serious bad ass and Patriot, Hans Tofte:

For all his distinguished service and incredible wartime feats, things eventually soured for Tofte in civilian life. Like many warriors, he discovered that the skills needed to survive in a wartime environment bear little resemblance to those needed in a peacetime bureaucracy. He remained in the employ of the CIA during the 1950s and 1960s until being unceremoniously booted out in 1966.


Here we see a theme played out countless times in history: a man of action, perhaps resented by his peers and having worn out his organizational welcome, finding himself given a final push out the door. Men of ability invariably arouse envy among those who prefer to lurk in obscurity behind the comfortable partitions of stifling bureaucracies. So it has always been. 

Stand tall.  Fuck the cowards, idiots and life's losers.  

You do you.  Losers and Bad People tend to wallow in their own shit until they die.

That's always worth a grin.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

III Combatives: Train the Trainer FTYW

Thank you for the feedback on the Fight to your Weapon: Train the Trainer program.

We've opened the site for booking.  Remember, slots are limited through the end of the year because of my commitments.  If you are going to book, do it sooner rather than later.  On July 1 prices for the program will rise to market value (when I begin offering to dojos, et cetera).

For those of you taking the Trainer Program so you can market it to the public, you will have a license-protected territory as long as you book at least one class each quarter.  If you stop (or slow too much) in offering classes in your territory/AO, we'll permit other trainers to operate near you.

The III CQB site has closed for members only.  We'll be posting the full catalog of techniques this weekend - if you aren't a member, and you've taken the CQB class, use it as a refresher.  If you need to sign-up for the III CQB site, it's $8 per month for unlimited access.  III CQB is here.

Here's the III Combatives link.  Use this link to book your Trainer class.


Friday, May 29, 2015

Phoenix Rally Live Stream from JT

Click it.

This is how it looks when real Americans begin pushing back.  

It starts slow.  But it is a tsunami...

...once it has begun, only Hell will end it.


A Piece on Donovan

If you are not setting up an OSS Shop in your AO, you are wrong.

Old-School works, especially against assets who rely too heavily on tech and fear.

There is a reason the III Society Official Logo is what it is...

...and it ain't because of SOCOM.

Here's the link.


Daily Brief

China Nears Reserve Currency Status - here.

Problems building Team? - here.

Need to pick a lock? - here.

What is Fascism? - here.

From Karl's shop - here.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Heh - Mo's Morons welcome to attend...

ROUND 2!!!!!!! This will be a PEACEFUL protest in front of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix AZ. This is in response to the recent attack in Texas where 2 armed terrorist, with ties to ISIS, attempted Jihad. Everyone is encouraged to bring American Flags and any message that you would like to send to the known acquaintances of the 2 gunmen. This Islamic Community Center is a known place that the 2 terrorist frequented. People are also encouraged to utilize there second amendment right at this event just incase our first amendment comes under the much anticipated attack.

 1. Date will be Friday May 29th @ 6:15pm. This is when they normally host a large prayer. 

 2. Bikers wil meet at the Denny's located at 9030 N Black Canyon Hwy Phoenix, AZ 85051@ 5:00pm. Kick Stands up at 6pm. 

 3. There will be a Muhammad Cartoon Contest and the winner will be announced at the After Party. Participants must show cartoon at the Rally.

 4. We will not have food vendors at this event because we don't want this to turn into a carnival. People can bring snacks and water but please keep the neighborhood clean. 

 5. There will be an after party starting at 8:30pm at Wild Bills located at 6840 N. 27th Ave Phx, AZ.

Thank you all for your Support.

Thanks to JT for the heads-up.  Here's the link - it is a FaceBook spot, so if you don't FB you may not be able to get in.


What's in a Name?

I must agree with LT that each district would be unique regarding whether or not a new party would be prudent or using Ron Paul tactics would be the best course.

JB suggests a new party, while using R infrastructure where prudent.  This would allow the new party to begin getting traction where it is able, and R's elected on our platform to slowly migrate as warranted to the new party in their respective districts.  

This dovetails nicely with LT, above as well as with Quiet Man's suggestions (see comments).

For the sake of discussion, let's assume a new Party is part of a good strategic move (in addition to using existing R infrastructure where applicable).

Extending our political contemplations - what would you suggest as a name for a third party?

Remember your target audience.  Remember the rules of marketing.  Remember to convey your intent in as few syllables as possible.  

Most of all - consider how your enemies would spin it.

