Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Friday, July 31, 2015


Boston Marathon
Since 1973 Mo's Morons have murdered at least 3,106 Americans on American soil. They have injured nearly 2,000 more. They are currently being brought into the country by the thousands and settled among our neighborhoods.

The latest attack was Chattanooga.  The murdered:

Sgt. Carson A. Holmquist
Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith
Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan
Lance Cpl. Squire K. Wells
Staff Sgt. David A. Wyatt

Islam is ONLY an existential threat to America, American citizens and American Liberty because of the American Traitors among us who empower their Evil.  Without American Traitors and the consent given to them by the silence of good men, no Muslim would be a threat to Americans on American soil.  Like every other cultural and societal attack upon traditional American values, it is American Traitors who are the true Enemies of Rightful Liberty.  We exist in a Polygonal Battlespace, and we must engage the Enemies of Liberty on every front.  

No more talk.  It isn't just about gays, or Muslims, or illegals, or Blacks - it is about Rightful Liberty and every bastard in this country who is demanding that you surrender on their terms!

Patriots, it is time to stand and be counted.  It is time to abandon tolerance where none is offered to you.  When pushed, push back - harder.  They started this war.  They are demanding this war. Fugg'em all.  Defend yourselves - enthusiastically.

They have brought this upon themselves.  You can be legitimately, righteously angry with every enemy on every front of the Polygonal Battlespace - but never forget it is the Reds behind the curtain.

It is time to be an American.  We do NOT live on our knees and beg for permission to exercise our Natural Rights!


Because Fuck THEM, That's Why!

We have been too tolerant for too long.  We have no obligation to die upon the altar of political correctness.  I'm done being tolerant of people who mean to be my Masters.  And I am DONE with EVERY 'American' who is too afraid to be free and at Liberty, who dare call us 'extremists' for seeking our Natural Rights.  I will stand alone if I must.  I will die alone if I must.  But I will not die a slave.  I will not die afraid of the opinions of cowards who refuse to stand.  All men die.  How we die, matters.

**A note to every Muslim who will read this and be offended: Stop your fellow Muslims from attacking and killing Americans on our soil.  Do the right thing.  Prove that we are wrong and that yours is truly a Religion of Peace.  When I see that happen, the item below will be delivered to any Mosque you designate so you can dispose of it with respect.**   

PatCon: AAR II

Genetic American garbage
walking on our flag

**NOTE**  There will be another PatCon AAR tonight (Pacific Time) that I hope will lead you deeply into your heart and intellect over the weekend.  This AAR (below) is just the beginning...  We moved the ball forward during this PatCon.  Some we will share publicly.  The time for tolerance has reached an end.)

I think we all remember the genetic waste pictured at right walking on the American flag while wearing his Che t-shirt. This was on or about July 4th, this year.

Golitsyn was correct.  Angleton was correct.  The Red Menace and Scares were real.

Nearly every single societal and cultural problem challenging the ideals of Rightful Liberty and Natural Law in America can be easily identified and traced back to Communism.  The Human garbage proliferating these injustices to Liberty are easy to IFF...

The short list includes the corruption of our children in public schools.

This is the bible for those Red bastards.
The eradication of private property in America - including the right to your own body and what you may or may not do with it.

The homosexual agenda that is being imposed by force of law.

The cultural genocide currently most visible against all-things Southron and Confederate - and History tells us what the follow-on action is - always - once cultural genocide has been accepted by a populace.

The attacks against religious Freedom - just look at Sweet Cakes by Melissa.  Where in our country has any Muslim been taken to task by our media, our bureaucrats, elected officials or even the overwhelming majority of our neighbors for drowning people in cages, sawing heads off Christians, mutilating and raping their girls, stoning their women, and their other atrocities?  I have not yet seen a Muslim-owned bakery fined for refusing to bake a cake for two homosexual men.

This is what Patriots at PatCon think of the Communist bible:

Note the entry and exit points of the rattlesnake's rattle...
The stores that sell Che and ban the Battle Flag.  The Useful Idiots who support such businesses and actions.  The foul bi-peds who took shovels to begin desecrating the burial place of Bedford Forrest and his wife. 

These are our problems with which to deal - yours and mine.  

You and I know what is happening.

You and I know there is going to be a fight.

