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Monday, August 31, 2015

III Society Elections Announcements


The Society is up and running, and strong.  My task is done.  I will hand it off to another leadership team to continue the progress.

Since no member of the current Board or Administrative Team earns a salary, it will be up to the new team to amend the bylaws for a salary, if you so desire.

Financials: HK meets with the auditing accountant this week.  She'll publish the audit once he's done, as promised.

Acta non Verba: III Comms

In many ways old-school tech and tradecraft will prove to be the best course of action for Liberty Forces.  A whisper in an ear can't be Googled and NSA's and Fusion Centered resulting in a SWAT'ing.  There are times and methods where electronic Comms will be acceptable risks.  There will be many more times when your HAM is the preferred Comms vehicle.

You Comms guys know far more than do I regarding the advantages and vulnerabilities of radio when it comes to tactical and strategic Comms.  I know enough that I found an expert within the III (He was at PatCon) to help us build a modern equivalent of an old-school 'Black Box' that will help reduce the vulnerability of your people who must use radio from time to time - whether gunnin' & runnin' or Strategic Services Ops from your asset in City Hall who needs to send up an emergency balloon about a warrant she just saw pass across her desk about your local CUTT.

This Comms widget has already been financed, is well into the R&D and build/test phase, and is on a timeline that tentatively has first units in the hands of end-user Patriots by November 1.  Retail price-point will be under $400/unit, with further discounts for Teams.

This unit will interface with your existing HAM system.  It will provide you the ability to encrypt and burst your messages.  That means you are able to crack the mic for mere seconds, then get off the X. It has a built-in Morse translator (and teaching function).  It has the ability to tie into a small LCD screen for the field (and field agent), and even a keyboard for data entry.  It has a small footprint.  It is to be seriously ruggedized.  Add OTP, brevity codes and other tradecraft, and you have serious Comms capabilities.

As with all III projects with which I am affiliated, a new firm has been established (III Comms, LLC), III Experts assembled, and other III Experts will T&E the system.

The first unit is as described above.  The second unit will include a radio in the same system.

Shoot, Move & Communicate.


Strategic Services.

Training on the unit will be simple-enough to handle within your Team - or you can get instruction through Jedburgh Academy.

Acta non verba.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

III National Tour & III Prepper

A large number of us have been working out the best places/shows to set up a III booth at gun/prepper shows across the country beginning this fall.  We've got many volunteers who are willing to host in their respective AOs.  These events will also serve as meet & greet networking opportunities for III Patriots.

How it is shaping up: We'll ship 2-3 foot locker sized boxes to the host in city X prior to the show.  He/she will take point and host the booth, handing out III promotional material, setting up our national sponsors gear on the table, et cetera.  Patriots in the AO and region are encouraged to drop by the show, then hook-up for dinner afterward.

Once the show is over, the host will pack-up the gear and ship it to the next show host in city Y.  

H and I won't be able to be present at every show - but there are some AOs I am really looking forward to visiting...

If you can volunteer as a host, or if there is a very good gun/prepper show in your AO, either post here or send me details and we'll make sure to work it into the calendar.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Guest Post by JB

JB posted this response on KD (KnuckleDraggin'/Wirecutter/Kenny). It is being reposted here at his request in case you do not go to KD or KD does not post.

Response to “A Kerodin must read”

Wirecutter/ George said: “The III community has been stunned the past few weeks with complaints of mistakes made on the part of Sam and Holly Kerodin.”

Really, this is how it all went down? It seems to me that there was an all-out attack by KD and its readers, many of whom have no idea what has transpired to this point in time, even you Kenny. You all simply took the words of a few less-than-truthful folks that have had interactions with the Kerodins and jumped on the band wagon without hearing the other side – a clear demonstration of hive mentality that I would expect from our liberal/ socialist “friends”, not patriots. But I guess even patriotism and Rightful Liberty has its politics and haters too. It has it’s elites as well - people that think, because of their background or training, they are superior to everyone else.

The so called “complaints” as you call them were more than complaints - they were serious charges levied in an inappropriate forum. And simply because the charges were made, even though some “… may not have legitimate grievances”, he owes you a response? Ha! Sounds like something a tyrant would do – levy the charge and you are guilty until you can prove otherwise. Sounds like a tactic right out of the Democratic Party Playbook! Let’s fling it and see if it sticks! Anyone with grievances against the Kerodins should have taken them to the Kerodins, not this website. How many of you with complaints did that in earnest? If you did, go ahead and post that complaint – I am sure it would make for interesting reading. I know of one of the “complaints” that was a flat-out lie. Then the rest of you that have no clue jumped on the band wagon like the lemmings you are. See Kenny, even you are Jim Jones to some!