"The Jefferson Party" would, for instance, be murdered in the crib because of the slavery paint brush.

"1791 Party" would work for many of us - but we know the relevance of 1791 in a glance, and the overwhelming majority of people in the voter pool would have no clue.

"Rightful Liberty Party" works for me - everyone likes the notion of Liberty, the "Rightful" part can be explained with the Jefferson quote...

There is no avoiding the reality that political enemies will immediately try to link any new such party with slavery, given the language that exists in the USC, and despite the intent of that language.  Any party arguing for a 'return to founding principles' will immediately be hit with Slavery and Women's Rights as issues.  Personally, I'd answer such claims as I do on our blogs: Those considerations are disingenuous, at best.  Every State in America has laws against slavery and discrimination.

But the smears will work, to a degree, for the malevolent and the un-thinking Souls.  But, they aren't really the target audience, anyway.

Name suggestions?


Practical Tools

Shooting, Moving & Communicating is more than pewpewpew...

MVT Shield:  Full details - here

MVT LiteLitter: Full details - here

III Email: Get your IIIPercent.com email address - here

Sorry, I just don't see a problem here...

“I haven’t seen the police since the riots,” Lee said. “People feel as though they can do things and get away with it. I see people walking with guns almost every single day, because they know the police aren’t pulling them up like they used to.” 

So, there is a marked decrease of LEO enforcing unconstitutional law and a marked increase of local citizens coming to understand they need to do such things for themselves.

You'll also notice that citizens are loathe to surrender the ground gained when LEO backed-off.  Now  ...our officers tell me [Police Commissioner Batts] that when officers pull up, they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them at any time...

Citizens are standing up and choosing to keep the Blue Gang out of their AOs.

I don't see a problem.  Of course these areas will now have to go through the pain of turf wars and all that goes with a sudden power vacuum that leaves genuine predators unchecked running free range - but for folks advocating RevWarIII, this should make them happy.  This is how wars are begun and fought under current American circumstances.  The predator/prey issue will work itself out.  That's called Nature.

You may not like the color of the skin of those folks in Baltimore who are running the King's Enforcers out of Dodge.  You may not like their music or much else about them.  But if you can't respect individuals who are doing what most people in this community advocate, well...

Here's the link.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Well, you don't say...

This guy was wrong, they said.
Off his rocker, they said.
"They" were the Enemy.
He was right...
Russia massing heavy weapons on border with Ukraine - here.

China will announce ADIZ over South China Sea - here.

China backs up Her mouth in South China Sea by moving weapons to Her new islands - here.

Golits - oh, nevermind...


Leadership & being led

This is priceless: "...a symptom of talking when you should be listening is sometimes two black eyes."

I have a post coming up soon on leadership and professionalism, and how these notions affect our efforts in the Liberty Movement.

Max has written an excellent accompaniment, here.


Daily Brief

MVT Rifleman Challenge Update - here.

QRP Comms - here.

Enemy Action: Drug Cartel had entire city wired for video - here, from Sparks31.

Enemy Action: DoJ Cartel flying fleet of surveillance aircraft under dummy corporations - here.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

US-China war 'inevitable' unless Washington drops demands over South China Sea

Can you hear the beating drums, folks?

It's an orchestrated little ditty, the performers know it well.

There is going to be a fight.

The big players think they know how it will end.

They may be correct.

You have a vote.

So do I.



Because some things are just too cool to miss...

Brock's got it, here.


Comms Training





It is not a menu for picking & choosing, folks.

It is a recipe.

Fail to implement each aspect of the recipe, you will lose.

Despite what kids are being taught in schools today - the reality is that losing sucks!

Here's the link.


Dallas Fed Crashes To Six Year Lows

Here's the link.

You need information so you can divine the tempo of our devolution.



Here's the link.

Even the best trained war fighters die in combat.

What if you don't train?


TPP: This is the Rubicon

You and I probably agree that American Caesars crossed the Rubicon long ago, when they first dared step outside the compact of the Constitution.

But the new "Classified" powers legislated into place is a first, I believe - and may mark the Rubicon in many as-yet unawakened minds.  ObamaCare was the first limited test of this new passing of unknown legislation.  In that case, we were told we'd have to pass it to know what was in it.  But this new legislation is even more obscene - they passed it, and even now you and I are not allowed to know what is in it.

You see the difference, yes?  

