Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dead Reds

Better dead than Red.

Even better...

...Dead Reds.

Patriots, when your arms grow tired from the Hard Things that must be done, remember - they brought this fight to you.

They mean to have you bend knee and lick their hands.

They have drawn First Blood.

PatCon: 21 Days Out

PatCon is now just 21 days out.  If you need to tie-up loose ends with the Planning Team, get it done.  Website is here.

As mentioned, I am not running a CQB course this rotation.  But if anyone attending is interested in a 3-4 hour Combatives workshop, let the Planning Team know by zipping them an email.  It'll be free.  If there is sufficient interest, we'll set aside a block of time.  Not in the best shape?  No worries, I'll build the curriculum for everyone - ages 9-ish and up. Email the Team here.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  I know many of you from past events.  Many more I know from online, and it will be good to meet.  We have a great group of people headed this way.  Classes, talks, workshops, working groups, night time chats (sorry, had to take out "Fireside chats" as the area is too dry for open fires this year) - we are all in for a great event.  If you are coming for a few days, be sure to bring your fishing gear, toys, et cetera - there are many great activities out here.  

See you all soon!

Hanging in effigy: Bring back the most American of traditions

Think of it as training...

Here's the link.

Let's see if we can get at least one in every state.

FBI Command Centers for July 4 - You'll notice where they aren't...

...None in Wyoming, Montana or Idaho.  None in eastern Washington or Oregon.


Do the math.

This is where Yamamoto's 'Every Blade of Grass' garden still grows...


The first American-made Kalashnikovs are now for sale

I don't care if you like the Kalashnikov.

That isn't the point.

This is a milestone that marks the depth of penetration into our culture and common sense.

I can't wait until the first model features Che laser-engraved into the side.  I bet it would sell...

Here's the link.

Win the Fight!

It's been a while since we've seen the Sparklie of Death.

Remember, a Sparklie is something that distracts you while something worse is happening that is genuinely dangerous.

In this particular case, what is happening is a nearly literal Sparklie of Death.

The Confederate Battle Flag is the brightest Sparklie at the moment.  It is not in the sky all by itself, however.  Right up there with it are the calls for revealing KKK member info, calls to take down the Jefferson Memorial, Illegals, ISIS, and much, much more.

Instead of fighting the removal of the Battle Flag from places you consider important, might I suggest that you hoist it, and run off the invaders?  Petitions to defend your culture - really?

Please pay close attention: These people demanding the removal of the Battle Flag, the exhumation of dead Confederates, the destruction of your monuments, that you bake cakes for people you find wretched, these people who are importing hordes of illegals and ideological enemies only have one agenda - to murder you and erase you from the memory of Man.

Please stop swinging at Sparklies and puffs of smoke.  Please stop wasting precious energy on outraged blog posts and petitions to your mortal enemies, asking that they please leave you alone.

They will not leave you alone.  Ever.  They want you to waste your energy and split your focus.

These people are laying the ground to justify your genocide.  They are convincing the 'mainstream' that you are evil and that removing you by violence is warranted.  Have you not read enough History to see the pattern, my friends?

Take all your outrage - it is justified - and get ready for the fucking fight.

Win the fight, and raise your flag anywhere you damned well please. Win the fight, and build any monument where you damned well please.  Win the fight, and own any firearm you damned well please.  Win the fight, and use all your property as you damned well please.

Win the fight.

That is the Mission.

This fight will not be won without arms.  This fight will not be won by our next generation, once we have secured some mythological safe place whence they can fight.

If you and I don't do it, it will not be done.  Because if you and I do not prevail, we'll be sharing an unmarked mass grave with Liberty herself.

American Eagle

Don't like it?

Be away...


The absurdity of the [SCOTUS Gay Marriage] decision aside, it represents another stride forward for the revolution preached by Antonio Gramsci. Before we can capture the West, the Italian Marxist argued, we must capture the culture.

For only if we change the culture can we change how people think and believe. And then a new generation will not only come to accept but to embrace what their fathers would have resisted to the death.

Consider the triumphs of the Gramscian revolution in our lifetime.

First, there is the total purge of the nation's birth faith, Christianity, from America's public life and educational institutions. Second, there is the overthrow of the old moral order with the legalization, acceptance and even celebration of what the old morality taught was socially destructive and morally decadent.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey Buttercup - Rub Some Dirt on it and Ruck On!

