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Friday, July 29, 2016

Roasted Jalapenos

Half of the 'prepping problem' is to provide food 3 or 6 months into a SHTF paradigm that improves morale.  Calories are easy for the prepared prepper.    Attitude and morale are entirely different considerations.

Take jalapeno peppers and halve them.  (You don't have jalapenos in you garden?  Shame on you!)  Get rid of the seeds.  Cover in Olive Oil, add Sea Salt and roast at 450 degrees for about 6 minutes.

If you want more heat, leave more seeds.

Morale = Happy.

That is all.

III Logo Combat Knife

Cold Steel GI - Branded with the III Percent Logo.

If and when you choose to leave the porch and Go Hard, make certain they know which team you played for when they clear the rubble from your corpse.  They may hit you in the face with a load of C4 - but fugg'em - Liberty or Death.

Team Liberty.

Here's the link.

Practical Prepping

It has been a couple weeks since we last checked-in regarding preps.

What have you done in the last 2 weeks to improve your prep position?

Here's a resource for this week: Azure

We simply can't allow Citizens of India to buy Air Conditioners

A thousand words to get to the simple point: Impose a carbon tax.

That's what all the talk has been about in recent weeks regarding air conditioners.  

I'll save you from the article.  The writer takes the position that 3rd world countries are becoming wealthier, and the citizens of those countries will buy more air conditioners, increasing our carbon footprint and bringing the world to an ozone-depleted end as we all roast in our own juices.

His fix: Impose a carbon tax.

This is just one more run at the desire by those who mean to be masters to impose a tax upon the cornerstone of all life on Earth.  In America you are taxed for living (Obamacare) and dying (Death tax).  Now these people want to tax your fundamental chemicals, and spread that love across the world.

Here's the piece.

Never forget that topics such as 2A and the Carbon Tax are generational and incremental for the Marxists of the world.  Each new wave of politicians and bureaucrats move ever-forward in their pursuits, handing the batons to their replacements as their individual careers wind down.

Extirpation is the answer.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

DNC Coverage: Guns, guns, guns...

Google shadow-bans Trump - claim it was a 'glitch'. Horse-puckey.  They merely lifted the ban when they got caught.  The Tech & Comms companies are owned by people who are hostile to Liberty - end of story.  Remember that when you start sweeping porches in your AO.  Here.

The emphasis that gun laws got Wednesday night would seem to be an indication that the issue is a real priority for Clinton ― that, notwithstanding the political peril, she will pursue universal background checks and other modest gun violence measures as president. here

Just too flippin' funny: Trump calls on Russia to find Hillary's deleted emails - here.

Cause & Effect?  Action & reaction?  LEO in Freddie Gray all walk - here.  Shooting of LEO up 78% - here.

More email coming?  here

It wasn't an 'oversight' - here.

D's to legalize ALL illegals within first 100 days - here.

Hollande has to go - here.

Berning it down - here.

Secession is a badness move.  Why?  Because the problem is not the Federal Government as a concept or our various states.  The problem is with the people who pervert those entities. There is not one state in the country that genuinely protects Natural and Constitutional Rights.  You can reduce to the smallest polity right now - your home - and the odds are you still have at least one person under the roof who thinks it is ok to infringe at least a few Natural and/or Constitutional Rights of some other person.  If you go to the in-laws for holidays, you'll probably have several more such people sharing your table.

The problem is people - not lines drawn on a map or the name of X group or Y polity.  

Extirpate the bad people, and the rest will take care of itself.  Stop worrying about labels and thinking the grass is always greener...