This is not the same as some agency simply claiming regulatory powers unto itself.  This is not even the same as governing documents for agencies that legitimately work in the shadows.  This is not even a unilateral "Executive Order".  

No, this is the entirety of the Political Class passing legislation in the full light of day, telling Americans to suck it, with zero regard for optics. 

Who among us is part of a new 'criminal class' because of this legislation?  

We won't know, until the stack arrives.

This is the definition of tyranny - and they are not even worried about the optics.

What does that tell you?

Here's the WaPo link.

You might think this argues against our recent discussions of political parties.  I contend the opposite.  This makes it even easier to stand tall on a platform against the mad bastards in power who now are guilty of not only secret back-room deals, but also the High Crimes associated with passing legislation that is only available to the Political Class.

This makes it more important to have as many Patriots as possible in 'legitimate' political offices before the discussion enters the two-way kinetic phase.  Our Founders had their own governments in-place when they told the King to suck it.  You and I should do the same.

As an administrative/organizational point: I would consider elected (and even bureaucratic) Patriots to be part of the "Auxiliary".  


Monday, May 25, 2015

Fight to your Weapon: Train the Trainer Course

This course is being offered to Patriots, Militia/Tribe Training Officers, and my fellow professional Martial Artists, regardless of discipline/style.  If you are accepted into the course and pass the training, you will earn Certified Instructor status for the Fight to your Weapon (FTYW) program from III Combatives, and you may offer it privately or commercially (so you receive a fee for training others).  You may market the program to the general public, dojos, private groups or individuals, Militia, et cetera.  You may NOT train LEO at an organizational level.  If you know a "Good LEO" - do as you think is best.  

The training program consists of the full FTYW program, with additional techniques enabling you (the Instructor) to counter every technique in the curriculum.  You will drill the curriculum until you have reached proficiency.  We will work on 'teaching techniques' throughout your program, to help ensure you master the ability to convey the program to your students.  All Instructors will receive free access to our online technique library, and written course material so you can properly host training classes, as well as marketing assistance if you choose to offer the FTYW class in your AO for a fee.  Instructors may return to our home facility annually for free course refreshers.

The FTYW Instructor Program requires three (3) full training days.  If you choose to attend our Redoubt training facility, your coursework will include rotations with our general classes and students.  This will help improve your ability to build muscle-memory at a faster pace, and expose you to unexpected variables in training.  

If you choose to take the FTYW Instructor Program in your AO, it is your responsibility to secure at least one training partner of comparable physical condition to yourself for each day of the program.  (You can invite a different training partner for each day if you choose.)

Physical Requirements: Obviously, if you are in good physical condition, you will have an easier time.  But waiting until you meet your 'in-shape' goals is not required for this program.  If you have taken the FTYW course, you know it is designed with techniques that require minimal effort to execute.  Once you achieve your Instructor certification, you will have ample opportunities to exercise organically as you help train others in your AO.

Cost:  The below costs are ONLY for those who book and pre-pay within the next 30 days.  You may schedule your class for up to 12 months out - but you need to secure that date within 30 days.  After 30 days the prices for this program will adjust to market value - which is significantly higher.  (Expect program costs to at least double after 30 days.)  I am offering these early prices for those of you who have been loyal allies, who visit here.  Once I begin advertising to my nationwide martial artist & corporate contacts, prices go up.

III Society members in good standing may take 10% off their course fees.  No refunds - period.  If you are not serious, do not book a class.  If your booked class dates become inconvenient for you, moving the dates is acceptable.  We'll work with you.  However, if you have booked us to travel to your AO, moving training dates without penalties may not be possible.  If we are booked to fly into your AO and the airlines hit us with additional charges to move our flight dates, we'll pass those costs to you.

If you come to our facility the program is $2,750 (includes one spouse or buddy who wishes to train for certification).  We cover your lodging, you cover meals and transportation.  If you are flying, Spokane (GEG) is the nearest serious airport.  You will have full access to our local Tribe facilities while you are here, including the mountain.

If you book us to come to your AO the program is $4,750 (includes one spouse or buddy who wishes to train for certification).  Each additional Instructor candidate you wish to include in your class is $2,250.  You will be responsible for providing a suitable training location.  The average suburban back yard works for me - and I train in any weather, on any surface.  So, if all you have available is a snow-covered asphalt parking lot - let's roll!

Do I promise you will earn your certification?  No.  If you fail to master the physical techniques, you may re-take the program at the Idaho facility free.  If you fail to become proficient in the ability to convey the techniques as a teacher, you can re-take the course at our facility, free.  