You and I know that fight is already underway - and all fire is incoming.

You and I will stand, or bend knee.

The problem is not Islam, or gays, or religion, or our history of racial slavery, or any of the other significant Sparklies being thrust into our faces and down our throats every single day we live in America.  These cultural issues are merely tools being used by Team Red.

The problem, my fellow Patriots, is Red.  It is the ideology of tyranny, power, personal gain, all flying under the Red flag by people following the Communist Manifesto.

These people will never stop.  They will never voluntarily decide to respect your Constitutional Rights, your Rights under Natural Law, or your birthright to Rightful Liberty. They will continue to come at us from every angle - from gay rights and marriage, to religion, to racism, to cultural cleansing - until they finally muster the nerve to come at us hard with bayonets fixed.  It is not only our politicians and their army of bureaucrats.  It is not only their Praetorian LEO who demonstrate daily they will enforce the diktats of their paymasters.  It is also every single low-information, should-be-forbidden-to-breed idiot who votes for and works to achieve the goals of tyranny.  Voting to eviscerate 2A 'For the Children' does not make the 2A ban moral or any less Evil.  We must fight the Evil - even when the Evil is merely a byproduct of The Stupid.

Some of us mean it when we say 'Enough'.  Some of us are truly done backing-up.  Some of us are no longer willing to merely stand aside and shake our heads in disgust.  Some of us decided to publicly follow Mother Nature's example - the rattlesnake always warns before it strikes. And when it strikes, it means to end the threat.  Mother Nature gave the snake the means to warn you, and the means to kill you.

All the cutesy little catch-phrases we hear across the Liberty Movement are great sound-bites - and as we have seen, toothless.  

Here's my recommendation.  'No.'

No is the most powerful word in our language.  Every 2-year-old child knows that single word can spin a parent to the edges of sanity.  It need not be snarled.  It need not be delivered with spittle-flecked disgust. It doesn't need an exclamation point. It can be spoken softly, even whispered.  'No.'  It can be done so politely.  'No, sir.'  After all, if you must kill a man, it costs you nothing to be polite.  But it only works if you mean it...

From PatCon:

The flags you see being shown the respect they deserve by our Patriots were then taken to the shooting range, where they met multiple calibers of 'F*ck You'.  

What is the point of walking on the Red & Che flags, and aerating copies of their most precious book?

The III Percent is going to package these items along with an 'Official Enemy of Liberty' certificate (Suitable for framing by the bastards), and deliver the packages to deserving Red bastards across our country. Let's call it a modified 'Deliver the Pizza' Operation.

I expect you Patriots to help us decide who deserves these deliveries.

It is time to stand up.  We have been tolerant.  We have been too tolerant.  It is time for the rattlesnakes among us to issue Fair Warning.  

It is time to whisper to those who would be our Masters: No.

And Patriots, I say this with all the kindness in my Soul: If you are not up to going Hard with me, please recuse yourself from this site and my future activities.

I aim to misbehave.  I aim to help you train and prep.

I aim to offend the Enemies of Liberty and their Useful Idiots.

I aim to stand at your shoulder when you say 'No.'

More tonight.  

Tonight we go harder.

Do a gut check, Patriots.

That is all.

**A good primer - here**

Thursday, July 30, 2015

PatCon: AAR I

Those of you who attended are now familiar with
my 1938 Royal Aristocrat - for those of you who took the 

time to build OTPs to share with me for later use - BRAVO!
PatCon Attendees: Please drop by the PatCon site and leave a brief AAR for Holly - here.

I know everyone is waiting for PatCon updates.  They are coming.  In all honesty it has taken me a bit to decompress, and to process everything that transpired.  The event was an unqualified success based on every metric I can apply.  Great people, great conversations, Miss Violet made sure we all had great food.  Fuzzy, Casey, VJ & Lineman made sure we had solid infrastructure.  We had an outstanding series of speakers, workshops and classes - I'll thank everyone personally later.

We expanded our Tribe.  We have people who are buying homes in the county as a result of our event.  On every level we ('we' as a Tribe and extended network of Patriots and Preppers) made tangible, quantifiable forward progress in our efforts to restore and defend Liberty.  Our Auxiliary has grown.  Our pool of skills and allies has grown.

I am going to begin my series of AARs with the most serious topics first.