Alan Mullenax just after Pepper Spray Fire Drill in triple-digit heat - definitely not a buttercup!
You trained this weekend?  Did you train for realism?

Alan ran a live-fire drill with a crew this weekend in 100+ Florida heat.  

Pepper spray shot from 2-meters, aimed at the forehead.  (Just so you know - when it started getting tense at the White House during the Return to Sender event, LEO trotted out several guys kitted-up with pepper tanks nearly the size of SCUBA gear, which I am certain had one hell of a range and spray pattern.  They also had pepper-balls ready to bloop from pepper-ball bloopers)

I'm going to have to incorporate this into my Combatives program...

Here's Alan's report: 

Specifically, the course was 30-35 meters long. Three stationary shooting positions, the last being a parallel movement across the targets at about 5-7 meters. Three targets down range, standard B-26.

Shooter would load and make ready pistol. Upon command, pepper spray was shot from a distance of 2 meters with the shooters forehead as target. Shooter would then draw pistol and proceed to first position and engage each target with two rounds each, then to second and third in like manner finishing with a parallel movement across the targets at 5-7 meters.

Understand that heat index was in excess of 100 degrees for this drill. Sweat quickly caused pepper to moved down the face into the eyes and further. I was burning down to my navel after completion.

The object of the exercise was to learn to fight through despite great adversity. Also to understand the effects of pepper spray and that unless hit directly in the eyes, as much as 30 seconds are available to fight before incapacitation.

That and driving home the the concept of "toughen up buttercup", it ain't gonna be easy. ;-)

Just about everybody was blind by about the third position. A couple guys took the blast right in the eyes and were still able to negotiate at least part of the course.

Who the fuck does shit like this?

Americans, that's who.

Is it any wonder...

...the first five (5) planks of the Communist Manifesto relate to the destruction of private property?

1. Abolition of private property and the application of all rents of land to public purposes. 
Zoning laws & property taxes are the leading edge on this one.  The moment you submit to either zoning or property taxes, you no longer control 'your' property.  This bleeds quickly beyond merely real estate.  Once a man assumes the authority and power to tell you what you may and may not do with your own body, you are a slave.  Full F'n Stop.

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. 
Started in 1913.  Are not the fruits of your labor 'personal property'?  Not according to Marxist/Communists/Liberals/Democrats/Republicans/et cetera.  If you can be forced to share any of your property, you can be forced to share it all.

3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance. 
That which is not passed through to inheritors rotates back to the State.  Thus, that property is removed from 'Private' circulation.

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. 
Start with eminent domain.  Progress to "Asset Forfeiture" for "Crimes" they say you committed.

5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly. 
The Fed and central banks around the world, and your corner Credit Union answer to the same drummer, eventually.  When 'private property' is almost entirely owned by the banks, (they hold most of the notes in America), and the economy implodes - they own the property.  You can squat there, as long as you have more guns and friends than do they. But make no mistake, you do not own it.

The cornerstone of Liberty is Private Property.

Who owns you?

Communists - in all their flavors - are the problem.  Individual people who align themselves with the ideology - whether they call themselves Liberals or Politburo Hardliners - are the Enemies of Liberty.

Good hunting.

Beware the Road Pirates

Will Grigg, here.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

$3.2 million per family in SC Church Murders


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Justice Department will fast track the sending of $29 million to South Carolina to help families of victims of the mass murder of nine churchgoers at a historic black church in Charleston, a Justice Department spokesman said on Friday.

An unspecified portion of the money, allocated under the government's national Crime Victim Assistance Formula Grant program, can be used to provide services to the families of victims of the shootings at Emmanuel AME Church, spokesman Kevin Lewis said.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Guest Post - The “Poor Me” Patriot: A Character Study

Sound like anyone you know?  -  The victim role is an important component of a martyr complex. It justifies in their mind that others are responsible for their pain. They engage in compulsive blaming to reinforce this conviction. The blaming functions to deflect the basic neurotic tendency of their behavior: They set themselves up to be victims. They do this to avoid taking responsibility for their life, but also to show that their own behavior is beyond criticism.  

If so - tell them to get some help.  Really. - K

Original Guest Post:

Has back-channel back-biting become a minor league sport in the III community?  Was it always this way?  Or, was I just too wide-eyed (read that as stupid) to notice?  

