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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Europe will burn - Texas anyone?

If we're not, there will be civil war throughout the West. It is eminently clear that a sufficient number of young Europeans have now concluded that they will no longer endure Muslim attacks without reprisals.

The governments can't stop them. Are they going to arrest the 1500 young nationals in Holland? The 600 young nationals in Corsica? And they can't even hold the threat of disemploying them over their heads, because the youth unemployment rates in Europe are over 50 percent. The die is cast, and most of the current governments have foolishly bet on the side that is destined to lose.  - Vox, here.

And in Texas... Here.

Remember this guy?  Someone in Norway will break him out, one day.  And they will build a statue to him.  That's simply how it will go.