Hard Things.

Be ready for Hard discussions related to Hard Things.

There was a lot of introspection over one topic in particular.  There was a lot of emotion. Most importantly, we managed to pass-through the standard PC talking points and people were forced deep into their intellect and emotions.  It was fascinating.

We will discuss this this evening and tomorrow - and you can reflect over the weekend.

One point, Patriots: I have a place for any and every serious Patriot, regardless of your skills, age, physical condition.  If you have the desire, I can find a place where you can make a difference for Liberty.  For every tactical Patriot suitable for going out on patrol, we need 10 or more in the Auxiliary and another special few in Strategic Services.

What I have ZERO room or patience for is the Hobbyist Patriot.  You know who you are - and so do we.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Send a report to my fishing boat, please.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Killing Tool **UPDATE**

Embiggen for detail

**SOLD OUT - thank you, folks.  Good hunting!**

I'm still fishing.  Don't know when I'll be back.  We have a few Hard Things to discuss when I choose to return.

Until then - we have a very few Fairbairn-Sykes blades available for serious Patriots who anticipate the serious potential for serious work in the future.  These are genuine MOD (Ministry of Defense) blades that we have had imported from the manufacturer in Sheffield, England, as issued to their serious fighters.  (Have you picked-up on the 'serious' meme?)  

The F-S is a utilitarian blade specifically designed and well-designed to kill the enemy.  I have no time, patience or use for the Hobbyist Patriots out there, and if playing Patriot is merely a game for you between episodes of your favorite sitcom or between NASCAR 
races, do not buy serious tools - at least not from me.

We've had this batch engraved with our III *and* our III Society logos.  There are currently 6 in the world - and three are already in the hands of serious III Patriots.  If there is sufficient interest,  we will order more.

These are only available to III Society members in good standing.  So, if you want one and are not yet a III Society member - sign up here first.

Price: $165 + S&H

That is all.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm laughing - but it ain't humor...

Putin Orders Formation Of New Military Reserve Force & Chinese Tanks, Guns Deployed Across Russia, 166 Train Cars Used

Brock has it, here.


Monday, July 20, 2015


Is the following statement consistent with your understanding of Rightful Liberty and 2A?

The second amendment isn’t specific about who can carry, and it’s up to society to restrict someone if they’re a nut, or not of socially redeeming, morally grounded character.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Huntsville Alabama: July 29

LT is administering a travel fund for III Patriots headed to Huntsville on July 29 to stand with Tyler Truitt at his hearing.

That travel fund could use a bit more help, folks.  

Huntsville AO Patriots: If you are attending, touch base with LT or me.

Here's the link.

If we can't help local/regional Patriots cover some travel expenses, we are in rough shape, folks.

My Personal PatCon Talking Points

Among other things, I will address:

Mo's Morons: We will specifically discuss Chattanooga, and Mo's Fucktards in general.  I have an Action Plan

The Rainbow Rambo's: I do not give a whit what consenting adults do together.  I give a MAJOR f'ng whit about them imposing their choices on people who don't want to be bothered - especially by force of law.  I have an Action Plan.

The Red Menace: Fugg'em.  They are a problem.  I have an Action Plan.

Enemies of Liberty and Useful Idiots: If the III are everywhere, those bastards are EVERYWHERE.  I have an Action Plan.

How do we achieve Rightful Liberty with our minority status, in a week?  I have an Action Plan.

Hearts & Minds of the 30% we need to support us, the 30% we need to remain neutral, and the 30% that will work against us: I have an Action Plan.

Money and Resources needed to execute our work for Rightful Liberty: The Koch's are not going to write us fat checks.  We don't have a single John Hancock.  I have an Action Plan.

The Rs & Ds are all Enemies of Liberty: I have an Action Plan.

Immigration: I have an Action Plan.

Building Battle Buddy Teams, units and larger units: I have an Action Plan.

We have serious impediments to shoot, move & communicate, Resist and Auxiliary development: I have an Action Plan.

There will be more.

See you at PatCon.


Leadership is taking point - being the first into the breech.

Leadership is protecting your allies, no matter the cost.

There are details and nuances, of course.  But in a nutshell, apply the above two points and you'll be square.


Signed up for your IIIPercent.com email yet?



Patriots begin arriving this week for our Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous!

