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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The 'Official' Narrative

The FBI on Thursday released a video showing Finicum's death, to counter claims he did nothing to provoke his killing. In the aerial video, Finicum is pulled over in his truck but then takes off in the vehicle and plows into a snowbank because of a roadblock. He gets out and has his hands up at first, then appears to reach toward his jacket pocket at least twice. He is shot and falls to the snow.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

LaVoy Finicum Murder/Execution: If/Then...

III Percent Patriots has concluded that LaVoy Finicum was executed and/or murdered by OSP.  That is our conclusion at this moment.  Understand this: Not all facts are in yet.  We expect verification that he was shot in the torso multiple times, resulting in the movements we all see clearly in the video of his death.  We fully expect this will be the reality, not that he was trying to pull a weapon.  Given available evidence, we are also certain Finicum's vehicle was taking fire from LEO prior to his death.

Once all these details are confirmed or denied, we will take a final position.  Until then, given the evidence currently in the public domain, our conclusion is that LaVoy Finicum was executed with pre-meditation.

Now it is time for every serious Patriot to determine their If/Then course of action.

'No More Free Waco's' is a cry we hear from many, many Patriots.  It is a nifty little proclamation and pimped by many in the Liberty Movement as a line in the sand that will not be tolerated.  Now, let's see how many back up from that rhetorical line, and how many live up to it.

If you conclude that LaVoy Finicum was executed by LEO for his mere participation in an event that was non-violent (until LEO forced a confrontation) then by any metric used to measure Intellectual Honesty you must conclude that the 'No more Waco's' line has been crossed.  If you try to dismiss that line in the sand based on the number of dead, versus the motivating premise behind Finicum's death, you are guilty of Intellectual Dishonesty and back-peddling.

The difference between one murder and a hundred murders is merely numerical - the same level of tyannical and Evil malice is present.

Now, for all of you who stomp upon your keyboards and chant 'No More Free Waco's' and 'Not One More Inch' - the time is upon you to demonstrate your III status.  You have been called-out by Tyrants.  Your casus belli has been provided to you on a morgue's slab in the form of LaVoy Finicum.

How will you respond?  (This is NOT an invitation to post on a blog your intentions.  This IS a challenge to live up to your rhetoric and respond in accordance with your own declarations.)  Acta non verba.  Just sayin'.

If you claim 'No More Free Waco's' and/or 'Not one more inch' as lines in the sand, and you do nothing in the face of LaVoy Finicum's execution, you are not III.  

You do not necessarily need to go hunting - you must merely live up to your rhetoric in the eyes of God...

...or you demonstrate you are a useless, frightened bit of genetic waste who should forever suffer that reality in your Soul.

That is all.

Friday, January 29, 2016

LaVoy Finicum Analysis

There are still unknowns regarding the LaVoy Finicum shooting.  Some of these unknowns may be resolved, some may not.  Here is our analysis as of this posting:

McConnell is dismissed as a credible player and witness.  Too many common sense realities and deductions demand that his testimony be considered tainted  - at best.

Victoria remains credible and comes across as sincere.  This is subjective - that is the art of analysis, not the science.  She insists shots were fired at the Finicum truck prior to the snow bank and subsequent action.  Until verifiable proof is presented dis-proving that claim, we go with her assertions.  If her vehicle came under fire prior to Finicum's bolt toward the roadblock and subsequent exit of the vehicle, his actions become more understandable.  

Would you not exit a vehicle that was under fire to protect, and to draw fire away from, people you hold dear?  I think LaVoy Finicum would - and perhaps did.

Finicum is clearly seen raising his arms in capitulation.  Then we see 'furtive movement' that would, on the surface, justify a Hard response from LEO.  But on the enhanced video, what we see is consistent with a man who is physically reacting to being shot multiple times - not necessarily consistent with a man reaching for a concealed pistol.  If it turns out Finicum was shot in the torso, the conclusion of the III Percent must be that his body actions were a result of those bullets hitting his body, versus an attempt to reach for a concealed weapon. (Note: Common sense dictates that Finicum would have reached for his trusted Colt in a Life/Not Life moment - not a concealed 9MM as offered by LEO.)

Practical Tactical: Use the video to determine your own conclusions.  Do not accept our assessment any more easily than you would accept the conclusions drawn by LEO. Secondly - take note of the Operational details - men pre-positioned in the woods flanking the roadblock. The roadblock itself, staged a mile or so from the initial contact point.  The invitation from John Day to visit, only to be ambushed with obvious pre-planning on a route essential to Bundy & Company.  These are tidbits your Team must assimilate into your training and preparedness.

