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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Direct Action...

Over the last month I asked several Patriots who I consider serious a simple question: 'Is it time for Direct Action'?

First: There is no right or wrong answer.  We all exist on a spectrum based on our personal experiences and philosophies.

That said: One person said, essentially 'Let's go'.   Others were more restrained.  'More training is necessary'  "More consensus is required.'  

Personally, I think it is more pragmatic: If you have a well-trained 3-man team consisting of a CO, XO and Radioman, along with a serious plan with a realistic exit strategy, based on a moral defense of Western Culture, I have no problem with a Green Light.  If your Mission is in-line with Rightful Liberty, and defending that premise, I have no problem.  Better yet, you have an upline to which you report for coordination.  This allows for a higher level of coordination for the sake of the Mission.

War is upon us.  That is self-evident.  In a Leaderless Resistance movement such as the III, you are not waiting for a top-down C&C order.  How many Mumbai's or San Bernadinos must be endured before Self-Defense is justified?

The Three-Man Team is ideal: CO, XO, and Radioman.  Get in, get it done, exfil, report and then repeat when appropriate.  Choose your enemy cells wisely.

Western Culture is in the balance.

If you are a true American, you do not wait for Fox News to Green Light you.  You don't wait for me to Green Light you.

See the problem.  Fix it.

That is all.