DNC member killing horses for insurance money.
DNC making fun of black womans name.
DNC telling each other, “I love you too. no homo.”
DNC requesting a pull an MSNBC commentary segment.
DNC controlling the narrative with time released stories.
DNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with Reuters.
DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign.
DNC members going to complain to Morning Joe producers about his mentioning of a “rigged system.”
DNC discussing their relationship with NBC/MSNBC/CNN and how to get better treatment.
Super PAC paying young voters to push back online Sanders supporters. Paid shills.
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz having an off the record meeting in MSNBC President Phil Griffin’s office.
DNC being messed with by the Washington Examiner.
DNC discussing Hillary’s policies as unfeasible.
$200k for a private dinner with Hillary.
Offering to send interns out to fake a protest against the RNC.
Faking outrage and pasting in a video later.
A mole working inside of the Sanders campaign.
Bringing up Sanders religion to scare the southern voters.
Possible money laundering by moving money back and forth to bypass legal limits.
Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sends them to his editor.
DNC feeding CNN the questions they want to be asked in interviews.
Creating a fake job ad for a Trump business to paint him as a sexist.
Hillary funding 2 million dollars in a cooridanted campaign in battleground states to win back the Senate.
DNC is upset that their “allies” didn’t send in protestors so they sent out interns.
“Clinton Foundation quid-pro-quo worries are lingering, will be exploited in general.”
$50,000 – Lawrence Benenson.
Daily Fundraising Report for the DNC.
Content & Social Strategy Discussion.
Re: BuzzFeed and DNC connection.
Draft linking news articles about trump to use as negative press.
Fwd: State Dinner Countdown.
Some chick is angry she hasn’t been given more stuff from the Obama administration…might be interesting to follow up.
Re: State Dinner Countdown.
Tim O’Brien: Trump’s Fixation on Inflating his Net Worth is a Cause for Concern.
RE: May Fundraising Numbers.
Hillary for America Raised $26.4 Million in April, Began May with More than $30 Million Cash on Hand.
Re: For approval: Trump supporter graphics.
Press talking points, states Hillary is their candidate, dated May 5, 2016. More of a smoking gun than the ambiguous talk in the emails themselves.
Consultant calling megyn kelly a bimbo. Has PDF attached that says the same.
DNC trying to get away with violating the Hatch Act.
Democrats using interns to organize fake “protests.”
RE: Action on DNC tomorrow (Immigration Raids).

From Gateway Pundit - here.


It seems the D's are more than willing to build a wall when they want one - around their homes, around their businesses, and around a 4 mile piece of Philadelphia when they want to keep filthy Americans at a distance.  Here's the piece.

You folks can decide how much we cover the D's this week.  Personally, I am not inclined to do much unless bodies start dropping - literally or figuratively. I'll add a few links going forward, but I am not planning to watch a moment of the speakers or media taint-suckling - unless bodies start dropping.

Feel free to forward anything you find relevant to our position in the Liberty Games.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

DNC Cluster Foxtrot

The email release is a torpedo below the waterline for HMS Clinton.  

Hillary may be the first modern candidate to actually lose ground coming out of a party convention.  

The sum total of the reveals included in the DNC hack are little more than proof of 'Politics as usual' and game rigging.  But the timing of the reveal is fueling Bernie supporters who are still seething, as they are asked to lie back and think of England.  It doesn't help that the failure to indict is still just weeks-old, and her pick of Kaine is the ultimate 'Politics as usual' choice.

Anti-Clinton forces shouldn't be celebrating the demise of her candidacy just yet.  

There is an overwhelming machine supporting Hillary, and a not-insignificant part of that machine is #NeverTrump.  Even if many Bernie voters choose to stay home and withhold their votes, Hillary could pull a Jack Sparrow and ride a sinking campaign right into her inauguration.


On Friday, a person familiar with Trump’s thinking told Bloomberg Politics that the billionaire plans to create and fund a super-PAC specifically aimed at ending the political career of Cruz, should he run for office again.

Play the long game.  Be patient.  Drink wine from their skulls.

More, here.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Media is D's Bitch

Jefferson once said that the most truthful part of any newspaper is the advertisements.

In your Targeting Matrix, do you consider Leftist 'journalists' to be targets of opportunity?

The latest DNC reveal from Wikileaks should be used to justify defensive actions against the Marxists who chose to seek the overthrow of the Constitution from inside the Fourth Estate.

Here's the piece.

AP: Support for more 2A Violations

A new poll from AP suggests growing support for more 2A violations.

