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Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to deal with Loyalists: Articles for Retaliation

...the Articles for Retaliation made three explicit pledges: 

1. "For every good subject of this State residing in this State that shall become an Associator and shall be taken by any party or parties of the Refugees there shall be taken an equal number of the most disaffected and influential residing and having property in the County; and them confine in the Provost jail, and treat them with British rigor until the good subjects of this State shall be fully liberated." 

2. "For every house that shall be burned or destroyed there shall be made full retaliation upon or out of the property of the disaffected." 

3. "That for every article of property taken from any of the Associators, being good subjects, the value thereof shall be replaced out of the property of the disaffected." 

The Articles for Retaliation are printed in a number of antiquarian sources, the most accessible of which is Ellis, History of Monmouth County, 206.


The Constitution failed to work the first time around for the same reason it will fail this time - if we do not avoid the original mistake.

The original mistake: The Jeffersonian Republicans failed to take arms against the Hamiltonian/Marshall cabal, those who simply wanted to replace the King with their own version of the Throne.

This time: Loyalists may stand down and forever STFU, they may pack their bags and GTFO, or - fix bayonets, gentlemen.

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