In the world of men and women and the endeavors in which they dabble, to try is to sometimes fail. It is simply a fact of existence. Unless one goes through life managing to never take a risk, failure on some level is inevitable. Failure can be forgiven. In fact, most failures ought never to rise to the level of requiring forgiveness. Shake it off. Move on. Distill the teachable moments and persevere. You’ll do better next time. At least, that’s how it should work. But that’s not always so.

We have all met these so-called Patriots. You know them as the individuals for whom personal failure is somehow ALWAYS someone else’s fault. They embark on quiet crusades to curry favor, cripple relationships, and destroy alliances. It’s one of the hallmarks of the Poor Me Patriot. Absolutely fascinating to watch!  

As a psychological archetype, these Poor Me People -- or “Career-Martyrs” (my made-up term) -- are intriguing character studies. These are the folks who have never seen a cross they couldn’t climb. Career-martyrs will readily sacrifice another’s reputation both to achieve and to shore-up coveted Victim-Status. There is a reliable payoff for running the “Victim Racket.” Victims are automatically absolved of any accountability for personal failings. The sly use of shifting blame to misdirect all attention from one’s own failings is the sharpest arrow in a Victim’s quiver.  And, it works!  For the Classic “Poor Me Personality” self-deception is usually so complete, chances are, they utterly believe their own tortured fabrications. 

It’s a curious study in abnormal human psychology to observe the Sad-Sack, Poor Me Personalities who complain relentlessly about being forced to abdicate this or that throne of success because they were – you guessed it – Victims!  Listen long enough and one finds they are victims to nearly everything and everyone in their lives. Yet, it all happens MOSTLY at the level of the unconscious. 

Poor Me Personalities usually live an unexamined life. They are strangers to themselves. But then again, self-deception does that. It causes permanent damage to the human psyche.  Poor Me Personalities know they’ve achieved success (not actual success, mind you, but scapegoats for why they cannot succeed) when others referring to them reflexively put “Poor” before their name. 

I recently did a reality-check. It is impossible to make right others’ manufactured wrongs. To try is a fool’s errand. Truth becomes invisible when viewed through the prism of quaking personalities imprisoned by their own self-deception. Put such sad souls in the company of morally bankrupt saboteurs of anything not utterly self-serving, and no good ever comes of it.  Just sit back and watch the warped web of deceit. Dye-packs thrown into waters on eastern shores wash up in the west. One wonders as these “Patriots” preen with positive delight and bask in the glow of self-satisfaction, whether self-deception can be so complete that every last ray of truth forever eludes their personal event horizon. 

To that I have no answer. I simply cannot say.

I can, however, say this: No III endeavor in which I am involved will be sacrificed at the altar of rumors wrapped in rancor, cloaked in convenient half-truths, and swaddled in simpering self-pity.  No III Endeavor in which I am involved will fall prey to the weak wailings of those who cry, “Woe is Me!” rather than “Where was *I* responsible?”  

To such individuals I can only say: Do us all a favor.  Grow a spine. Do yourselves a favor. Grow a conscience. Want to sate your personal desires to assign blame?  Find a mirror.  

Oh, and…

Check your Six! 

- Guest Post

[ K addition: 'Check your Six! = Karma's a Bitch!  ;)  ]

Foreign & Domestic

How to deal with Loyalists: Articles for Retaliation

...the Articles for Retaliation made three explicit pledges: 

1. "For every good subject of this State residing in this State that shall become an Associator and shall be taken by any party or parties of the Refugees there shall be taken an equal number of the most disaffected and influential residing and having property in the County; and them confine in the Provost jail, and treat them with British rigor until the good subjects of this State shall be fully liberated." 

2. "For every house that shall be burned or destroyed there shall be made full retaliation upon or out of the property of the disaffected." 

3. "That for every article of property taken from any of the Associators, being good subjects, the value thereof shall be replaced out of the property of the disaffected." 

The Articles for Retaliation are printed in a number of antiquarian sources, the most accessible of which is Ellis, History of Monmouth County, 206.


The Constitution failed to work the first time around for the same reason it will fail this time - if we do not avoid the original mistake.

The original mistake: The Jeffersonian Republicans failed to take arms against the Hamiltonian/Marshall cabal, those who simply wanted to replace the King with their own version of the Throne.