However - if you are a WN, LEO, idiot or other unacceptable societal nightmare, don't bother booking the course.  Here's a guiding principle: If you believe in and apply the principle of Rightful Liberty, you won't have any personality-based barriers to graduating with our endorsement.

If you have any questions or want to confirm your preferred class dates are available, email me at k_at_kerodin.com.

Here's the FTYW site.  I'll leave the site available for an extra few days, since I didn't get this post out on schedule.  The password for viewing the techniques: Citadel (case sensitive)

In Liberty,


If you can't distinguish your Enemy from their Useful Idiots...

In March 1965 the First Conference of Muslims of Asia and Africa was held in Bandoeng. Thirty-five countries were represented. The Mufti of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Babakhanov, led the Soviet delegation. The conference discussed the use of Muslim proselytizing societies as weapons against imperialism. The need to harness Islam to the service of the revolution has been openly discussed by communist strategists. Based on Soviet experience in Central Asia, the problem of achieving this is considered difficult but soluble. - New Lies for Old, Anatoliy Golitsyn

Either you understand the true enemy, or you do not.

Cut through the lies, misdirections, profit motives.

The problem is Red.  Understand why the word 'Pinko' came into existence 90 years ago.

And you'd better understand that today the Pinkos are much closer to blood red.  On this Memorial Day, how many of you have fought, have family who fought, or lost someone who fought the Reds, either directly or through their proxies?

No Quarter.

Golitsyn.  Angleton.

And while you consider the above, also factor this into the matrix from Brock's shop - why does US 'Leadership' insist on poking the Bear (and Dragon) with bayonet tips?


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Millions of Americans have joined our military.

The overwhelming majority - I factor it at 99.9%+ - entered in good faith, for God and Country.

Think about them all this weekend.


Friday, May 22, 2015

III Spartan Tactical Caps - Back in stock

Spartan Helm embroidered on our OD Condor Tactical Caps.  Greek Molon Labe tab included with each.

Ready to ship.

Spartan Tactical Cap w/Molon Labe Tab

Thursday, May 21, 2015

III CQB: Train the Trainer Program & Free Weekend at the FTYW Website

I am opening a portion of the III CQB Fight to your Weapon site for the weekend.

No - I am not going to travel and teach the Fight to your Weapon (FTYW) course this year.  Anyone who wants to take the class will have to travel to my studio.


Monday I will announce the details of the Fight to your Weapon Train the Trainer program.  I will begin accepting applications from those of you who would like to earn an instructor certification for the FTYW course.

Certified Instructors will be permitted to go forth and teach (and be paid for teaching) the FTYW course - whether to your Tribe, local Militia, or if you choose, you may even offer it to the general public and any martial arts schools in your area.  If you have been looking for a way to earn a bit  of extra income while training at the same time, this may be for you.

To answer your first question: No.  I will not be accepting every applicant, and I will not promise you'll earn certification.  Details will follow this weekend.

Password for the III CQB site: Citadel (case sensitive)

Site is located here.

If you can graduate the FTYW course - you have the physical abilities to teach it.  You'll just have to trust me to teach you to teach.


IFF: Stand & be Counted

Spartan Helm III Patches


IFF III Patch Tan
Shipped within 24 Hours!

And remember, campers - Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country on Earth...

Indonesia has sent a serious shot across the bow of her neighbors - including Mao's Morons.

The message: Don't F' with us, fellas!

Here's the story.  (Thanks JT)



Need any more proof that the coming World War is merely a distraction?

China is in the lead to win a contract for the California high-speed rail system.

No, folks - American Reds will not permit a little thing like a 'war' to interfere with consolidating power and wealth.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Never Forget: China Warns US Aircraft Over New Islands

If you are still listening to idiots who offer 'analysis' along the lines of Russia is no threat - they still move their troops by train! --- I can't help you.

America lost the 'Cold War' - which wasn't 'cold' nor was it ever 'over'.  A massively successful generational war has been waged against America and Liberty for more than 100 years to turn the country Red.  Those Red aspirants used power-hungry Useful Idiots of the Hamilton/Lincoln/FDR/Bloomberg ilk within our borders to accomplish their goals.

I have warned since Russia moved on Crimea to watch the Dragon.  I counseled that if they made a serious play for expansion, especially involving the Senkaku Islands in any way, it could only be interpreted as nearly-final verification that Golitsyn and Angleton were right.

