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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rocks from the Left

Crowds who chanted “Donald Trump” were met with “Mr. Hate Out of Our State” as police in riot gear blocked the entrance to the Infinity Event Center in Salt Lake City. Protesters tried to rush the door of the building and got into screaming matches with Trump supporters who were barred from entering the venue.

According to KSTU-TV, people who were exiting the building were being pelted with rocks. Some protesters were seen tearing down a security tent that the U.S. Secret Service used to screen attendees before they entered the building. Story here.

Regardless of your thoughts regarding Donald Trump, consider US voters hurling rocks at one another.  Now consider what these same people will do when WalMart is down to 3 loaves of bread...

Welcome to our Banana Republic.

You need more ammo - and more bread.