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Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Serious Question for Serious Patriots

I am not a scholar -- or even well-educated in the conventional sense -- on the Crusades or the religious history thereof.

My question:  Was there a singular, or small number of events, that led the Crusaders to the path of Total War against Islam?  Was there a single, or a few events, that inflamed the fervor of pushing Islam back from the boundaries of civilized men?  Or was it a long series of cumulative events that led to unbridled bloodshed?

I ask this of our more educated readers.

Second: Is there ANY reason we should wait here on CONUS for a mountain of events to push all of these people back whence they came?

If I  lived in rattlesnake country - I'd kill every f'n rattlesnake on my property - and I'd probably dare trespass on my neighbor's property to do the same.

Just sayin'.