My analysis did not come from a college education or a .mil MOS credential in "Intelligence" - which probably helped keep the level of dumbfuckstupid to a minimum in my head.  I take no joy in watching my analysis prove out.  It means my darkest concerns were legitimate, and we are in for one hell of a fight - far more intense than merely a counter-revolution on a continental scale against Red Americans.

Here is what you must resign yourself to at this point: Domestic Enemies of Liberty in America intend to fundamentally change America by permitting a Red Triad to dominate the world - Russia will have Europe, China will have Asia, and American Reds intend to remain in power in this hemisphere.

Once you resign yourself to this eventuality, here is the fundamental Truth you must never forget: None of this needed to happen.  Domestic Enemies of Liberty in America, men who mean to be Masters, have deliberately set upon this course, have deliberately and unnecessarily created circumstances for World War III.

Why?  Who cares - but if you need reasons, here are the top two: There are Americans who mean to be Masters, and those people are fundamentally Evil - the only way to cover up the global theft that has been taking place for the last hundred-plus years is a world war.

None of this needed to happen.  It is ONLY happening because Evil men mean to be your Masters.

When this escalates to pure ugly in America, when you are looking at long odds of surviving another week, and every single time you run across one of the Evil/stupid Fucks who have helped bring this to reality - remember that none of this needed to happen - and hold them to account.

You may not think it is your place to act as a Judge against such men.  Fair enough.  But you can sure as hell arrange the meeting with the Rightful Judge.  Trust your gut, you'll be right more often than not.

Timeline?  No idea.  Sooner than later is a good bet.  It will never be a Red Dawn event or Wolverines scenario.  It will never be like Cold War East Germany - they don't have the time to ramp-up to that level of dominance - they'd need at least another 15 years to get there, probably more.  

All is not lost - but you'd better understand the Polygonal Battlespace will be much uglier and more complex than a 'simple' Civil War.  Not only is any means necessary a realistic axiom to apply, but also understand that every means necessary is in play - on all sides of the Battlespace.

And when you feel like all is lost - just remember that none of this needed to happen, and let that fuel your rage for one more week, or day, or hour...



MVT: June 26 – July 1 6 Day Class

We covered Communicating in the post below with Sparks31.

Max has an upcoming class to help with the Shooting & Moving portions of our upcoming live, interactive Candid Exhange of Views (TM WRSA ;)

Here's the link.  Get yourself into class.  If you can't go, consider buying a scholarship so someone else can attend.  If you are part of a Team, everyone chip-in and get one of your guys or gals into the course.  The imminent excitement is a Team Event, folks.


Signal-3 Magazine

You have subscribed, yes?

If not, here's the link.

Adding these to your libraries is important.  

You may know this stuff - but what happens when you meet a new, young Patriot after the internet is down?  You'll need dead-tree teaching aids.


NC Militia - Please take a peek

This Patriot is in your AO, here.

If you can help guide him to a contact...


A Will Grigg Piece

The hands of a genuine III Patriot.
Understand the task at hand.

It is a monumental task, and it will not be free. 

If you are not up to it, please do us all a favor and step out now, before we invest trust and resources into you - just to have you take a knee before the game even begins.  

Shouting "III" and "Wolverines!" is not what serious Patriots do...

Go Hard, or stay the fuck at home and STFU.

Good job once again by Mister Grigg.  Here's the piece.  Also linked at the Charles Carroll Society, here.


Flip off LEO - Go to Prison? Not so much...

...until they plant something on you for flipping them off.

They have a learning curve, too.  They can adapt, improvise & overcome, too.

Of course the central point of this piece is much more simple: A LEO was so insulted by being flipped-off that he believed he was within his 'Rights' to arrest a person and risk sending them to jail or prison with a permanent asterisk next to their name.

"Don't start none, won't be none" is a two-way street, folks.  So, don't start none unless you are prepared to Go Hard.  The stakes are really not nuanced.  It is Life or Not-Life.

Here's the piece.


Yes, Even in Texas...

First - the lawyers.

Then - the Red Academics at your local campus.

Be sure to schedule time for Red politicians and bureaucrats.

Here's the piece.


Things that make you go Hmmmm...

FBI declares White Supremacist groups have been 'infiltrating' LEO for more than a decade.

My first thought upon reading this headline was: Sure is a timely bit of 'evidence' supporting the 'Nationalize LEO' meme.