Wirecutter/ George said: “Those complaining may or may not have legitimate grievances, but the situation has been compounded by the responses of Sam and his supporters”.

There is nothing Sam can say to change your minds – you all have joined the Jim Jones Kool-Aid Club as you have charged those of us that support the Kerodins. The situation wasn’t compounded by the responses of Sam and his “supporters”, it was compounded by the full-court press of a childish diatribe spewed by almost every one that commented on this site, most that know nothing!

Then you try to make it sound like an L.L.C. is a bad thing which shows your ignorance when it comes to running a business. Either you don’t have a clue about the differences between the types of business formats or you are intentionally trying to make people believe that Kerodins are shady because they chose one of the most common business types for small business owners – which is it? Here is a short description of the four basic for-profit business formats: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/four-common-types-business-formats-21109.html . Perhaps you should know before you speak. I am sure that if there are any of you out there with a fair mind, you will see that there is nothing wrong with conducting business as an L.L.C. – it is generally preferred over Partnerships.

It is true that L.L.C.’s do not pay taxes but it still files taxes. The income that is paid out to the members is taxed thru the members personal income taxes as are Sub-S Corporations, Sole Proprietorships, and Partnerships. So you see, the only business format that is not taxed on the members personal income alone, is the Corporation – which if you read the description from the above link is not necessarily the best business format for most small business. A Corporation does pay taxes and so do the shareholders that receive profits – a double tax! Let me know if you need me to further explain this concept.

As far as all of the different L.L.C.’s, this is because each has a different goal and interest and it’s best to keep the accounting separate so as to not co-mingle funds which complicates things.

Wirecutter/ George said: “Who funds what and where does the money go? Are donations and funding to one cause diverted to support another cause? In the interests of transparency, the Kerodins owe it to their supporters to open up and explain where the interests of these various businesses cross and where is the money shared.  If it says III on it or is related to III ventures, we deserve transparency.”

If you buy something from Kerodin, what you deserve to know stops there. The transaction is for the product being sold, not for you to know what happens to the money afterwards. If you donate money to the Kerodins, then did you donate it with stipulations? If so, what do you think you are owed? Did you invest in one of the companies? Are you listed as a member? If so, you certainly are entitled to an accounting of the company and profits and I am sure the Kerodins would be happy to oblige. Sam has vowed to publish the financials of III PS but of course that won’t matter to most of you anyway, even if every penny is accounted for – your mind is made up.

Even in the interest of transparency, the Kerodins owe you or your readers nothing, especially those that have contributed nothing.This is not a public venture. They must be careful about the information they divulge as there are enemies among us, including the patriot community as demonstrated by this [KD] website. The folks that are trusted do or will know – you are not among them.  But I assure you that cooking the books would be foolish and I am pretty sure the Feds would be all over the Kerodins at the 1st sign of inappropriate accounting, especially if it involves a person belonging to a group of people they are currently classifying as “domestic terrorists.” Wise up!

I do not have all of the history behind III Arms but there is a side of the story not being told – as usual. However, III Arms is starting back up and more information will be passed on to trusted people when the time is right.
Some of us are making tangible things happen, including the Kerodins, but there will be many road blocks, especially economic ones, and adversaries trying to slow us down or stop us all together. Some of our efforts may fail but we are determined. One thing we are not is keyboard warriors!

Tempus Omnia Revelat


Opera non verba: Continued...

Some III Patriots stay on the grind within the polygonal battlespace.

Rightful Liberty, or Death...

Keep these coming, Patriots.

Acta non verba

Morale Operation Ghost Echo continues.

To my allies - thank you for the support.  I haven't bothered reading anything coming from the III FSA and Loser's Corner.  No need to weigh-in on my behalf - these people can't stop the work we are doing - it is beyond their comprehension.  No need to send me any updates - unless you see something that crosses the line into libel - such as accusing me of a crime.  Until then, just let them pull their puds.

Keep sending the Ghost Echo pics!

Deeds, not words.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Jedburgh Academy - Idaho Facility

We are leaning toward the above design for the Jedburgh Academy primary building here in Idaho.

The design is called a 'Monitor'.  We'll use a local contractor and pole barn construction, which is relatively inexpensive and well-suited to our location and intended use.  We intend to have the building completed next summer.  Of course the facility is already evolving - our square range will be finalized this season.  Our Comms tower is in the design phase, and we hope to have it in place before winter sets in.  Our Phase I seed vaults should be completed before the first snow hits!

The Monitor design lends itself  wonderfully toward a training facility.  The main (center) portion of the building can be quite tall, allowing either a loft, or open space, or a complete second-level that could house an apartment and/or offices.  The ground level would serve well as a large teaching area, both for book work and working with gear in a classroom environment before heading out to our expansive acreage for field training.