This time: Loyalists may stand down and forever STFU, they may pack their bags and GTFO, or - fix bayonets, gentlemen.

Link is here.

Note to Reds in America

Remember - you Red bastards asked for this - not us.

All we wanted was to be left alone, to live our lives without your meddling.

We've tolerated you long enough.  We've tolerated your icons long enough.

If you wish to leave, now is the time.

Once we begin, we will not stop until you are gone.  We intend to live our lives at Liberty. We mean that our children and grandchildren will do the same, free of your tyrannies.

Leave.  Now.

You should have left us alone...

Even WordPress

Friday, June 26, 2015




III Percent Society
A few serious III Patriots had an idea to establish a system to quantify the Threat Condition (ThreatCon) facing the III Community based loosely on the DefCon model used by .Mil forces.  

One of the primary purposes of the ThreatCon system is to ensure Patriots do not step off the porch based on bad Intel.  

ThreatCon is a simple system, using color codes based on Colonel Cooper's system, slightly modified for our purposes.  We encourage bloggers and other media shops within the Liberty Forces to add the color bars to your venues, and change them as circumstances warrant.  This will keep your readers aware, at a quick glance, that the status quo is secure, or maybe something is popping-off, leading you to change your ThreatCon level.

When you visit the page you'll notice a color bar near the top.  This is the 'Current ThreatCon' as determined by a small group of III Patriots as it applies to CONUS.  

Here's the really cool part.  You'll see a clickable calculator that will allow you to enter your own values, based on events and circumstances happening in your AO or Region, so you can tailor your local/regional ThreatCon for your Tribe/Militias/CUTT/Strategic Services shop, et cetera.  

Media shops can also use the calculator to determine their own ThreatCon level, based on their interpretation of events.  What you may see as a Black event, others may interpret as a Yellow - so everyone can fine tune the system to their own perspective.  Just one example of how this can benefit local Liberty Forces: The AO Commander may determine that phone trees get lit-up anytime a ThreatCon Orange is signaled.  Use the tool as you will, Patriots.

My deep and sincere thanks to JT & Hawk who made this happen.

This is just one public example of Patriots working together to accomplish real, tangible results.  Good work, guys.

This is what we do.

ThreatCon.us - here.

'nuff said...

III Percent Friday Report

Huntsville Operation: The III Percent Society is headed to Huntsville, Alabama to stand with Tyler Truitt as he faces bureaucratic and black-robed Tyrants over the most fundamental Right of all - Property Rights.

Property Rights are the essential sine qua non on Liberty.  If you do not own your property, others may tell you how you may use it.  If you do not own your own body, others may tell you how you may - or may not - use it.

Either you own you - or you are a slave.

Here's the link.  You can join the III Society - here.

PatCon: Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous: Registration closes soon.  If you plan to attend in July, let the event coordinators know - here.

III Gear:  IFF Patches & Gear available.  Remember, all IIIGear sales support III Projects.

IIIPercent.com Email: Have you signed up for your personal IIIPercent.com email yet? Here's the link.

Stay safe, Patriots.

The One to Watch - Part I

Let's see what he says at the eulogy.  He will not be able to stay out of politics.  In fact, I posit that if he is going to make a historic political move, he'll telegraph it here.  If he means to move hard on 2A, he'll telegraph it here.  Whatever he means to do, he'll telegraph it here...

Part II: For all my southron allies - have you picked a flag location or other spot to defend? Is there a flag flying somewhere you will not permit to fall, but over your corpse?  I am not instigating you off the porch, not even recommending it.  I want to know if any of you have decided this is where you stand and fight.

Here's the link on the eulogy piece.

PJB: Cultural Marxists

If we are to preserve our republic, future generations are going to need what that battle flag truly stands for: pride in our history and defiance in the face of the arrogance of power.

Here's the link.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pop Quiz - What is your answer, Patriot?

Every modern mode of communication can be shut down by little more than the flip of a switch from FedGov - except radio.

FedGov flips said switches.  You must communicate with your allies a few counties or states away.  

The resistance depends on you getting that message through - quickly and accurately - and securely.

You go to your radio.  You already know cracking that mic is a gamble, especially if .Gov is paying attention.  You already know he can locate you, target you and put munitions on your X in minutes.