Liberty and Tyranny are fighting RevWarIII - right now.  You are either a III Patriot, or a bystander...


You no longer live in the country that was created in 1781. That Constitutional Republic, based on rightful liberty and equality before the law, no longer exists. You live in a a lawless banana republic, where might is right and there will never be justice. - Max Velocity

Max's blog - here.
Forum - here. (Pay particular attention to Mike S./Culper and his once-again 'brilliant' analysis as it is deconstructed by men with brains.)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

FBI Drone Footage of Shooting


Enhanced Vid

Sagebrush? No...

Federal Lands by State
Much of the Leftist and MSM is trying to make the Oregon event merely another minimal flare-up in the Sagebrush Rebellion (wiki here).

Do not allow that narrative to stick.  Bundy & Company were, absolutely, protesting FedGov land 'ownership', to be certain.  But do not forget the primary reason they chose to act was the mistreatment of the entire Hammond family.

If real American blood pumps in your veins, you are prepping for an ugly decade of violent clashes of ideologies - Tyranny versus Liberty.

Best prediction: Liberty dies spectacularly.

Worst: Liberty dies with but a whimper.

Either way - what you profess to love is doomed.  Now your only choice is how loudly it dies...

The Rejection Election

PJB analyzes the political landscape - here.

Malheur, Bundy 2014, BarryGate are all physical manifestations of the discontent that exists within many Americans.  Yet the fervor (and numerical advantage) of our ideological enemies - of those people (even among large numbers of people who claim to be 'Patriots') who are willing to demand that you and I pay for their healthcare, their salaries, their Guns and Butter - outpaces the sincere Liberty-minded American exponentially.

The Liberty Gene is being systematically swept from America in a campaign of genocide.

Related: Just one reason Trump is dominating - here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


For McConnell:

Ammon calls on Patriots to stand down - here.

Questions - 


The McConnell Enigma: We have questions regarding McConnell - why is his FB so new?  Here.  Question EVERY F'N Thing.

Consider this:  (My deepest gratitude to the genuine III Patriot who sent this link, and many others, and all of you serious Patriots who are contributing.)

What they face at the moment:  (up to 6 years)

US Code Title 18 Section 372


      If two or more persons in any State, Territory, Possession, or
    District conspire to prevent, by force, intimidation, or threat,
    any person from accepting or holding any office, trust, or place of
    confidence under the United States, or from discharging any duties
    thereof, or to induce by like means any officer of the United
    States to leave the place, where his duties as an officer are
    required to be performed, or to injure him in his person or
    property on account of his lawful discharge of the duties of his
    office, or while engaged in the lawful discharge thereof, or to
    injure his property so as to molest, interrupt, hinder, or impede
    him in the discharge of his official duties, each of such persons
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six
    years, or both.

Jon R. Video - FB - Here.  He was in Arizona and has surrendered himself for the same charges as Ammon & Co.

PPN Press Release - Here.

~~A separate FB video - this guy was on-scene - here.

More to follow.  Reports are all over the place from multiple sources.


Clinton Foundation & Hammond Ranch?  Here

Keep The Stupid at Home, Please...

The LGoP for the III

We know from experience and discussions that most Patriots can not muster five allies on any given X in an hour or less.  Most of you do not even have a trusted Second.  The goal, therefore, should be that you build at least a three-man team.  We recommend the Jedburgh Model - CO, XO and Comms.

Prepare your Team to be the Officer Corps.  Position your Team to be able to outfit a small unit, and to teach larger groups in all the skills necessary for Liberty Forces.  When it comes to the tactical applications of self-defense for you, your Team and your AO, train and equip and build infrastructure to operate as a LGoP - Little Group of Patriots.

Remember your Sun Tzu - spread your enemy.  Make him defend where you do not attack. Prevent him from consolidating his forces and resources.  Strike where he is unable to defend.  Work on his morale.  Unsettle the confidence and convictions of his supporters and fighters.  Enrage him.  Get him into his emotions - rile him so that the mere mention of your name spins him up for weeks on end and spittle forms at the corners of his mouth.  

Consume him with you...

This strategy works on the local level and the global level - it scales.  

More to come.  Consider this...