The 'wings' on either side can be divided nicely into comfortable bunkrooms for visiting students.

This is for our primary site here in Idaho, where we have several building site possibilities, as well as extensive acreage (and great terrain) for every aspect of the Jedburgh curriculum.  We expect students will rotate in for weekend classes, perhaps to stays as long as several weeks for those folks who choose to follow a more 'intensive' pace.  

Remember, Jedburgh Academy is only one facility and school within the national network.  

Every affiliated professional Trainer has his own school and facility - and we are proud to have affiliated Trainers now from coast to coast and border to border.  This will allow our students to receive training near home, and allow our Trainers to travel to affiliated schools when appropriate.  Here at the Jedburgh Academy we'll have the best Comms, Tactical, Medical, et cetera available - or you can get the same high quality training (and in many cases Trainers) in the Carolinas, elsewhere in the Redoubt, or the Appalachian Redoubt, Florida, Texas - wherever we can make it happen.

The goal is to put the best Trainers together with serious III Patriots to build an efficient, proficient and capable 'Officer Corps' for our Liberty Forces.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Opera non Verba

Equip yourself and your Team with the best gear, and standardize as much as is practical.

Link here.

cui bono?

If any III Project fails, cui bono?

If there is dissension, cui bono?

If the III is seen to be filled with anti-Semites, racists, Statists-in-disguise, hollow heroes who will not defend their own lines in the sand - cui bono?

cui bono? is Latin and translates to 'Who benefits?'

I am going to continue to do what I do.  I am on my chosen path.  Real Patriots seeking Rightful Liberty for themselves and their posterity are welcome to walk this path with me.

My allies and I are only going to continue to build the III, and the noise level is only going to increase as we add more successes to the pile.  The attacks will continue and they will grow more intense.  I'll stay on-point - I'm built for it.  I'll take the incoming fire.  If you don't have the stomach for the fight, let us part ways now.

This fight for Rightful Liberty is only going to get rougher.  Sunshine Patriots who can't live up to their rhetoric will continue to attack in the face of their own failures.

I have been part of several national-scale III Projects - most are still on the grind.

I am a part of several more national-scale III Projects that have been teased, announced, and will be announced over the next 90 days or so.

See who attacks.  Then ask yourself cui bono?

Think, folks.  This ain't no f'n game.

cui bono?

MVT: ITAR & Doing it the right way...


Live Hard.  Die Free.



Thanks Matt - for everything.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

John has a long mustache 87431

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III Society Financials

Link is here.

It won't make any difference to my enemies.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jedburgh Academy - Grandma Approved

Acta non verba


It takes more than typing on a keyboard...

Jedburgh Academy

Isn't it fascinating how much energetic and vitriolic opposition to the concept of a training network for III Patriots has generated?  Training and prepping, and building skills for the full spectrum requirements of a SHTF and post-SHTF environment have been a cornerstone of agreement in this community.  

And when I announce such a network - well, we all see what is happening.

I must conclude that since there has been nearly universal agreement that such a training network would be a good thing, the recent opposition to a network of trainers offering skills such as shooting, moving, communicating, building auxiliary and strategic skills must be because of 'who' announced the Jedburgh Academy.

I could see the push back as being reasonable if I announced I was going to teach Comms, or CUTT skills, or even medical.  We have Professional Trainers to teach - and they have their own professional training schools.  As with most III Projects, I'm merely the guy who helped pull 'the talent' and resources together.  I'm just the guy willing to take point and try to get the right people in the right places to work together toward an obviously needed end state.

The ridicule and mockery of the Academy, especially when reduced to the name chosen, makes me grin.  Not one person has put forth a rational, logical argument against why such a network should not exist.  And since not one other person has created such a network - I did, with some outstanding help and counsel from people who shall remain nameless, given how the haters in the community operate.  

Now, it exists.  The Jedburgh Academy.  

Haters gonna hate - that's good for IFF.

But the reality already exists.  The Academy already exists, with participating Professional Trainers and facilities located across the country.  The names may change - some trainers will come and some will go.  The curriculum will evolve.  Schedules will evolve.  We have solid Militia and civilians across the country who want and need training from professionals.  
Now we have a vehicle that will help connect those people more efficiently.

The Jedburgh Academy - where Patriots get the job done.

Comms: Sept 5-6 in Alabama is a GO!

Sparks31 has given the Green Light to Alabama Sept 5-6.

Details here.

Monday, August 24, 2015

III Arms

The design of the III slide serrations above
will be different for all new 1911s & ARs sold by III Arms.
The new III Arms 1911 is coming in OD, with black controls and low-profile fixed sights.