8 states ban 'Assault Weapons'.  Do you live in one of these states?

Kit-up while you are still able, folks.

If you are not permitted to purchase a III Arms complete rifle - there are work-arounds.

III Arms Company.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Hillary Goes Full Retard with Kaine

Here's the piece.

Marxists Stood Down at Cleveland

A few days before the RNC began two of the most prolific, high-profile Marxist/Black Lives Matter agitators in America met with POTUS in the White House.  There had been promises of violence and blocked highways in Cleveland, a continued escalation from Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Public sentiment about the violence in Dallas and Baton Rouge was turning angrily toward the Leftists.  They were being blamed by average Americans.  The violence gave Donald Trump the 'Law & Order' high ground - gift wrapped.  The political risks associated with escalation at the RNC would have murdered the Clinton campaign before the DNC even launched.

Shabazz & Company were in Cleveland in the days leading up to the Convention - and then, they weren't.  And in their absence, no riots.  No highways shut down.  No Micah Johnson. No Gavin Long.

Like flipping a switch, the Marxist puppet masters in America were able to simply stop the violence.  When a few agitators stand down, the violence stops.  Clevelnd would have burned at their order - and it did not.  Not even Baltimore erupted with the final acquittal in Freddie Gray's murder.  The biggest agitator on the ground in Cleveland, who actually provoked a scuffle, was Alex Jones.  Had he stayed in Texas, we wouldn't have had even that little blip of confrontation.

Yes, the Marxists are entrenched in America.  They have won the hearts & minds fight.

Yes, we are living in a Police State and in a post-Rule of Law society.

Yes, the North American Liberty Games are underway.

Yes, those of us who actually embrace the ideals articulated in the DoI, USC and BoR - and actually live by those ideals - are a nearly non-existent minority.  We are statistically and realistically insignificant. We are even outnumbered by the people who claim to be 'Patriots' who work for the King and take his stolen Entitlement money.

Yes, there is going to be a fight.  It is likely far in the future and will be futile.

No - Americans are NOT seething in the masses, with organic and genuine rage barely contained at the current state of affairs.  

No - Americans are NOT even CLOSE to taking arms - on either side of the battle lines - and engaging one another beyond the occasional Lone Wolf.

The frog in the pot died long ago.  You are I are nothing more than death's twitches.

When the POTUS can summon just 2 people into the White House and so obviously give a stand down order to Enemies of Liberty that determines whether a major American city burns or not, and that order is followed so brazenly, and Americans do not hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats...

...we are done.

POTUS Predictions 2016

1) But for a coup or nationwide theft by Marxists that hijacks the American political system - by force with Stasi enforcement modalities - Donald Trump will crush Hillary Clinton in the election.

2) The President elected in 2024 or 2028 will have combat experience on American soil.

3) We are at the dawn of the 'Trump Dynasty'.  Similar to the Bush & Clinton 'Dynasties' in terms of relatives rotating through the offices of politics based on name recognition - the next national political Trumper is Ivanka.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

RNC 2016: Day Four LIVE

RNC Coverage:

It is rare, but it happens.  I disagree with PJB.  I agree that if Trump wins the Oval, Cruz is done.  However, I think if Trump loses to Hillary, Cruz is the one guy who gets to play the 'I told you so' card for 2020 - and the milquetoast will nod and nominate him.  Here's the piece.  For the record - when I disagree with PJB, I am often wrong...

Plain & Simple: It was a very good speech.  Now, if he lives up to it, he'll be a great 'modern' President.  That said - even if he is a great President, course & speed are locked and the North American Liberty Games will run their course.  You need more ammo.

Where's the H8 at RNC?  Aside from a few scuffles, a bit of wee-wee and one Commie setting himself afire, BLM and their affiliates have been a yawn. I guess all Commies are the same.  Did the Commie puppeteers decide to pull back?  Did they actively fail?  Did the Bikers for Trump put the fear of hot lead into them?  Analysis: If the hate and rage put forth by MSM actually existed on an organic level, Cleveland would be smoldering rubble right now.  Without a handful of agitators, the Commies and their Useful Idiots are no more ready to rock than are the FSA Patriot Brigades.

