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Monday, July 11, 2016

Banned by FoxNews.com?

**UPDATE** Tuesday 7/12 1130 Hours - No response from FoxNews.  We've discovered other sites that seem to have links to Fox content blocked within the Liberty blogosphere.

**UPDATE**  As of Noon, Pacific - Access Denied still in place.  No reply from FoxNews to our requests for an explanation.   Denial is across all Fox platforms (FoxBusiness.com, etc)

**UPDATE** 0950 Pacific: Access Denied in place again.  Bouncing back and forth from active links to 'Access Denied' every few minutes.  

**UPDATE**  'Access Denied' for more than 3 hours, encountered by my readers from coast-to-coast.  Links appear to be live again as of about 9:35 Pacific.


Once again we take point.  Once again we take fire for daring to do so.

FoxNews.com has begun banning links from our site to their content. 

Does Fox have a problem with III Percenters?

Test for yourself - click any of the links below and see if you get an 'Access Denied' from the Fox website.  Then copy & paste the link directly into your browser - and see if you get to the story.

Fascinating.  Not even HuffPo bans us.

Black Militia Leader story, here.

Switch in LEO Strategy story, here.

Even the Busty Sand Sculpture story, here.

Let's try FoxBusiness.com, here.

A few non-Fox links for comparison:

Drudge, here.

HuffPo, here.

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny - What's up, Fox?