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Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey Buttercup - Rub Some Dirt on it and Ruck On!

Alan Mullenax just after Pepper Spray Fire Drill in triple-digit heat - definitely not a buttercup!
You trained this weekend?  Did you train for realism?

Alan ran a live-fire drill with a crew this weekend in 100+ Florida heat.  

Pepper spray shot from 2-meters, aimed at the forehead.  (Just so you know - when it started getting tense at the White House during the Return to Sender event, LEO trotted out several guys kitted-up with pepper tanks nearly the size of SCUBA gear, which I am certain had one hell of a range and spray pattern.  They also had pepper-balls ready to bloop from pepper-ball bloopers)

I'm going to have to incorporate this into my Combatives program...

Here's Alan's report: 

Specifically, the course was 30-35 meters long. Three stationary shooting positions, the last being a parallel movement across the targets at about 5-7 meters. Three targets down range, standard B-26.

Shooter would load and make ready pistol. Upon command, pepper spray was shot from a distance of 2 meters with the shooters forehead as target. Shooter would then draw pistol and proceed to first position and engage each target with two rounds each, then to second and third in like manner finishing with a parallel movement across the targets at 5-7 meters.

Understand that heat index was in excess of 100 degrees for this drill. Sweat quickly caused pepper to moved down the face into the eyes and further. I was burning down to my navel after completion.

The object of the exercise was to learn to fight through despite great adversity. Also to understand the effects of pepper spray and that unless hit directly in the eyes, as much as 30 seconds are available to fight before incapacitation.

That and driving home the the concept of "toughen up buttercup", it ain't gonna be easy. ;-)

Just about everybody was blind by about the third position. A couple guys took the blast right in the eyes and were still able to negotiate at least part of the course.

Who the fuck does shit like this?

Americans, that's who.