It is a combat pistol, and a showpiece for the new Jedburgh Academy.

A local member of our inner-core Tribe will T&E the pistol, and we'll present a full review.

There are many more announcements coming soon regarding III Arms - including AR15s, & AR10s - and something even cooler than all of that...

Holly will inform the Founders when the time is right.

My job as III Arms cheerleader is back, and I have confidence in the new Team, QC, and new business model.


I have found it is impossible to work up any passion for this post.  I've been here so many times with so many of Life's Losers, it just doesn't phase me any longer.  You'll notice I am still here, the projects many of us have begun together are still here and moving forward - and the losers still whine about those successes.

About 18 months ago I decided to stop defending myself in public against the gratuitous assertions and bald lies being floated against me - for the good of the community.  This was a mistake, because it has emboldened a few of those people to mistake my silence for weakness.  Some of those people have worked behind the scenes for more than a year trying to undermine my efforts.  Now several of them seem to have rallied, making more accusations. You'll notice the lack of facts/proof behind them all - but this is the internet, so facts won't matter, especially to anyone who has already decided that K is a bad guy.

So, I have decided to simply lay out a few facts, and then let the complainers continue their echo chamber.  They are all destined to die alone and unloved, so what the F do I care?

Before I start I have one mea culpa - and I simply can't apologize enough to those of you who have trusted me: Never enlist a .Gov employee to do the work of a Patriot.  In my experience - in every experience to date - from III Arms to the III Society, the introduction of .Gov employees brings a mentality into the project that is simply not conducive to accomplishing anything beneficial for Liberty.  Sorry if I hurt anyone's feel-bads - but working for .Gov, in most capacities, is automatic inclusion in the Free Shit Army.

I thought Jim Miller was a solid Patriot, who just happened to work for the VA.  I was wrong. It has taken Holly a full year to unwind that clusterfuck and get wind back into the III Arms sails - but she has kept her word and the new FFL for III Arms will be delivering the first new 1911 in about 7 weeks.  More FFLs will be coming online.  Jim Miller has a LOT for which to answer regarding his involvement in III Arms, but not to me, and not on a blog.  In case anyone forgets, when you bought a III Arms firearm, you sent your money to Jim Miller as Millerized, LLC, dba III Arms.  That is all I have to say on that matter until I am under oath. So, that's one of the reasons Jim Miller is now behaving as you see him on the blogs. He's waiting for that inevitable knock on his front door...

I also thought JC Dodge was solid.  Mea culpa #2.  JC self-identifies as LEO (though real LEO probably don't see him as much more than a bus driver) and he blames me for 'outing him and placing his family in danger' by revealing his profession.  First - I told him to leave me alone, and he refused. Second - I don't see how I am responsible for the world knowing his profession when he posts his silly face online, with his name tag in view, and he wears the same face and name on his uniform at work.  Anyway, JC's behavior within the III Society, for which he was easily navigated toward the door, was unconscionable.  (Shhhh! Nobody tell him that his 'resignation' was orchestrated, he still thinks it was his idea.)  JC wanted to build a cadre of professional Trainers and give this cadre the III Society stamp of approval. Of course, his school was one of those he planned to have the III Society endorse.  But he was adamant that Mosby and Max Velocity not be included.  As President of the Society, I have certain obligations to the membership - and the Mission of the organization.  I also have a pretty solid sense of Right and Wrong, regardless of what you may read at Sipsey. Sorry folks, but that scheme was straight bullshit.  Most of you remember the dust-up in the weeks following at WRSA - you only saw the tip of the iceberg. There were provisional bylaws in place, and I was acting fully within my authority as President.  So, that's one of the reasons JC is now behaving as you see him on the blogs. By the way, it is my understanding that you can book JC almost any weekend and at a GREAT rate if your group needs 'Training' - as long as his two day job schedules don't conflict.

'Sam Culper' - I am often asked why I don't play any reindeer games with the guy who calls himself 'Sam Culper'.  The reasons are many, but for this post I'll only relate one interaction. Some of you will remember shortly after one of Brock's NC PatCons that my name started showing up at Guerrillamerica - always in a bad way.  Over the next several months, the attacks increased, spreading to the Guerrillamerica FB page and elsewhere. (most have been scrubbed from the net - he ain't THAT stupid.)  Then, about 2 weeks before Brock's next PatCon (I wasn't supposed to be there, but I announced I had a schedule open and would be there after all) I rec'd an email from 'Sam Culper' who copied one of the Elder Statesmen of the community on the email.  "Sam Culper" explained that he had been unaware of all the anti-K stuff that was being published at Guerrillamerica, the Guerrillamerica FB page and elsewhere, under his name.  He went on to explain that several people write under the 'Sam Culper' name, and it was one of his team that was writing all the anti-K stuff - not him.