Anyone in Massachusetts who wants an AR - here ya go.  Fcuk Tyrants.

AR in Massachusetts?  Not any longer - here.  (CavMed)

Monday: DNC begins - here.  

Pence Speech: Vid here. (Tom)

No problems with the LEO Mindset.  Keep moving, peasant - here.

Tonight: Trump Speaks - here's the piece.

Cruz commits political suicide - IF Trump loses...  here.

Dead KC LEO 'not' Ambushed - here.

Tonight on the Stage: Cruz.  Here.

Big turnout in viewers for RNC - here.

Polls: Don't put much stock in the national polling.  1) All candidates ALWAYS get a convention bump - Hillary will also.  2) National polls mean nothing in American politics - it's all about the electoral map.  Here.

Commie Agitators Failing at RNC?  Here.

If Trump Wins - a Coup?  LA Times, here.

'Workers Party' - Commies prevalent at RNC.  This is one of the outfits Red Mikey played for when he was openly committing Treason and more mundane felonies against the republic. Remember boys and girls, Commies murdered tens of millions of people around the world in the 20th century alone, and Red Mikey was right there, funneling them cash and doing their dirty work. Yeah, he's going to Heaven, alright... Here's the link from RNC.

Cleveland: Urine Wars - here.

Kansas City LEO shot & killed in squad car - here.

It's Official: Trump 2016 - here.

Alex Jones starts a ruckus in Cleveland - here.

From CavMed: Here.

GatewayPundit refutes 'Shots Fired' claim - here.

Shots Fired in Cleveland at LEO Transport - here here(Thanks MJ)

Frenchie has a decision to take: Extirpate every Muslim and Muslim-enabler within their borders, or die.  Here.  (Thanks ToneDeaf)

More LEO revealing their anti-2A Police Statism - here.

Black Lives Matters shuts down I-95 in Richmond Monday - here 

Melania speech Analysis: It seems obvious that this is an act of sabotage - a landmine inserted for future detonation - from someone on Team Trump.  This is the sort of tactic the Establishment will use through the campaign to try and derail Trump without having the courage to own their sabotage.  Here.

#NeverTrumpers stomped - here.

If Donald Trump has done nothing else - he has mortally wounded the Bush/Ryan GOP. PJB on the topic - here.

An AK-101 with a custom grip in Cleveland - here.

Guns in the crowd - here.

As we calculated several weeks ago, the drama around 'NeverTrump' fizzled before it ever got started - here.

Mo takes the train - here.

#NeverTrumpers making their first run - here.

Turks pressing Incirlik - here.

Bikers for Trump on the Ground - here.

Tulsa Standoff with Pickup Truck - here.

Live - here.

Daytona FL LEO Car Firebombed Sunday - here.

Maquis Rising - here.
Amnesty International on the ground

Obama Tweaks LEO - Here.

Freddie Gray NOT Murdered - here.

Shabazz: There will be violence in Cleveland - here

Cleveland LEO Union asks for 2A Suspension - here.
Cui Bono?  Riot gear manufacturers

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Weekend of Rage: Milwaukee & Baton Rouge LEO Shootings

LEO Radio Traffic from Baton Rouge - here.  Thanks MJ

Cleveland LEO - The Mask of Tyrants Falls: Cleveland LEO Union calls for suspension of Open Carry for RNC.  Here's the link.  Now you know where Cleveland LEO stands regarding your 2A.

Baltimore: 20+ Arrested - here.

LEO Shot in Ambush - Wisconsin: Here.  Good work, ToneDeaf (several links below are his)

LEO Down in Baton Rouge: Here & Here - Live here. CNN here.

We must wonder if Blane Salamoni & Howie Lake II - the LEO who shot Sterling - if they feel any responsibility for dead LEO in Dallas and now Baton Rouge.  Simple fact: If you carry yourself as if you are in a war, someone will treat you as if you are in a war...