You do NOT want to be anywhere near that X when Uncle Sugar pulls the trigger.  Big badda-boom!

What's your solution, Patriot?  

*For extra credit - could you AND your allies on the other end implement that solution tonight, if the balloon goes up?

The Bottom Line

A fight of epic and historic proportions is coming between those who would be Masters, and Liberty Forces.

If you are not preparing to fight with Liberty Forces, or support that fight, you are useless to Humanity.

Prep.  Train.  Harden your Souls.

All men die.

How we die, matters.

III Patriots are headed to Huntsville to stand with an ally

Tyler Truitt agrees that having a court room filled with supporters will be a good thing.

We have allies who are willing to go, and able to go.  LT has taken point to raise a travel fund, to help defray some of the costs associated with getting there for our Patriots.

Here's the link.  Even $20 will help take the weight off those Patriots who will stand there in our names.

I do not care what color you may be...

...if you don't align yourself with the premise of Rightful Liberty, you have no business in America.

With the nation as a whole barreling toward a minority-majority future, there are already states where racial and ethnic minorities actually make up the majority. Specifically there are four states and the District of Columbia: Hawaii (77.0 percent), the District of Columbia (64.2 percent), California (61.5 percent), New Mexico (61.1 percent) and Texas (56.5 percent).

There are other states on the precipice of a minority-majority population such as Nevada where 48.9 percent is minority.

According to the Census more than 11 percent of the nation’s 3,142 counties, or 364, were already majority-minority. This year, the Census noted that five became majority minority between 2013-2014, specifically: Russell, Alabama, Newton, Georgia, Eddy, New Mexico, Brazoria, Texas, and Suffolk city, Virginia.

Full link - here.


Anyone want to try and run that "SCOTUS decides what is Constitutional - so it's final" argument again?

Obamacare is SCOTUScare.  The Federalists won the day after Marbury, when Liberty Forces chose not to kill them all.

I am not going to link any of the articles about the topic.  You already know the basics. Spending our energies on anything but prepping and training for the scrum is a waste.

We will never vote our way out, nor will we ever win Liberty in the courts.

Yes - fight everywhere it is prudent.

But understand, there is going to be a real fight.  They will seek to force us to bend knee and surrender ourselves completely (Battle Flag, anyone?) or they will murder us.

Let's win.

Guest Post: Machiavellian, I think not.

“Youth is wasted on the young” 
George Bernard Shaw 

A question, what does this world look like to a young person 18 to 30 years old?
I really can't say, I'm past my youth and I don't associate with young people. I see how our popular culture represents them and quite frankly I'm disheartened. What do they value, do they have the same hopes and dreams as my generation? What do they stand for, do they have any lines in the sand that shall not be crossed? 
This generation of young people is one, perhaps two generations away from being members of the Borg. They live so close to the shadow of technology it has become difficult to distinguish a human form. 
This new symbiosis the young have with technology has even transformed warfare. Militarists around the world have had to change the paradigm in order to optimize the young warrior's tech savvy. 
Hand a recruit a M1 Garand and the first question will be, how do I plug it in to recharge? Forgive me, this is not about deriding young people, I'm just pointing out the orientation of their world view.
My generation faces a very sad idea “will we live long enough to die in battle?” We're getting old, my days of battlefield maneuvers are over.
Technology, I helped bring in the technological age but I'll be damned if I can set a DVR to record. Give me that Garand and I can field strip it blindfolded, no lie, reload my own ammo and put an edge on a knife you can shave with. Run the length of a football field, no thank you.
Who will fight our war, be the strong fearless warriors cast in the molds of honor and bravery? Those proficient with sidearm, garrote and hands. 
I look about this landscape of potential warriors and see young men and women who possess outstanding physical abilities. But looks can deceive. Have they a warrior's heart, intelligence and sacrifice? Have they got the right stuff? The future of our country will depend on our youth.
The battle we face will be fought over a young person's mind and heart. Our fight is to draw them away from this pop culture, socialist, I deserve it mentality. Good Lord what a mountain to climb. 
When the economic annihilation begins, most of our young people will be lost about what to do, how to survive. At this point, they can either turn to government or we can usher them towards freedom. We must be prepared, our minds set on saving these potential warriors. Understand, this will have to be done by us individually, each of us sponsoring, mentoring and training as many young warriors as we can. 
Food, housing, security will be the offer to attract them, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the promise to convince them to fight. 
Be prepared. 