I shit thee not, that is what the man wrote to me in email, with a reliable witness.

So I was forced to conclude that 'Sam Culper' was either a liar OR the WORST FUCKING INTELLIGENCE analyst on the face of the planet, because for months someone had been writing on HIS blogs/FB, under HIS name, and he 'knew nothing about it'.  Boy, if that doesn't define 'Military Intelligence' - I don't know what does...

This is the primary group working overtime to spread the current anti-K garbage, except for Kenny/Wirecutter.  We'll forget the fact that he had no problem taking my money when he asked for help just a few months ago, and that the internet is full of his praise for me and the projects we've accomplished.  He's been in rough financial shape for years, which he openly shared on his blog.  Here's where the worm turned, apparently - after years of writing about the losers and genetic waste that make up the Free Shit Army, Kenny joined up.  Can you imagine having to look in the mirror every morning, knowing that you are now one of the parasites you so often condemn?  This also explains his sudden warm & fuzzies with that other great III Parasite, Red Mikey.  But you already connected those dots.

Now add this weight to the mental turmoil in his mind: You may or may not remember that Kenny stopped posting pics of Milfy/Camel Toe/Titty Tuesday stuff for a few weeks.  He told me (yes, of course I still have the email) that he did so because he knew it was hurting his wife.  Within 2 weeks he was complaining about the hit he took in stats - and suddenly, Milfy Mondays returned, and ads began popping on his screen.  You see, you can't sell ads without visitors - and Kenny only knows 2 ways of getting visitors.  First - humiliate his wife with T&A, and second (as he recently admitted, I understand) bashing K.  One of his highest-ranking posts ever, hm?  Hell, Red Mikey has done it for years when he needed a stats spike.  So Kenny decided to play the same game.  

Folks - being III is about Principle.

When you have none, it shows, eventually.  One way or another, you reveal yourself to the world.

Red Mike, JC, Kenny, Miller, Culper, even their ginger cheerleader who shows her boobs to the world for stats - it all comes out eventually.

And while they play their games - Kerodin and his allies continue the grind.  The TOC is staged and ready to roll east.  TOC II is in the works.  People continue to buy homes in this AO. PatCons are held here with great results. III Arms continues to get product to market. Despite the recent knuckledraggin' silliness, we've had a net gain again this month in III Society memberships (Thanks, Kenny!)  The III made it to the radio, with the help of Russ Longcore and several others.  We've published books.  We've published newspapers.  We do Local, local, local that never makes it to the blog.  We've made it to Drudge and Beck. We've run no fewer than 3 Morale Ops getting stickers in places like .Gov sites. Every event I attend, I find people wearing III Gear.  Holly and I have traveled the country training Patriots, meeting people, and helping demonstrate the III is more than a bunch of 'Not One More Inch' blowhards who surrender their pistol to the nice police officer when asked. III Comms is weeks from unveiling a new widget for Comms security.  The Jedburgh Academy is a reality - a cadre of real Professional Trainers working together to bring skills to Patriots. There is much more, most of which has never been made public, all accomplished by people who choose to work with me and H.  

And here's a fact that will eat my haters alive: Not one person has ever taken a dime in salary from ANY III Project associated with me.  I work daily, training Combatives. H and I are a 1 vehicle household, and that vehicle is 20 years old.  We live in a humble fixer-upper in the place we told the III Community we intended to move. (And I still haven't had the chance to paint our little cottage since arriving.)

Being III is about Principle.  Mean what you say and say what you mean.  Do what you say you are going to do.

The rest is just noise - the noise made by Life's Losers who know only how to destroy, not build or succeed.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

One of the biggest mistakes of my life...

...was listening to the 'Don't fight in public' crowd.

I've rec'd plenty of email over the last few days, so I have an idea of what is going on, who is saying what, et cetera, but I haven't gone to read specifics. I don't need to read people offering gratuitous assertions with no proof - not when I have facts and truth on my side.

So, beginning tomorrow, I'll give all of you the gritty details that I was encouraged to keep out of the public realm - you know, for the good of the community.

I'll tell you the details about Jim Miller, and JC Dodge, DTG, the guy you know as Culper, why Kenny is suddenly so anti-K (even after taking $ and trading nice-nice emails just a few months ago.)  And if they want to sue me - please, do.  I have facts.

In the meantime, ask yourself - why did this start immediately on the heels of the successful Idaho PatCon.  There are people who 'do' and people who fail - look at the collection of life failures lined up in anti-K mode right now - there's your answer.

In the meantime, here's another example of Patriot work getting done:

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Welcome, Little Miss Savannah...