Who's Who coming to protest at RNC: Here.

Brief Analysis: That there was almost no organic BLM activity across the nation on Friday, one must conclude that since the Marxist puppetmasters are focused on Cleveland, their network of agitators is not only finite, but rather limited.  If their was indeed widespread, near-violence boiling across the country, the lack of a few instigators would not matter.

Extirpate the puppetmasters, the puppets will fall to the floor...

Look for any real action to be in Cleveland, where they have amassed.

Let's make it global, because: Nice

Cleveland: Check the video

Turkey: As a rule, when you take a shot at the King, do not miss - here.

FBI: Credible Threat for South Florida - here.

It begins in Charm City: AR Attack on LEO in Baltimore.

Coup in Turkey qualifies for Weekend of Rage: Here.

Pushback in Rhode Island against Mo's Morons: Here.

Marine LePen: War.

Fire at the Eiffel Tower, here. (Frenchie says no Terror connection.)

Cleveland LEO order Stand Down?  Here  (Mike's shop is usually balls-on accurate.  It doesn't mean terms won't change if some politician thinks it will help his career - but don't plan on any help from LEO in Cleveland next week at RNC.)  Thanks to M for the link.

In the French: Extirper...

Translation?  You already know:

Weekend of Rage: ThreatCon elevated to Orange

We have elevated the ThreatCon level for Patriots to Orange effective immediately - here.

Orange will remain in effect until at least the close of RNC activities.

If you are present or within 1/2 tank of fuel to any of the following AOs, be prepared to elevate to ThreatCon RED without notice:

Little Rock
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Washington DC
Des Moines
New Orleans
Ann Arbor
St. Louis
Carson City
Salt Lake City

Bloggers are free to add the ThreatCon Status System to their platforms, free.

Police State Mentality

Meet the Andros Drone that was used to kill Micah Johnson.  Thanks to ToneDeaf for the link.

No matter what you may think of Johnson, how the situation was resolved, blah, blah, there is simply no denying that using a drone to kill an American on American soil is an evolution of the rules of engagement between the citizenry and 'the Government'.

If you are my age or older, you have watched the revolver give way to the semi-auto as issue weapons to LEO.  You have watched the 'Police Officer' or 'Peace Officer' evolve to the 'Law Enforcement Officer' and to the full-blown Paramilitary found in most AOs today.

Students of History will find little room to disagree that in the span of just 50 years or so, America has witnessed the evolution from overly-legislated republic to Police State.

It is what it is...

Ammo Source

A site recommended by a trusted ally.

Here's the link.

You do not have enough ammo.

More on this later, but the coming 10 days will tell us all about the course the remainder of our lives will take...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

National Day of Rage: Friday 15 July

**UPDATE**  Here's a thought: If LEO in your town are not infringing Natural and Constitutional Rights, you have nothing to worry about from them.  And if LEO in your town are not infringing Natural and Constitutional Rights, they should have nothing to fear from you, either.  It is always a matter of individuals - never the collective.  Here's another piece.

**UPDATE** Los Angeles, here.

**UPDATE**  Day of Rage FB Page - here.

**UPDATE**  New Black Panthers to Open Carry at RNC - here.  

Ohio law: Ohio is a traditional open-carry state. The open-carry of firearms by those who legally possess the firearm is a legal activity in Ohio with or without a license. One need not have a concealed handgun license (CHL, CCW) to transport an unloaded handgun in a motor vehicle but it must be secured/contained and located in the vehicle requiring an exit of said vehicle to access it. Ammunition and magazines must be in a separate compartment or holding device. 


Thanks to MJ for the heads-up.  Good find.

If this gains any traction, Patriots should consider the wisdom in hunkering down to protect home & hearth.  No advantage will be gained by Patriots in the middle of Marxist-motivated rioters squaring-off with Police State elements.