_ Emily Disraeli

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

You'd better understand the mindset of those who would be Masters...

First - they believe they have so re-defined the DoI, USC & BoR that they can use their deviant definitions as the hammer to reach their agenda.  (They are not entirely wrong, here.)  Even HuffPo endorses reading the USC & DoI annually - here.

Second - They understand that they simply have no possibility of reaching their goals without claiming the authority to do so exists within the USC & BoR.  The documents are simply too entrenched in the American psyche to be ignored or dismissed.  They can only be forced into contortions to fit the agenda.  This is also their weakness.  Whoever gets to have the final word on the meaning and intent of the DoI, USC and BoR will win the great masses.  

Anyone trying to set a course for America toward Liberty with a touchstone other than the USC is pissing up a rope. Too many people, on both sides of the Liberty discussion, accept the USC as the North Star.

I dare say more people in America put faith into the USC than the bible.  Before you dismiss that assertion - think about it.  The overwhelming majority of people in America who are religious accept the USC as the foundation for governance (regardless of how they define the details).  However, the overwhelming percentage of Liberals and other flavors of Reds in America pay only lip service to religion - if they even bother that much - but every Leftist politician claims the Constitution grants them the power and authority to do what they wish to do on the political field.  I truly believe the guys holding the bible AND the Constitution will win - but the forces aligned who only hold the Constitution are formidable.

Third - More and more Bad People are calling for .Gov to prosecute "Domestic Terrorists". They want 'Hate Groups' prosecuted for 'Hate Speech'.  They want gun owners prosecuted for owning guns.  They want 'Mental Defectives' (anyone who wants a gun) to be shunned from society.  Can we say Alien & Sedition Acts?

Connect the dots, folks.  An awful lot of bible-carrying, Constitution-respecting 'Republicans' will support item 3 above.

Brace for impact.  The crater will be epic.

Civilian Volunteer Teams: The Leadership Issue

Serious topic addressed in a serious manner - here.

Clear the Shelves of Confederate Stuff to Make Way for Commies

Brock's shop - here.

Yay Che!

If you are coming to Idaho PatCon, we've got a few things planned to help Reds lose their minds.  If you are there, you'll get to help show them what we think of Reds.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Scheduling Adjustment

I wanted to unveil a new project tonight - schedule got fa'cocked.

Will unveil tomorrow.

FYI: Truitt is aboard with III help.  He'd like to have us there with him on the 29th.  I'll point you toward new information as it surfaces.

Man takes video of LEO. LEO murders his dog. On video.

They are killing your kids, your grandparents, your dogs ,your husbands, your wives and  all in the name of obstruction.  Florida’s state statute 843.02 is the one that allows them to kill and imprison citizens in our state. By simply “opposing” an officer, you are guilty of a crime and may be bankrupted trying to defend yourself.  Again, ask yourself who was behind these statutes that have shredded the constitution and our freedom.

Please remember that these are supposed to be public servants.  I say its time to get rid of the tax payers burden these jack booted thugs have become.  We as Americans and a so called free people do not need or want them.  The cops have become the enemy of the people. They are the hand maidens of the politicians and the face of tyranny.


The next time you are tempted to ask "Why Should I Do That?"

Why should you have to do X?

Because if you don't - who knows what fresh Hell's will be loosed upon us all.

Remember your Ditka.

Had he run for the Illinois Senate seat in 2004 as he'd strongly considered, he would most likely have trounced the guy who won the seat.

Barack Obama.

I'm not saying we blame Ditka.

I'm merely saying - when you see something that needs to be done, do it.

It follows that whole When good men say nothing... concept.

What is your Buy price on Silver & Gold?

We've been watching the gold & silver charts - silver is under $16/ounce again, and gold has fallen below $1200.

Do you have a set buy price?  When gold or silver hits X, do you pick up a specified amount?

Silver under $16 an ounce is appealing.  Personally, I think silver is going to outpace gold when SHTF in terms of ROI.  

But, curious - do you have a trigger point when you buy?

Are we a Constitutional Republic, or a Democracy?

Banner story, here.

Monday, June 22, 2015

PJB: NATO-Russia Collision Ahead?





Because Red, that's why.

Because, generations of global wealth plundering must be covered - and the only way to do that is war.

