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Friday, April 8, 2016

Who wants it more?

You've been challenged with this question many times over the years at this site: Who wants it more?

It has been consistently demonstrated that the energy and motivation has almost universally been with the Leftists in America (and across the globe) in the last 50+ years.

Regardless of what you think about Trump, many of his supporters believe that they are the anti-Leftists.  This notion is why Trump's numbers and support have been so successful. The reality is rarely what matters - it is the perception that often carries the day.

So, when a group of college students organized a meeting for Trump in Leftist Portland, their gig was crashed by Leftist students and, according to all reports, quashed.  The Trump students were thugged into silence.

Who wants it more?

In this case, it was the anti-Trump faction.  They were willing to go farther to achieve their goals than were the Trump students.  Perhaps this experience will serve as a wake-up call for Trump supporters.  If so, they will push back next time and they will do the thumpin'.  If not, they will continue to be stuffed in corners and forbidden to dance.

We shall soon see the mettle of both sides.

Here's the piece.