Another III'per lass.

Congratulations to her proud parents.

H & K

Comms: Sept 5-6

Sparks31 is offering, perhaps, his final class outside of his AO - especially for those east of the Mississippi.

Full details here.

Nevermind - here.

MVT: Two Weeks Out

Two weeks from now you will have the opportunity to test yourself once more.

Afterall, most of the most important tests in life are not against the other guy - but against ourselves.

Here's more.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Acta non Verba

Morale Operation Ghost Echo.

Embiggen the pic - see our sticker?

Action - not flippin' words.

This is how it is done, Patriots!


Some folks around us simply can't let an opportunity pass where they can catch a glance of their own reflection or hear an echo chamber resonating about what wonderful and special little snowflakes they are in the world.

Don't be that guy.

Go train.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tactical Gear for the Genuine III Patriot



OD is on the way. (I'll live with OD until I can convince them to do a Tiger Stripe...)

AK 7.62 

One rig - the MVT VERSA.  Here.



The next time someone proudly self-identifies as a 'Sheepdog' who 'Protects the sheep', you'd better remember why he is protecting the sheep, and who is paying his salary...

Mittens & curry.

It is the Sheepdogs job to make certain you are delivered to the appropriate processing station.

It is no more complicated...

For your consideration

A new (to me) blog - here.

And here, too.

Acta non verba

Acta non verba translates to Action, not words.

We have a lot of words - talkers - in the Liberty Community.

We have a small minority of people who act.

Action defends and will restore Liberty - not words.

As you cruise your various blogs today, ask yourself this question: What has this blog/blogger done to tangibly move the ball forward in the fight to restore Rightful Liberty.

Of course, simply blogging is action, of sorts.  I take nothing away from those who dare speak and write.

Brock hosts two PatCons each year, on average.

Gamegetter and Grenadier are working on large-scale projects to feed hungry groups.  Grenadier1 also trains people in tactics using AirSoft.

WRSA aggregates and promotes serious discussion, and works behind the scenes on serious projects, and hosts FTX's, among other things.

Sparks31 and Dialtone train people in Comms.

Max and Mosby train people in Tactical Ops.

Bill H. builds outstanding wood projects for morale, cohesion and pride.

Prepping Preacher works in real-time with real people to spread the Word.

Oleg provides serious images to inspire our allies.

WeaponsMan provides serious information of value to the combat arms Liberty Forces.

Comrade Ushanka connects important dots for watching the Communists among us.

Now consider this: What if every Liberty Forces blogger were to host a PatCon in his/her AO?  Or, join forces to promote one single event where everyone in their audiences could meet and greet?  Or - whatever...

What if every blogger simply asked every member of his/her audience to use a sharpie in their AO and write a 'III' somewhere in the AO and post the image?

Talking has value.

Action forces results.

Think about it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Comms: Jedburgh Class Pictures

Shoot, Move & Communicate.
Strategic Services.

These are the core disciplines guiding the evolution of the Jedburgh Academy.

Sparks31 recently held a Jedburgh class and has some great pics, here.

Radio Comms is a weak spot for me.  H and I will sit for our licenses soon, gear-up, then get ourselves to Sparks to begin the progression from where we are now to competence.  Here is his upcoming schedule.  

This next topic deserves a post - but I'll raise it here just so you can prime your mental pumps for a later discussion.

The Hobbyist Patriot.  In a nutshell, the Hobbyist Patriot is the guy or gal who likes to jump online and rabblerabblerabble between episodes of his favorite sitcoms.  But deep down, you know that person is never going to the Green.  These are our own Drama Queens, our gaggle of 'tween-age' girls who clique-up and rabblerabblerabble while never accomplishing anything tangible for Liberty.  

They create noise.  They tend to destroy rather than build - to find fault rather than work for solutions.  They abandon projects mid-stride.  They are, quite simply, not serious people.  When a task becomes difficult, or an unexpected twist manifests, they quit, or they blame others, they lack that rare inner-driven commitment to find a work-around, to reach the original goal, whatever the cost.  

Leaders lead.  Quitters quit.

I only have 2 bits of advise on the topic at the moment: First, get real-time in the presence of other people claiming to be Patriots, or Militia, or III.  Look one another in the eye.  Break bread.  Take measure.  Do the best you can to refine your BS meter.  Second: Ruthlessly excise the Hobbyist Patriots from your core circle.  

I believe you and I will live long enough to bear witness to millions of deaths on our continent.  We simply do not have the time, resources or energy to waste on the Hobbyist Patriot.

Stay safe.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This is what "Professional" looks like...

You are a 'Professional Trainer' if it is your day job...


Professionals get the job done.

No excuses.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Patriots in Political Office

We'll never vote our way out of the imminent Troubles.