Monday, January 25, 2016

Malheur: If/Then

Ammon Bundy and a group of other Americans took a principled stand at the Malheur Refuge to protest the second incarceration of Dwight & Steve Hammond, and other issues involving .gov over reach.

Whatever your position on their strategy and tactics may be, standing and acting on principle must be respected.

Thus far there has generally been a measured response from .Gov employees.  Logic, Reason and experience all dictate that a limited number of options are likely in this matter.  

Most people reading this site will agree that force and violence are unacceptable as recourse, initiated by any party.  The worst-case scenario would be another Waco-style approach to resolve this conflict.  At the moment it doesn't look like such a course is being followed or staged.  Time will tell.

In the event a Waco-esque outcome becomes reality, or any other scenario that offends you, you should already have your If/Then response matrix worked out.

If X, Then Y.  If X takes place, I will Y in response.

What is your plan of action in the event your personal sensibilities are offended in respect to Malheur?  Obviously this is not a post inviting discussion.  It is designed to help you think.

If the Malheur Refuge is put under siege or fired upon, is it your intent to kit up, drive that way and Flank & Spank?  Do you plan to do nothing?  These are decisions to be taken in your own mind, with your closest allies.  But consider your tactics and strategy carefully.

LGoPs.  Little Groups of Patriots.  Teams of Patriots across America, operating in their own AOs, forcing the Bad People to spread themselves thin, denying the Bad People the opportunity to concentrate forces and resources.  This is a strategy that wins - if sufficient numbers of Patriots act in the same time frame.

Think about it.  We'll post on this topic through the week.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

15 Dead, 2400 Homes Destroyed, $800 Million Damages - Arson...

...sentenced to 6 months in a halfway house and community service.

9th Circuit.  2003 - in the same general time frame as the Hammonds.

While the details of this case are not apples to apples comparisons to the plight of the Hammonds, the inconsistency in sentencing and charges brought is relevant.  Mens rea mattered in the Cedar Fire.  It should have mattered for the Hammonds.

How many fires in the last 25 years have been set by people on 'Federal' lands - and how were those cases disposed?  The entire purpose for sentencing guidelines was supposedly to make sentences more consistent from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

You want to support the Hammonds?  Help us dig into similar cases and find inconsistencies in prosecutorial discretion and sentencing.  A diverse set of outcomes for similar 'crimes' will support the argument for releasing Dwight & Steve Hammond.

Here's the link on the Cedar Fire

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

It is not 'Government'...

...it is a large group of individual people working in concert and with coercive force to impose their will upon the rest of us.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

De-bunking Burns Hyperbole

A few of us have been discussing the recent reports out of Burns regarding FBI posture, et cetera. Intellihub has been working hard to clarify and verify the reality.

Isn't it interesting that with the addition of particular boots on the ground such as Culper, OK National, et al, the rumor mill ramps-up to full throttle?

Interesting, yes.  But if you have been paying attention here for the last few years, it should not be surprising.

The Stupid is now arriving and entrenching at Burns.  The danger factor for Ammon and his Team is rising exponentially - because many of the people arriving recently are Useful Idiots - at best.  The no-fly rumor has been quashed.  You can check for yourself, here.

Deal in FACTS, people.  Question EVERYONE and EVERYTHING until you drill down into FACTS.  The moment you identify ANYONE dealing in rumor, speculation, spin, Intellectual Dishonesty, misinformation, dis-information and outright lies, you are well-advised to IFF them as Hostile and perhaps terminally Stupid.

Here's the piece.

Are we in the actual 'Crash'?

Dow Widget at right --->

Max Velocity: Unbroken

Order here.

Bundy listened at town meeting, did not speak...


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Do not discount this...


Report: FBI Setting up trauma unit in Burns

Until we know - we don't know.  This may be accurate.

It may be PsyOps (from either side).

Time will tell.  Question everything.

If you are in the AO, Godspeed.

Emotionalist Nationalistic Populism

**Update**  Palin officially endorses Trump - here.

That's what this guy considers Trump politics.

At this moment the Left and Establishment Right are wetting themselves at the thoughts of a Trump/Palin team.  Now consider a Trump - Palin ticket.

Monday, January 18, 2016

On the Grind

Back in Burns, a clerk at one of the town's few motels said the FBI has booked rooms through March.


Friday, January 15, 2016

What HuffPo thinks of us...