Don't get excited.

Get determined.  Make them pay for ruining the lives of your children.

Train Hard.

An ally who routinely takes Mosby's classes recommended this post - here.

Max has an important post - here.

Remember, folks - leave the back-stabbing to the pillow-biters.  

Train hard.  Stay focused on what matters.

Not on the list, don't get to play...

PatCon registration closes soon.

Remember, folks - if you aren't on the list, you're not getting to the site.

There is no option for paying at the door (checkpoint).

Get squared away if you are heading to PatCon.  It is shaping up to be crowded - so until the Planning Team has the guest list nailed-down, they can't set-up sufficient infrastructure. They need a hard number before placing the final order for porta-potties, wifi capacity, snack bar supplies, et cetera.

Here's the place to do your thing.

Did you Train this weekend? Book training?

About 10 days remaining to register for the Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous - here.

Comms Workshop with Sparks31 in Riverton, WY July 18 - here.

MVT Training - here.

Remember - even Trainers recommend MVT for the best training - here.

III Logistics: Huntsville

If you are local to Huntsville and can be there - thank you!

LT has taken point and established a GoFundMe for Patriots who can't be in Huntsville on 29 July, but who want to help.  If you can throw a few bucks into the Travel Fund at GFM - outstanding!  The funds raised will be used to defray some of the travel costs of Patriots who can attend the event.  To LT, JT and everyone else involved, good job!

Here's the link.  Every few bucks you can throw into logistics - literally - advances the Mission.

Patriots: This is what we do...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

III: The Week Ahead

Get your IIIPercent.com email addy - here.

Sign-up for III email updates on the right sidebar --->

FB: If you do the Facebook thing - hit the III Society page and my page and do that Friend-clicky-Share-Likey-VooDoo FB stuff.  

PatCon is now 30 days out.  If you are coming, get your registration submitted - here.  

If you are a vendor coming to PatCon and have not yet closed the loop with the Planning Team, get it done.  The event is too complex and important to be worrying with vendor details as we run-up to the event.

Monday: We'll move the ball forward on the BBWG.  It looks like a tour is imminent.

Tuesday: We'll unveil ********* - a project put together by several of our serious allies. This is slick and useful for Patriots all over the country.

Wednesday - beats me.  Life is simply too fluid to plan that far ahead right now.  I know I'll be training - you are welcome to come and train with us.  ;)

Stay safe, Patriots.

Backfist stupid people.

Even from the Highest Altitudes, it is obvious RevWarIII is afoot

Two headlines that show the divide:

Bernie Sanders Wows Hollywood Progressives at Two L.A. Fundraisers - here.

Walker wows social conservatives with attacks on Obama, puts GOP rivals on notice - here.

We are overdue for a good war in America, based on our own historical timelines.

And while we are truly a lazy nation, unwilling to undertake such a workload without real motivation, all the Ground has been set - that which divides us has grown greater than that which unites us.

Now, all that is needed is a proper catalyst...

[ While I know some folks calling themselves 'Patriots' would like to be seen as responsible for or at least having been present at the next shot heard around the world, fortunately, those few sad souls don't carry the weight to make it happen.  Let us all be happy they are such absolute failures in Life. ]

Saturday, June 20, 2015

III Percent Huntsville Op - Important Update on Logistics

If you are local to Huntsville and can be there - thank you!

LT has taken point and established a GoFundMe for Patriots who can't be in Huntsville on 29 July, but who want to help.  If you can throw a few bucks into the Travel Fund at GFM - outstanding!  The funds raised will be used to defray some of the travel costs of Patriots who can attend the event.  To LT, JT and everyone else involved, good job!

Here's the link.  Every few bucks you can throw into logistics - literally - advances the Mission.

Patriots: This is what we do...

WRSA Comment Vivisection re: Huntsville Call Out

I have a comment below copied from Pete's shop regarding the Huntsville gig currently scheduled for July 29th.  I am pleased it was written by someone who chose to go Anonymous.  This vivisection is warranted because of the fundamental misrepresentations the author chose to take (or mistakenly took in good faith - not sure which) regarding the gig.