We all know that...

I hope you also understand the value of having as many solid Patriots in legitimate, elected offices when The Big Ugly begins and ends.

Legitimacy - do you speak it?

Here's the link.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another Good Commie

May he explore Dante's Realm endlessly.

Oh, and F Morris Dees and SPLC, too.

For the record - no Commie/Tyrant deserves to die peacefully of old age in the comfort of his bed while surrounded by loved ones.

That's right - I said it.

Friday, August 14, 2015

MVT Versa: Now available in Coyote Brown!

The best chest rig a Patriot can own.

Made by Patriots, for Patriots, in America.


We ran this rig at PatCon.  This rig will be standard issue in our AO.

Now I just need to get the guys to offer it in Tiger Stripe...

Tyrants want a fight - come get some...

These people deserve your support.


Liberty or Death.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bug Out Vehicles

Rocker-Panel Envy.  It's a Thing.  
Let's have a conversation about Bug-Out Vehicles/SHTF Vehicles.

The topics overlap, but do have unique requirements in some instances.

First, let's lay the ground rules: When The Big Ugly happens in your AO, you may have zero warning - kids may be at school or soccer practice, parents at work, family/Tribe spread out doing everyday Life chores.  Depending on where you are, what S is Hitting the F, and many other variables, physically leaving your AO (at least right away) may be a No-Go.  But, you will have to probably move within your AO.

Bug-Out Vehicle: A vehicle intended to get you and your immediate family and essential gear to whatever muster point you have planned.

SHTF Vehicle: This is the rig you intend to use primarily once SHTF in your AO and you are confined, for whatever reason or duration, to your AO.  You may use it to get groceries or deliver the pizza.

Your BOV may be the same vehicle you intend to use in a SHTF scenario.

Remember, like it or not, most encounters will be mounted - run from vehicles that at least deliver your Team to the beginning of your foot patrol route.

You may have a few vehicles, if you are lucky-enough to have the resources - a fast motorcycle for the street, a solid trail bike, maybe a quad or SxS.  Those are specialized items for specialized roles - so let's stay with rigs for getting out of Dodge or operating within Dodge - without drawing attention from the MRAP Brigades.

All of those decisions and details must be tailored to your specific requirements.

Now: What is your thinking on BOV/SHTF vehicles in general - if you are building/modifying one, what widgets/features/engines/other factors do you consider important?  Diesel or gas?  4x4?  SUV that blends into the rest of the town's vehicles, or a CJ5 you've built to challenge Tyrants, simple stash spots or sophisticated Traps?  A motor home?  Do you go camo?  You may want to make a statement with your vehicle - Don't mess with me, fellas.  Or, you may want to blend - your call.  What comms gear do you have built into the rig?  To armor in strategic spots or not?  For every advantage, there is likely a trade-off.  Having a chain saw aboard in the aftermath of a hurricane/tornado/hypothetical drone inconvenience could be a big benefit - but it takes space and fuel.

Let's talk specifics.  What's YOUR rig (or dream rig) look like?


Idaho Liberty Expo

Coeur d'Alene August 13-15.  Opening ceremonies and Reception tonight.

Details: 2015IdahoLibertyExpo.com - here.

Stop in and meet local Patriots.

We may be Tribe who simply haven't yet met...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Why - 

- a Jedburgh Academy
- a III Arms
- a III Arms AR15
- a III Arms AR10
- a III Arms 1911
- a III Comms company with old-school widgets
- a III Training Cadre
- a III Combatives program
- a III Media Arm
- a III Political Arm
- a III Strategic Services Operation
- a III Gear shop
- and why so much more?

...because Liberty.

Jedburgh Academy

If you've been watching, you will have noticed a few references to a 'Jedburgh Academy'.

Details will come soon enough, right now everything is coalescing into final form.  This is a complex (yet simple) project with several moving parts that has been in the works for years.

Overview: A cadre of serious III/Patriot/Prepper/Survivalist/Liberty Forces trainers are coming together in a network, building a comprehensive curriculum, and will then teach those of you who wish to learn.  

Understand this: Jedburgh Academy is NOT a few weekends of commitment.  This is a University model.  There are multiple 'tracks' students may take, but the end result is that everyone who attends will demonstrate Shoot, Move & Communicate skills, Auxiliary skills, Resist skills, and Strategic Services skills.  And you WILL demonstrate those skills sufficiently to your Professional Trainers.  