Remember folks - if you have 1 bullet remaining and must choose between a declared enemy and a Traitor - shoot the Traitor.


Bundy & Company plan to meet with locals at a 7pm community meeting.  

At the moment little is being telegraphed regarding intentions.   Some expect a near-term Exit Strategy, others anticipate a hardening of positions.  We shall see.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported the III efforts regarding Burns.

One from the Oregonian - here.  Generic, but relevant to tonight's meeting.

A piece regarding LaVoy Finicum being in Southern Utah yesterday, written by a hard-Left writer. The piece is a laborious read, but there is relevant meat in there and some insight to the Leftist perspective - here

Thursday, January 14, 2016

.Gov posing as Militia in Burns?

Reports are the .Gov elements, including FBI, are following citizens of Burns, while posing as Militia in an effort to raise tensions.



That 'Patriot' may work for .Gov, or take .Gov money, or may just be a PoS willing to lie simply for his own Ego.

Just sayin'.  Make sure you are not being led by the nose, folks.  Check every 'fact' yourself and question everything.  If you do not understand the rules of this game are Life or Not Life, you're not playing the same game as the Enemies of Liberty.

Oregon standoff: Militants say they'll reveal exit plan Friday

We will determine our next actions regarding the Malheur Affair after Ammon Bundy & Co. articulate their Exit Terms currently scheduled for Friday.

Our greatest concern and urgency at the moment lies with having Dwight & Steve Hammond released. Considerable evidence of misconduct from .Gov elements in the case demand fresh and objective analysis of their prison sentences.

Our hope is Bundy & Company will accept release of the Hammonds and full immunity for everyone at Malheur as as acceptable terms to go home, with major political and Humanitarian victories in-hand.  If such terms can be arranged, the Liberty Movement becomes duty-bound to support those efforts.

Here's the link from Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bundy makes it about the Hammonds

The protesters destroyed the fence after [Ammon] Bundy announced in a morning press conference that they plan to continue the occupation until Harney County ranchers Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son, Steven, are free from federal prison.  - here.

A specific and attainable goal.  Not easy, perhaps not even likely, given the precedent that would be set - but not impossible.  Sufficient political pressure will have an impact.

Now the focus should be directed at that one goal, that one demand.  It is a clear, concise, articulated definition of victory and set of parameters for the Mission.  It is not only a moral and just goal - it is a PR win.

Remember your Churchill:  If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time - a tremendous whack.

Free the Hammonds!

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Review of the Jedburgh Academy Actual 1911 by Conor in Idaho

Full disclosure, I am a huge fan of 1911's.  The first 1911 I ever fired was one issued to me by a Turkish Army senior-NCO in the early 1990's, while I worked with them  on a joint Turkish-US Gov project in the mountains of southeastern Turkey; an area, at the time, that was a hotbed of Turkish-Kurdish fighting as well as a little thing called Gulf War One just across the border.  If I remember rightly, the pistol was a US Government model (probably surplus military sales), and not an indigenously produced clone which several companies in Turkey are now producing to good reviews.  Since then, I've loved this firearm, and I think I've only ever run into one 1911 that I would not trust my life to; and it's one I no longer own.

21 feet
The Jedburgh Academy Actual (JAA) 1911 is built on a stainless steel frame and slide, coated in matte olive-drab green ceramic (Cerakote), which cleaned off carbon without any solvent, even after firing almost 500 rounds.  It has a flush cut and target crown Match-grade barrel, finished with black Melonite.  The gun came with two sets of grips, checkered cocobolo (brown wood) and combat black rubber (which were on the gun during my test). The slide sports 3-dot night Trijicon sights. The frame was fitted with a slightly extended combat style magazine release and an extended ambidextrous thumb safety.  The ambidextrous safety is crisp and positive.  In my experience, many 1911 safeties take some break in time, whereas this one did not.  The magazine well is beveled and chamfered, and the ejection port is flared and lowered.  

The JAA has an adjustable trigger (this one in black, "3-hole") with a custom trigger group, with a trigger job set to 3.75 - 4.25 lbs with a clean let-off.  The reset is a fairly standard 1/10th of an inch or so for a 1911.  The gun failed ZERO times out of almost 500 rounds, using everything from standard roundball to flat point to Hornady carry bullets, to hollow points of several types (see Table).

