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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Man takes video of LEO. LEO murders his dog. On video.

They are killing your kids, your grandparents, your dogs ,your husbands, your wives and  all in the name of obstruction.  Florida’s state statute 843.02 is the one that allows them to kill and imprison citizens in our state. By simply “opposing” an officer, you are guilty of a crime and may be bankrupted trying to defend yourself.  Again, ask yourself who was behind these statutes that have shredded the constitution and our freedom.

Please remember that these are supposed to be public servants.  I say its time to get rid of the tax payers burden these jack booted thugs have become.  We as Americans and a so called free people do not need or want them.  The cops have become the enemy of the people. They are the hand maidens of the politicians and the face of tyranny.