Here's the link.  You decide.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

LEO Escapes Charges After Shooting an Unarmed Man With His Hands Up on Video

This is why Rightful Liberty must be the ends - by any means necessary.

Here's the link.


Radio Recon

Sparks31 is offering a new class: Radio Recon - here

Every member of your Auxiliary must be able to shoot and operate the weapons in your AO, must know the basics of tactical movement (even if for no other reason to be able to anticipate what an invader will attempt) and to know how to run your comms - from radios to dead drops.  Mosby has begun an in-depth series on the Auxiliary, here.

And the Auxiliary is useless without the tip of the spear, skills taught with trainers like Max, here.

The Auxiliary and Operational Elements are Yin & Yang.  Liberty needs both.

Define yourself and play your position.


Regarding the Battle Buddies Poll at Right --->

For you folks who are alone & fook'd, or only able to field one or a few allies - if you are comfortable doing it, leave a comment here with your county and state.  You can do it anonymously, I don't care.

But I'd like to see if there is a pattern, and if the III Society can do anything to change the paradigm.


Consider: NYPD Wants to 'Amnesty' 1.2 million 'Criminals'...

Several points to ponder:

1) Just consider the state of affairs when a police army simply decides to arbitrarily not enforce particular cases.  I'm not talking about the discretion to not enforce X or Y laws - they still intend to do that enforcement - just not against those people already on the list.  So if you have an outstanding warrant for X - you get off free.  If your neighbor does the same X tomorrow, he catches a case.  That is the sort of arbitrary power that defines a Police State and WRoL environment.  The King's Law is not law, it is usually Tyranny.

2) Consider 'why' they want to issue the 'Amnesty' - because their Police State is so vast and effective at generating work, they have generated too much work for their current back-room operations (the courts, the processing, the jails to handle everyone who is in violation).

3) Consider #2 just a bit further.  If you run a business, one of the best 'problems' to have is too many customers.  Most businesses will expand in the face of more customers.  Why isn't NYC simply 'growing' their 'business' to handle all of the new 'customers'?  Perhaps the profit margins are too low to build more prisons and hire more admin staff to process the 'customers'?  Or, perhaps - the fundamental laws of economy have reached that point where a parasitic business can't expand because doing so begins to impinge too severely upon the host - the host that pays the bills.  If the latter has any merit, advocates for Liberty should have a little hope that the bureaucratic machine being funded by 'taxpayers' is reaching its breaking point.

4) Take special note of the quotes from 'Citizens' in the article.  Good luck ever using 'reason' or 'logic' or 'common sense' to change their minds.  They believe the 'criminals' are 'criminals' because they 'broke the law'.  Breaking the law was the bad part - with zero consideration of the validity of the specific law itself.

Here's the piece.


Lesson 2 from Waco

Read the article linked from Brock's shop, here.

There were more gangs on-scene than merely MC's.


The Regulatory State in one Infographic

Red Tape.

Aptly named.

Here's the link.


Monday, May 18, 2015

III Chaplain Corps: III to III Prayers

A fellow III Patriot is in need.

Here's the link.


Pop Quiz: If you lived in Waco...

...how would your Tribe rank in the hierarchy?

Here's the piece.

Lessons are being taught every day.  You simply have to look for them.


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Lawfare 101

GS left a link at Pete's place over the weekend.

DoJ has a 97-99% conviction rate most years.

If you are reading this blog, you have most certainly committed several felonies in your lifetime - regardless of mens rea.

This is how it works.

When they decide they want you, you've already given them 'legal' reasons.  


MVT: Special Training Class Rates

Training opportunities are available.

Summer rates = savings.

If you are not ready when SHTF, that's on you.

Here's the link.

**LANDNAV** Here.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

From the "You need to know this stuff" File

Nyquist on Uranium.

Connect the dots.


Home in Houston fit for a Patriot Family

A Patriot about 45 minutes from downtown Houston sent a link regarding a house for sale near him.

I know this Patriot personally, and assure you that living near him will be an asset.

So, anyone thinking about the Houston Texas area, click the link and see if it fits any of your considerations.

Here's the link.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Jade Helm Circle Jerk & III Comms Class

Sparks31 is hosting a class during the Jade Helm exercise dates.  Who knows what you might hear?

One thing is certain - if you voluntarily surrender your ability to hear, you've surrendered one of your most importance senses.

Here's the link.