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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

American Action Forum: Static Analysis

A report designed to make Trump's immigration repatriation plan look impossible engaged in absolute static analysis.  The report authors have a political agenda.  They claim it will take 20 years and half a trillion dollars to round-up and repatriate the illegal immigrants in CONUS.

What they deliberately fail to apply is dynamic analysis.  They also fail to understand just how simple it is to get a herd moving in one direction or another.

Illegal immigrants are not millions of individual fish that must be caught one at a time with single fishing poles, bobbers and hooks baited with a juicy tidbit.  Instead, they are schools of fish that simply need to be driven into nets.  Drop a few predatory fish-eaters into the waters and the entire school will move, based on nothing more than self-interest.

Vox suggests a simple bounty system.  That's one option.  There are others.  

Despite the deliberate misdirection offered by the AAF report, America could shutter the Border Patrol and ICE AND be rid of our illegals in 2-3 years - if adults are in charge.

Here's the piece.