The classes, workshops and speakers will be outstanding.

Our daily discussions and networking will be critical and rewarding.

Our scenery is remarkable.

Weather - bright sun, warm days and cool nights.  (Current forecast is for mid-80's through the week, with 50's at night.  You can expect mid/upper-40's a few nights up on the mountain.)

It is all about the people.  It is about what we will decide to do in the coming weeks and months together as a team.  It is about the statement we are making regarding our Liberty.

See you there!

PatCon site is here.

**Be sure to bring ammo if you plan to shoot!

**Be sure to pack sunscreen - it will be sunny and breezy, even if it doesn't feel hot.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

This should be seen as a clue...



The racists amongst us are Grade A Fucktards.

That's the White ones, the Brown ones, the Black ones...

Morale Operations Tools

The first round of Operation Ghost Echo stickers are shipping now. 

Stickers 2 & 3 will arrive this week, and ship same day. 

We have added a package (as requested) combining all 3 designs.  See below. 

Couple these with our 'Calling Cards' listed here.

Old-school Morale Operations - they work, folks.  

See you at PatCon!  

III Stickers

Operation Ghost Echo #2

Operation DZ Stickers

Special Package: 100 of EACH sticker

Morale Operations Sticker Package

Massive Gun Grab That Will Affect 4.2 Million SSA Recipients


Follow-on from TL


Friday, July 17, 2015

You are watching the event horizon for clues, yes?

Copper is at ugly lows.

Yet - silver has dropped to 5-year lows at under $15/ounce and gold is down to $1133.

Anyone who even peripherally watches the markets understands this is fa'cocked.

Smart money runs to bullion when the market is in trouble.

Anything less than $3 on copper is a trusted metric that the market is in trouble.

We all know about China, Greece and our own debt (unchanged for how many weeks now?)

Yet gold and silver are dropping fast.

Yes, you and I understand the manipulations that are in effect.  Yet this amount of manipulation is even more pronounced than usual.  It speaks of a quickening.

Buy gold and silver if you are able.

No matter what - buy lead.  It is the new gold.

Morale Operation: Death Zone

Operation Death Zone

In your community there exist many 'Gun Free' zones - and all of them are death traps.




And even .Mil locations.

Find them.  Sticker them.  Warn the public!

Stickers are vinyl 3x4 (suitable for outdoor use)

Operation DZ Stickers


The story in a nutshell: Guy in Rocky Mount NC (whence my paternal lineage hails) hoisted many Battle Flags in the wake of Columbia.

Now he is behind bars, on some sort of probation violation.

2 Points: 

1) Do not make it easy for them to justify their actions.  If you are on paper, and you act out, do not give them an 'easy' violation for which they can tag you.

2) Whether or not this guy actually 'gave them an easy violation' is far from certain.

My personal 2 cents: If it were possible to know every conversation surrounding this issue, I'd bet my balls that someone, somewhere, said something to the effect "He's a rabblerouser - find a reason to lock him up."

I can't prove it.  But I'd bet.

So if you are going to rabblerouse in this iteration of America - be ready to defend yourself from political incarceration.  I learned this the hard way.  Don't make the same mistake.

I won't make it twice...


The MVT Versa Chest Rig is now available!

Here's the link.

Designed by serious Professionals for serious work.

It carries the Max Velocity name for a reason.

Until their eyes begin getting swelled shut...

...or they are evicted from CONUS...

...or they begin the journey to their Maker...

...the Enemies of Liberty will never stop.

Accept that fact.

Now decide your place in our country.

Are you going to remain a spectator, or are you going to exercise good citizenship and help make this place inhabitable by good people once again?

The choice is yours.

Link.  Thanks, Alan.

Thursday, July 16, 2015



Many of our emails being sent to people who have Hushmail accounts are bouncing back.

MVT Versa Chest Rig - On Sale THIS Weekend!

The Max Velocity Tactical Chest Rig will go on sale this weekend!

I am fortunate to be in possession of Max's personal rig demonstrated on his site.  Next week several serious III Patriots will be able to field-test the rig, and everyone at PatCon will put their hands on it and examine the quality and design.

I can already attest to both design and construction - it is a solid rig.

Here are the full details from Max's place.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

TL Davis


It's a good question.

PatCon: 6 Days...