Here's the list: (Link is here)

N A T I O N W I D E     C A L L    T O    A C T I O N  ===   J U L Y   1 5   2 0 1 6


Phoenix: 5:00PM (EASTLAKE PARK, 1549 E Jefferson St , Phoenix, AZ 85034)
Tuscon: 5:00PM (CATALINA PARK, 900 N 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705)
Little Rock: 6:00PM (OUTSIDE STATE CAPITOL BUILDING, Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr., Little Rock, AR 72201)
San Francisco: 4:00PM (CIVIC CENTER PLAZA, 355 Mcallister St, San Francisco, California 94102)
Oakland: 4:00PM (FRANK OGAWA PLAZA, 1 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612)
Los Angeles: 4:00PM (LEIMERT PLAZA PARK, 4395 Leimert Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90008)
Denver: 5:00PM (CIVIC CENTER PARK, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, Colorado 80204)
Washington DC: 7:00PM (OUTSIDE WHITE HOUSE, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500)
Atlanta: 7:00PM (OLD DECATUR COURTHOUSE, 101 E Court Sq, Decatur, GA 30030)
Orlando: 7:00PM (LAKE EOLA PARK, 195 N Rosalind Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801)
Miami: 7:00PM (GWEN CHERRY PARK, NW 71 St., Miami, Florida, 33147)
Chicago: 6:00PM (RICHARD J DALEY CENTER, 50 W Washington St, Chicago, Illinois 60602)
Des Moines: 6:00PM (IOWA STATE CAPITOL, 1007 E Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50319)
New Orleans: 6:00PM (LAFAYETTE SQUARE, New Orleans, LA 70130)
Baltimore: 7:00PM (201 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202)
Boston: 7:00PM (MASSACHUSETTS STATE HOUSE, 24 Beacon St, Boston, MA 01233)
Detroit: 7:00PM (Campus Martius Park, Detroit, Michigan 48226)
Lansing: 7:00PM (STATE CAPITOL BUILDING, Capitol Avenue at Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933)
Ann Arbor: 7:00PM (THE DIAG, Burns Park, Ann Arbor, MI 48109)
Minneapolis: 6:00PM (MINNEAPOLIS URBAN LEAGUE, 2100 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411
St. Louis: 6:00PM (GATEWAY ARCH, St. Louis 63102)
Carson City: 4:00PM (NEVADA STATE CAPITOL BUILDING, 101 N Carson St, Carson City, Nevada 89701)
Manhattan, NY: 7:00PM (TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan, NY, 10036)
Newark: 7:00PM (NEWARK CITY HALL, 920 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102)
Durham: 7:00PM (200 E. Main St. Durham, North Carolina)
Columbus: 7:00PM (GOODALE PARK, Columbus, Ohio 43215)
Cleveland: 7:00PM (CLEVELAND PUBLIC LIBRARY, 325 Superior Ave E, Cleveland, Ohio 44114)
Portland: 4:00PM (PIONEER COURTHOUSE SQUARE, 701 SW 6th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97204)
Philadelphia: 7:00PM (LOVE PARK, 1599 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102)
Pittsburgh: 7:00PM (PITTSBURGH CITY-COUNTY BUILDING, 414 Grant St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219)
Nashville: 6:00PM (801 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203 Estes Kefauver Federal Building)
Memphis: 6:00PM (Health Sciences Park Memphis, TN)
Austin: 6:00PM (TEXAS STATE CAPITOL, Outside South Gate-11th and Congress Ave.)
Salt Lake City: 5:00PM (SALT LAKE CITY COMMUNITY COLLEGE, 4600 S Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah 84123)
Seattle: 4:00PM (QUEEN ANNE BAPTIST CHURCH, 2011 1st Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109)
Milwaukee: 5:00PM (DINEEN PARK, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)





Tuesday, July 12, 2016

RNC Delegates: A Starting Point

The links below will take you to the delegates to the RNC for each state.

Detailed information on each delegate is not provided - but it is a starting point.

If anyone can find a link for an accurate listing of delegates, let me know.

Watch how they behave at the RNC.

Then, you behave accordingly...

Republican delegates by state

Washington, D.C., and the territories