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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trump is Winning because he listened to PJB

Why is Trump appealing to many of us?  Because many of us have met and followed Pat Buchanan for decades.  We've heard and embraced many of the policy positions stated by The Donald for decades before Donald Trump came on the scene.  Donald Trump is the voice, but the words fall upon the ears as PJB gospel.

Make no mistake: Donald Trump is no Pat Buchanan.  I do not believe Trump embraces all of the policies and positions with the depth of conviction PJB does - indeed, many of his positions are held for purely political advantage.  

But when Trump hits the right melody, it sounds like this"Not one single idea she's got will create one net American job or create one new dollar of American wealth for our workers," Trump said of Hillary Clinton. "The only thing she can offer is a welfare check. That's about it."

Sadly, welfare checks are exactly what most Americans want, even many 'Patriots'.  And do not forget HRC means to drastically grow the Bureaucratic State & Police State - providing more welfare under the guise of 'jobs' to people who could never feed themselves in the free market.

Our world *is* over-populated - the maggots and other parasites have been allowed to grow too numerous and their 'feed from the host' ideals and moral standards have been allowed to take root in our culture.  Today, even the host believes the parasites have a right to feed upon them...