If you are a young buck who wants to run & gun - great - but you will NOT graduate Jedburgh until you prove you know how to preserve food. You will NOT graduate until you can demonstrate proficiency with a QRP rig and whatever -else our Comms trainers insist you NTK (need-to-know),  If you are a wheelchair-bound old man, you will NOT graduate until you prove you can still put a bullet on an X at 200 meters from your front porch.  You want to be a genuine, real-life Sniper-qualified shooter? We've got the instructor who MAY allow you to take his course.  It will not be easy.  It will require everything you've got in the braincase.  And you must STILL prove to guys like Max that you can operate as part of a tactical Team and you must STILL prove you can preserve a jar of peaches.

Yes - just like in College/University, you will have the ability to 'test-out' of classes in which you have sufficient life-experience to demonstrate proficiency.

Jedburgh is designed to train the Officer Corps of Liberty Forces.  Graduates will be the brain trust - the people who can answer the important questions when they are asked by the newly awakened young man when he shows up at your camp with a toddler and a wife who is heavy with their next little one.  The Jedburgh graduates will take point.  The Jedburgh graduates will lead by example and by experience.

We have trainers and training facilities all over CONUS, literally coast to coast, and we are adding more.  Some of our Trainers will be able to routinely travel to participating facilities, some may be able to travel less-frequently, some will not.

The reality is simple: If you think hitting the X with that AR in your safe is all you need to know for the imminent Candid Exchange of Ideas (TM WRSA), and you think your field craft is sufficient because you take a deer every year from a stand over a salt-lick or a pile of apples you threw into the field - you are NOT properly prepared to be part of a serious Liberty Forces Team - much less a Leader or Commander (Yes, Virginia, there IS a difference between a Leader and a Commander.) 

What do graduates earn?  How about a genuine shot at Liberty?  In addition to that, grads will probably earn a woobie kit of essential Liberty Forces Commander/Leader tools.

Want a jump-start?  Sparks31 is offering a pre-Jedburgh course this weekend.  Here are the details.

Those who met him at PatCon will attest, to a man and woman, that you should be at his course.  He has a schedule up - book a class.

Playtime is over, kiddies...

MVT Versa & MVT Lite Battle Belt - how everything works together...

Here's the piece.

Standardize your Teams.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

III Comms

I want to thank Sparks31 for the excellent workshop he hosted at PatCon.  It was greatly appreciated by everyone in attendance.
I also thank him for the post he wrote over New Year's on the One Time Pad (OTP).  I hosted a workshop on the OTP Friday (before Sparks arrived) and was very pleased with the level of interest and especially with the folks who used my old Royal Aristocrat (made in 1938 - no WiFi ;) to share OTPs with me before heading out at the end of the weekend.
Folks, you simply must take the time to get together with some of the 'Patriots & Allies' you meet online.  You must do this prior to SHTF so you can take the measure of those who claim they will be with you, or claim they will be headed your way when the Big Ugly begins.
To horribly abuse and paraphrase Mr. Henry - the first shots have already been fired.  Right this moment each of us is merely in the queue, waiting our turn...
More Sparks31 classes, below.  Follow them to his site.  He raffled two free slots to his classes that were BIG favorites at PatCon.
August 15-16, 2015 (next weekend) – Rock Springs, WY – Click here to enroll.
September 5-6, 2015 – Birmingham, AL – Click here to enroll.
April 9-10, 2016 – Upstate, SC – Click here to enroll.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Old School

Sparks31 has a piece here you should read and heed.

And those OSS Manuals he linked - I have been harping on you to go old-school for years. Uncle Sugar hasn't got many folks who can operate old-school - and those who could - won't.

My online profile must soon be reduced.  Interpret that as you will.

It is what it is...

Feeding your Tribe

If your Team owns 20,000 rounds of ammo and no ability to feed those shooters and auxiliary, you are wrong.

Read here.

1911: Steel or Aluminum Frame?

Folks, take a sec and hit the poll at right, or leave a comment on this post.

1911: Do you prefer steel or aluminum frames?

right ---->

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Battle Load Tips from a Professional Fighter

It starts with your weapons and your ability to feed those weapons.


Then you get into other stuff, depending on circumstances.

Start with the right chest rig - here.

Progress as warranted.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


MTAC 1-4 designed for the 5.56mm AR platform.

Those of you who run this scope - please share your experiences - especially for tactical use.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Surround yourself with solid people.

Work hard.


Combat Arms Question

If Santa Claus left a complete 1911 and/or AR kit in your stocking - just a bag of parts - would you be able to assemble a reliable weapon with your current skills and tools?

What if the AR lower and the 1911 frame were 80%'ers?

Poll at right --->

Anyone experiencing agita over this?

“So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those [LEO] who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,” he added.

Of course that is Farrakhan of NoI.  

I don't see a problem, aside for the request for FedGov help.  Feds Out, as stated at WRSA.  Goethe.

As for the rest?  Good hunting.