To make certain that I REALLY put the JAA thru its paces, I took the bulk of my 500 rounds of ammo and mixed it all loose in a bucket before heading out to the range.  I then used a variety of magazines (Wolf, Act-Mag, Chip McCormick, Wilson Combat, USGI - - a mix of 7 and 8-round mags) and loaded each with whatever I got when I reached into the bucket. This ensured each magazine was firing different loads, bullet types and bullet weights when I was testing.
Again, I had ZERO failures in almost 500 rounds, and the gun performed flawlessly.
The original USMC qualification specification for the 1911 was a 4″ spread of 5 shots at 25 yards over several brands of ammo.  The USMC requirement said an “unsupported firing position,” so that is how I shot my tests.  Ultimately a gun is only as accurate as the person firing it, and I make no claims to being a "dead-eye Dick."   Age, accompanied with bi-focal glasses, ensures any target out past 35 feet is just a complete blur when I'm focusing on the front sight thru my bi-focals.  I am not an accomplished pistol shooter, but I was able to make a respectable showing (slow fire!) out to 50 feet. Check out the target pictures.  My 7 yard target was (in my opinion) was respectable 2.28-inch group.
The JAA did contain several nice extras; a nice tan pistol carry bag, a bushing removal tool, Allen wrenches and extra recoil springs (at 17, 20 and 22 pounds).  

Please see the pictures for details of my outing with what is probably the best 1911 I have ever fired.  - Conor in Idaho

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Guest Post: Malheur Refuge Re-Supply from ToneDeaf

There is a wish list intermingled with a need list submitted by Carol Bundy out there asking for supplies. Some of the stuff can be considered a luxury by all means while the majority of stuff is essential to the mission. 

The first question everyone is going to ask is why were they not prepared? People are making the assumption that this was a planned operation by the Leadership. Maybe, maybe not. If the Leadership truly intended to stay holed up for an extended period before hand and didn't account for how they would feed a force large enough to secure the complex, that's their bad. Yet the other Patriots there came to Oregon to attend the protest did so not intending to take place in an extended occupation. They brought 3-day go bags and that was it. 

Battles and entire wars have been lost due to logistics. In Iraq , the advance armor units outpaced the supply line. Some had to stop and wait for resupply efforts, out of diesel and low on ammo. They would have been sitting ducks had not the Republican guard been in full "run away" mode.

Mrs. Bundy's list includes non-food goods that will equip the ones that arrived without cold weather gear. Once everyone has enough socks and blankets those items will be needed less and less. Someone there should be keeping track of this  and update us so we all don't send them each a jacket and end up with 200 coats when that money could have been better spent on a sleeping bag. This type of gear will have to be sourced from outside the AO. Bend Oregon seemed to be the closest place to buy said gear. The problem is it has been a harsh winter here already and these types of gear are in high demand. I bought every piece of cold weather gear available and that will prove negligible as new assets show up. I hope they come much better prepared.

Burns appeared to have a Safeway and JC Thriftway from what I saw. It did not appear there was a Walmart or similar type store. Food goods should be sourced at wholesale restaurant supply companies like Cash and Carry. Daily runs into Burns to go grocery shopping is very inefficient as bulk calories are needed in the harsh, cold weather.

A pickup truck load of food was delivered Friday. Approx. 600 lbs. From the number of those involved, which I will not divulge here for OPSEC, that food will last a week, two tops if they get creative and stretch it out. So at a minimum, a truck load of food every week or so will be required to sustain this OP. How can this be done? Who among us is going to step up and take point on this? Who among us has logistics experience?

We need to stop pointing fingers as to who's fault this logistics problem is and start putting the processes in place to resupply these Patriots with what is required. Chalk this up to lessons learned and move forward. There are Patriots in need of assistance. Lets not fail them.

Logistics, the most required aspect of any action, is always the last thing considered. It's not as sexy as SUT, CQC, etc.... But when you're the one shivering from the cold and underfed, logistics is a big deal.

 ~ ToneDeaf

'They are in OUR House': FBI to Idaho III re: Mahleur

Gary Hunt on Oregon & Useful Idiots

I believe this has been amply demonstrated by the events in Oregon, as we see organizations that were critical of, but not outspoken against, the operation, now coming together in order to protect those at the Refuge from harm by the federal government. As the old saying goes, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” Do not be an obstruction to the efforts of others, as they are pursuing the same goal, as are all of those who really are patriotic, and believe in their country, not the government. - Gary Hunt

Here's the link.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Supporting Liberty Forces in Burns

**UPDATE**  Scroll to the bottom for a message from ToneDeaf, the III Society Point Man for this Op.  

Huzzah! to him and his Second!


