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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dropping the Optics

We laid out a timeline just days after the 2012 election.  Our analysis was simple: As we ramp nearer to the 2016 election, 'Those who mean to be Masters' would drop the optics in direct proportion to the advance of November 8.  The nearer we get to Nov 8 - the more Bad People will abandon the pretenses of civility and politics and basic respect for the principles of Western Civilization.

To accomplish their goals, they must reveal the Beast in their hearts.

The accuracy of our analysis is on full display in both the D and R primary fights.  Clinton has her Super Delegates and the Establishment R's are willing to implode their party to avoid a Trump nomination.  Power and greed are all that matters now for these people - and because our entire society is so close to detonation, the Bad People among us care less every day about trying to conceal their Evil.

WWIII assets are being staged around the globe - from Chinese warplanes being stationed on their new islands, to NKorea and her missile movements, to Russia and her moves to secure her interests all the way to the Med, and more.  The world banking system appears to be siezing up - with bail-ins in Europe happening right now.  To conceal the rape, pillage and plunder of the last 150 years, Those who mean to be Masters must raise the fogs of war.

PJB writes of one sliver of our polygonal battlespace, here.

The smartest people in the room believe they can unleash Hell and navigate the chaos to safety on the other side.

They are wrong.

But you need more ammo.  And rice.  And allies to cover your back.