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Monday, July 6, 2015

30 divided by ? = Liberty...

Let's do a little 3rd Grade arithmetic.

Little Johnny is on a train traveling at warp speed toward a big f'n crater and he wants to stop the train, yet there are just about one million people on the train wearing bling and carrying firearms on behalf of the 'Let's run this mutha off the rails' Train Company who insist little Johnny may not stop the train.  They are supported by another million very mouthy idiots who encourage guards to stop Johnny, because they like the course and speed of the train.

Little Johnny has about 50,000 friends with him who think the train should stop - right f'n now.

Johnny & Company like the AR with 30-round mags.

How many mags will each of Johnny's friends need to use to re-take the train and to be rid of the mouthy idiots?


There are about 1 million people in America with badges, guns and powers of arrest.  There is a small minority of True Believers and Useful Idiots or roughly equal numbers supporting them - politicians, banksters, Marxist ideologues, et cetera.  The vast majority of fat, lazy Americans who vote R or D will never do more than run their mouths - thus are not a factor for little Johnny and his CUTT.

Why does little Johnny have such a small CUTT when 3% of the population would equal about nine million Threepers?

Because there is not one shred of evidence that 3% of Americans have any interest in true Liberty.  He'll be lucky to muster an average of 1,000 skull-crackers per state.