A III Patriot in Oregon, the first Son of Liberty member of the III Percent Society, and his Second-in-Command, decided to support Bundy & Company at the Malheur Refuge yesterday, Friday 1/8.

Once the decision had been taken, plans were put together and then executed.

Our Patriot represented himself, his allies, and the III Society splendidly.

As his Team executed events on the ground, we handled the admin side with several Patriots to ensure our Team was met with a warm welcome.  My thanks to those of you I have spoken with online and otherwise to ensure our assistance made it to the right people.

AAR Bullet Points from our III Patriots:

  • 130 miles traveled on Thursday and 475 on Friday (12 hours of driving)
  • Cleaned out two stores of all cold weather gear
  • 3 large carts filled up with groceries. Enough to squat the back of my truck. Approx 600lbs.
  • Everyone inside the wire were super appreciative of the gesture. I've never had so many grateful people come out to shake my hand and thank us
  • Payne and Ritzheimer were both very accommodating and gracious. I believe Cooper was on over-watch and the Bundy' were encircled with news cameras so I didn't get to meet them
  • This act of civil disobedience has been extremely effective at getting the story out about the feds overreach leading to discussion on such a massive scale not seen in years. International news sources are carrying the story in many  countries including Russia and North Korea
This was a Humanitarian run to help Liberty Forces remain warm and fed.  It was a brilliant success, and appreciated by those on the ground who have taken action to defend Liberty.

More re-supply operations are imminent by the III Percent Society and the III Patriots who call themselves Members - because we believe in actions and deeds, not words.

Well done to our III Society Patriots.

Well done to the PPN, Idaho III, Oregon III and all the other groups and individuals who are out there supporting the fight for Liberty with more than mere words.

This is yet another necessary IFF event, Patriots.  

Despite the negative environment being fostered online against the men and women at Mehleur - these Americans are following their principles on behalf of Liberty.  Before you type another derogatory word against these people, their mission, perhaps you should try talking to them...

opera non verba

Walmart: 2 Carhartt type coats, 15 pair of gloves, 5 balaclava, 5 beanie hats, 3 pairs of ski gloves, 1 case of toilet paper, 3 tubes of toothpaste, 6 packs of 8 toothbrushes, 2 shampoos, 1 conditioner, 2 packs of paper plates, 3 pack of Lysol wipes, 2 Lysol sprays, 1 pine sol, 1 dish washing detergent, 2 36 packs of bottled water.
Cash & Carry: 2 50lb bags of potatoes, 2 50lb bags of rice, 2 50lb bags of pinto beans, 3 20lb boxes of spaghetti noodles, 12 dozen large eggs, 5 gal container of margarine, 2 50 packs of instant flavored oatmeal, 4 gals of whole milk, 2 #10 cans of sausage gravy, 2 #10 cans of spaghetti sauce, 20lb bag of onions, 2 canned chickens, 2 #10 cans of tuna, Large box of pancake mix, 1 gal of pancake syrup, 1 gal of white vinegar, 64oz chicken bouillon powder, 2 #10 cans of mixed veggies, 1 gal of yellow mustard, 2 gal of mayo, 1 gal of texas pete hot sauce, 1/2 gallon of salsa picante, 6 cans of french roast coffee, large box of sugar packets, 6 cans of creamer, 2 #10 cans of corn, 2 bulk packages of hot dogs, 1 5lb pepper jack, 1 5lb cheddar, 1/2gal catsup, 2 lbs kosher salt, 1 lb black pepper, 1 lb garlic salt, 6 #10 cans of pork and beans, 6 #10 cans of chili with beans, 6 #10 cans of diced tomatoes, 2 gal vegetable oil, 2 1/2 gal of creamy peanut butter, 

Mission Accomplished & Allies Solidified

From ToneDeaf:

While I sit here at home, safe and warm from the bitter cold weather after the resupply run I undertook yesterday, I am grateful that there are true Patriots that are standing watch in sub freezing conditions making a stand against the overreach of a tyrranous Federal Government. 

I am referring not to those in the leadership but to the nameless Patriots that have left their homes, employment and families to take part in this momentous act of civil disobedience. Those that seek not recognition or adoration, but have followed their moral compass and answered the call of duty.

