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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Face the Ugly Reality: Bernie Sanders

Say what you will about Obama, Hillary and all the others (Ds and Rs) who want the White House - all of them are Reds, though none have the balls to admit it openly.

Bernie Sanders embraces his Socialist label - and he is drawing huge crowds.

Consider that, please.  More than 10,000 people showed up in Iowa to support him and support his message.

However you choose to interpret the support for an open Socialist, one truth remains - Reality will not give a whit for your interpretation.

There are more of Them than of Us.

We do not have 3 percent.

We do not have money, media, or control of any levers of society.  

They have more guns and butter.  They have more snitches.

All we've got is a tiny core of Liberty advocates who are armed.

We have not yet truly demonstrated our mettle.  That remains an open question...

If Independence Day III is to come, let's face it with acceptance of the harsh reality.

At the moment, we are fook'd.

...at the moment...