First, please read the comment: 

Anonymous | June 19, 2015 at 18:18 |

My opinion: If the bad PR of a hundred spectators in the courtroom who have each driven 300 miles gets the city to stop prosecuting, it’s constructive. If it doesn’t get the city to stop prosecuting, it’s not just a waste but actively destructive. It shows willingness to play on the Bad People’s field by their rules because they’re seen as “legitimate”. I have a similar opinion on the victim spending his time and money on fighting inside the Bad People’s court system.

Imagine if all the people willing to drive to attend would instead donate their gas money to tow his trailer to some new real estate lot outside of this jurisdiction. If the victim prefers to believe in the Bad People’s legitimacy over functionally resolving his problem, then he’s part of the larger problem and shouldn’t be assisted to continue to run towards the wrong goal.


Sentence 1 - The author either chose (in bad faith) to misrepresent the entire premise of going to Huntsville, or he simply did not comprehend the simple, written Mission parameters.

The purpose was never put forth as being to ...stop prosecuting... 

The Mission is to stand in court with an American who is facing Tyrants on the issue of Property Rights.  Therefore, the Mission was clearly defined and well-articulated as simply attending the hearing.

Sentence 2 - If it doesn’t get the city to stop prosecuting, it’s not just a waste but actively destructive. It shows willingness to play on the Bad People’s field by their rules because they’re seen as “legitimate”. 

We've already demonstrated that the Mission is NOT to stop prosecution on July 29th.  We are there to observe, support, report, and if needed, determine follow-on activities.  So the assertion by the author that a failure to stop the prosecution demonstrates a willingness to play on the field of the Bad People is wrong.  It is also wrong to claim Patriots would lose any legitimacy - because no legitimacy is tied to the prosecution.  The only way Patriots surrender ANY legitimacy is if we fail to attend.

Paragraph 2, Sentence 1Imagine if all the people willing to drive to attend would instead donate their gas money to tow his trailer to some new real estate lot outside of this jurisdiction. 

This is surrender, pure and simple.  If Truitt chooses this path, so be it.  It is his life, his fight.

But for a 'Patriot' in these times to suggest this as a recourse is frightening.  

I will not be part of such a course.

End vivisection.

Two suggestions have been floated regarding raising funds for this event.  The first was at WRSA - DTG suggested someone set-up a fundraiser for Truitt to cover legal fees.  I still think this is a good plan.  But, no one has done it.  Imagine that.  All Talk, No Walk sadly represents more than 99% of the Patriot Commentariat.

Second suggestion was from a III Patriot who suggested a fundraiser to help defray the costs of travel for III Patriots headed that way.  This, too is a great idea.  The revenue needed will be relatively small, to ensure Patriots can attend and not have to cover all expenses on their own.  If even a small percentage of III Patriots throw a few bucks into the hat, we can make this a relatively painless Call Out.  My thought is to pass the hat and then hand-out gas cards to Patriots who attend the hearing.  I'm open to suggestions - and either way, I'll get something set-up by Monday.

Observe, support, report.  That is the Mission.

Keep it simple.  Keep it attainable.  Lay the Ground so you win, regardless of the outcome.

We win by attending and accomplishing our Mission.

If the pols, bureaucrats and Judiciary back-off, we win.

If they murder us for standing in a courtroom - well, it sucks for us, but the Movement will then move.  That's a win.
Some people like to quote Sun Tzu.
Some of us live it.

Ignore those who insist on trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, like our Anonymous friend above.

Lay the Ground so you can't lose - that is how you win.

Friday, June 19, 2015

PatCon Registration & Training Opportunities from the best in the III

About 10 days remaining to register for the Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous - here.

Comms Workshop with Sparks31 in Riverton, WY July 18 - here.

MVT Training - here.

Remember - even Trainers recommend MVT for the best training - here.

Final Post Office Run of the Week - 4 Hours & Counting...


If you want III Calling Cards - here

The new III Rightful Liberty w/War Eagle patch/gear - here

IFF Patches - here

Spartan Tactical Caps w/Molon Labe tab - here

Stand and be counted, Patriots!

Global. Scrum.

Putin pointed out that there will be consequences, that Russia will have to resort to a response of the military kind and re-orientate our troops and missiles.

The Bear warns Sweden against joining NATO - here.

The Dragon setting .mil standards for all ships - here.

Nations around the world are prepping for war.  

Our own preps as well - but they prep against their own Citizens.  The American Elite believe they stand with the Elite on Team BearDragon.

Prepare as you think best...