There were no Summertime Patriots among the lot. These are all men and women of high principles and meaningful deeds. 

They have left the safety and anonymity of the keyboard to do something they believe in. How many in the Patriot community can make that claim?

The only observation I would like to encourage immediate discussion is overall networking of the Patriot community. How does one get communications to a point of contact inside the wire? So and so knows this guy through facebook that is part of a gamers group whose 3rd cousin twice removed, former roomate that plays cards with the Brother of said person inside the wire. Does it really need to be so difficult? I understand the need for OPSEC and compartmentilization but the time may come when messages need to be relayed without multi layers. I have no idea what this would look like but at a minimum every Patriot group should have a dedicated point of contact that can direct communications to internal members when needed. 

The negativity surrounding the OP based strictly on biases from previous actions needs to stop. All Patriots need to evaluate the big picture and leave the prejudices of certain individuals in the trash folders. There will always be those that will find fault in everything and everyone.

All Patriots owe a debt of gratitude to those at the refuge that are not in front of the cameras, yet face the same consequences as those that are in front of the cameras.

Special thanks to the following:

Chris and Gary Hunt who were in constant contact throughout the mission ensuring my safe arrival.

John Ritzheimer as point of contact inside the wire.

Ryan Payne for taking the time and talking to me about the OP.

The head of Security, I believe was Will, that escorted us to the kitchen.

The half dozen Patriots that unloaded the food from the truck. 

Pete Santilli and Deborah Wagner for constant streaming of this OP. Hella nice also.

But a special thank you to all of the Patriots there who do not seek recognition or adoration yet brave the weather and risk of taking a stand.


PS: A special thanks to the III%er from Colorado that had gate duty while we were there. Sorry I can't remember your name, but I will never forget your commitment to Liberty.

Friday, January 8, 2016

KrisAnne Hall: It's the Constitution...

Oregon III Join the Call Out

Good on them.

Here's the Press Release.

Idaho III Percent Call-Out for Malheur

**3% of Idaho Official Call to Action and Press Release**

FROM: Pacific Patriots Network and 3% of Idaho 

PRESS RELEASE - 08 January 2016

Re: Immediate Call to Action

In response to concerns of Federal agencies intervening at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, The Pacific Patriot Network (PPN) and its associated organizations are releasing an Immediate Call to Action to secure a perimeter around the Wildlife Refuge; it’s occupiers, and the citizens of Harney County.

We wish to establish a safety perimeter of protection for the occupiers so as to prevent a Waco-style situation from unfolding during this peaceful occupation. The primary intention of this outer-ring is to bear witness to any aggressive action initiated by federal agencies or the occupiers, and to encourage an open dialogue towards a peaceful resolution. We will serve as a neutral third-party intermediary to prevent bloodshed.

In congruence with the concerns of the citizens of Harney County, The PPN and its affiliated organizations will operate with respect and professionalism so as to not elevate fears within the community. As outsiders, we recognize our responsibility to maintain both peace and civility during our presence. To further demonstrate our non-aggressive posture, military style or tactical clothing will not be authorized for this operation. It is imperative that the Nation recognizes the importance and sanctity of all lives in this situation. While the PPN does not condone nor encourage the execution of the Wildlife Refuge occupation, we have a duty and responsibility to ensure that a peaceful resolution is reached.

3% of Idaho and Pacific Patriots Network Mission Statement-
The primary mission is the prevention of any bloodshed. A-Teams have been deployed to ensure peaceful and professional conduct by all County, State and Federal Agencies & Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. We understand and respect this is an emotionally charged issue and will stand to bear witness and prevent any escalation or hostile action from either side. In the event of inappropriate action, A-Teams will respond accordingly. A-Teams are prohibited from entering onto the grounds of the wildlife refuge occupation and from any display of overt tactical presence that would cause concern to the community. If requested, we will act as an intermediary to enhance direct communication between all parties involved. Be safe and God Speed.

If you can go and help, please get in contact with myself so we can get you plugged into a team and a detail. Please understand that we need to keep organization for this mission and we are in direct contact with the Individuals at the Refuge as well as officials in Harney County. We are also gaining support of the community and it is important that we maintain that support so please coordinate through us so we do not overwhelm the town and loose support. Please do not just "show up" as this could compromise security. Thank you!

FB Link - here.

Pacific Patriots Network - here.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

How others do it...