Who needs direct repression...

“Who needs direct repression when one can convince the chicken to walk freely into the slaughterhouse?”Slavoj Žižek

Huntsville is July 29.  Email me if you are planning to attend, please.  CA has the latest update from Tyler - here.

I have chatted with Tyler in email.  This is a worthy gig for III Patriots.  No firepower needed, just a showing of support.  We can do that, yes?

Remember, LT is collecting donations to help defray travel costs for Patriots in the region who are headed to the hearing - you can drop a $20 or so into the pot - here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stone Mountain: How to Fight

NAACP wants the monument of Davis, Lee & Jackson sand-blasted from the Earth. Remember the Buddha I posted the other day?  Buddha was whacked by Mo's Morons. Now BO's Morons want to use the same tactics here.

OK - before The Stupid (TM) takes control of this on the Liberty side, let me tell you how you fight and defend Stone Mountain and win.  Winning is the important part.

You do NOT send armed Patriots into the park to stand guard en masse.  A small contingent of serious Patriots in full kit can handle it.

Remaining Patriots in the AO ensure that everyone who would enforce such an action (destroying the monument) is far too busy to execute those orders.  Do NOT invest yourselves into a fixed position and play a static defense.  Do NOT permit the Enemies of Liberty to concentrate forces, to cut-off supplies, to train all their big guns on a single spot.

Hunt.  Harry.  Harass.  

Countervalue, NOT Counterforce. Refresher here.

Unless you want to lose.  If you lose, when they Waco the site with bulldozers, they'll simply bury you in the rubble of the monument.  And that, friends, will be the end of RevWarIII.

The Enemies of Liberty have decided, I believe, that they are ready for a fight.  

They are baiting those whom they abhor.

I'm not saying you shouldn't rise to the bait - I'm saying, sink their fucking boat and drown every last one of the bastards.

Greece is the new California

In my lifetime most cultural corruption in America was tested, refined, then exported from California.

When considering the coming economic corruptions that will befall America, look to Greece for how it will be implemented.

If you do not have possession of an item and the means to defend it - you do not own it.


PatCon: Archery?

Anyone bringing archery gear to PatCon?

Monday, July 13, 2015


Can you feed your Team/Tribe if you have to fall back to a safe spot?

Can you move your entire kitchen if you are forced to bug out?

In the event of an emergency in your AO, are you able to show up with a kitchen and feed people?  

A couple of serious III Patriots are showing the way with multiple projects.

Link One.

Link Two.

Most importantly: When you see Patriots taking point, help them by making sure they have the resources to succeed in the project.  Here's that link.  Click it.  Help them - because they are helping you.

Watch.  Learn.  Emulate.

Boston is lost to us...


Weep later.

Right now it is the duty of every American Patriot to prepare to defend Liberty from Tyrants.

Any Boston Patriots?  Any Patriots headed to Boston?  

Operation Ghost Echo:

III Stickers

...but I understand...

I'm not saying the wholesale killing of one's enemies is necessarily appropriate...

I'm not saying wiping out Bad People, en masse, before they annihilate you is nice...

I'm not saying Patton was right when he counseled that America should march to Moscow...

I'm not saying the Reign of Terror is a high watermark of Human discourse...

I'm not saying Robespierre was entirely correct...

...but I understand.

New Game: Snatch the Battle Flag

...and more.

Another solid piece by Will Grigg


Regarding Michigan...

Brock's link, here.

The perspective of another, here.


There is a considerable body of Liberty Forces who take the position of the author here.

I hold a different position.

The fact that he and I disagree as to what constitutes 'justifiable self-defense' is a fair disagreement.

What truly frightens me is the very, very large percentage of Liberty advocates who hue and cry about topics such as the Battle flag, green tips, gay marriage, yet are absent at scrimmages.  'Not one more inch' and 'No more free Wacos' and 'Will not comply' and 'Not on my watch' and 'That's an Oath I will not break', on, and on, and on... while the Enemies of Liberty march onward without impediment.

**Note** I use 'Hue & Cry' in the traditional, Common Law sense.  Look at how many people claim to see a crime against Liberty, call for something to be done, then - nothing...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Operation Ghost Echo: Do you have a Library in your town?

3" x 4" Vinyl stickers
Does that Library have Red books in it?

III Stickers