Prepare yourselves - Americans adapt better than most cultures.

And regarding those Muslim rapists: here.

Good video re: Oregon & Hammonds


Another petition site here.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Clarity in Burns

Let's help focus the message and issue in Oregon to something that can be obtained: 

Free the Hammonds!

Here's the link.

**NOTE**  The III Percent Society will have boots on the ground in the AO Friday.

Hammond Family

A brief discussion with Hammond family members yesterday (Tuesday): The family is grateful for the support that has been shown.  They have no involvement with the actions at the Refuge, however they fully support the right of every American to exercise their first amendment rights.

A note from K: Dwight and Steve are now inside B.O.P. and at the mercy of FedGov bureaucrats. Under normal circumstances, both Hammonds could expect to be placed in a 'Camp' level facility - relatively comfortable, with no cells, no fences, and from a prison perspective, relatively relaxed and safe.  It is possible they could start one level up in a 'Low' - fences, but no cells.  A little more structured, but hardly the prison environment one watches on television shows.

The point: It will take little more than the whim of a single bureaucrat to make their lives a true Hell.  

Instead of a Camp or Low - perhaps a Medium, or worse?  Given the statutes under which they were convicted, such actions would be easily supported within the bureaucracy. Dwight is 73 years old - he simply doesn't need the stresses that malicious bureaucrats can impose upon him with the stroke of a pen.  Consider a 73 year old man assigned a bit of 'Diesel Therapy' - a form of 'punishment' in which a convict is sent from prison to prison for several months, enduring the shackling at hands, waist and feet for a bus ride to the next night's Bureau of Prisons 'Hotel', just to get a cold sandwich for dinner and a few hours rest (after daily strip searches) before it all starts again.  Today you shared a seat with a murderer. Tomorrow a bank robber.  The next day a child molester.  (Hell, we have self-identified 'LEO' who blog as righteous 'Patriots' who execute those orders every-f'n-day and drive that bus, while collecting a state paycheck for doing so.)

Dwight and Steve chose to walk into custody as ordered.  Whatever your personal thoughts on that matter, (and I have many insights as to why men would do such a thing), as you discuss this issue please be cautious not to conflate the actions of the Hammonds with those of any others involved in this unconscionable injustice.

The Hammonds as well as everyone who protests on their behalf in Good Faith deserve our support, with the understanding that every man is responsible for his own actions and no others.

Simple arithmetic: We are watching yet another massive abuse of Liberty, and a very, very few are taking any action.  A slightly smaller minority are speaking about it.  The overwhelming majority of Americans - including those Law & Order Republicans - would cheer if there was another Waco in Oregon.

Factor that into your action matrix before you take any recourse.  

Go Hard, or stay home.  The road to Rightful Liberty will be a one-way trip for most...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Badness: Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters


**UPDATE**  The Hammonds surrendered to B.O.P. and it seems some of the folks at the wildlife refuge are having second thoughts.

This is what happens when you have an inarticulate and/or unattainable goal, a bad plan, and insufficient mettle and grit to Go Hard.  I am NOT giving anyone at the refuge a hard time. I truly believe 'most' of them have their hearts in the right place.  I am merely pointing out that when you leave the porch - leave the f'n porch.

When you set out to take Vienna - TAKE VIENNA!

We saw the same thing with two unguarded wooden doors that out-witted and out-manned the 'Not one more inch' Sipsey Crew in a state Capitol building.

Go Hard or stay home, folks.  Every Fail is exponentially crippling to Liberty Forces.

Here's the update.

Remember the key distinguishing characteristic of the original III Patriots: They not only had rifles, they used them...

Having an AR does not make you III.

You are either III - or not.  Your heart reveals all, eventually.

PS: This is far from over in Oregon, methinks...

...and this is why RevWarIII is inevitable and imminent.

Hammond Rally Begins

A pic from Bend where the Hammond Rally Convoy has begun.  50-60 people in attendance so far.  They will now travel to Burns and muster at their second site, then march.  The first leg of the convoy has 131 miles to travel to Burns.

Note the Oregon III hoodies in the crowd.  Well-done Oregon Patriots. Let us hope they add many, many more Patriots to this event along the way.

These pics are courtesy of one of our III Society Son of Liberty members.  Deeds, not words...

A couple more pics from Bend:

News crews in attendance included Channel 21 Bend and several freelancers.

Godspeed to all.