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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Liberty or Death

I bear witness to the fact that throughout my lifetime, the lifeblood of my republic has been drained away by greedy and self-serving men, from high to low, who contrive nought but deception against their neighbors and countrymen, and who fail to consider that their children and mine shall share the same fate, the same future, and I am saddened by it.
Therefore, as much as my soul laments against the harsh truth before me, I make this declaration to my enemies who press me into this battle, that none shall be able to afterwards say “I did not know, you did not warn me”;

I do not care why you took that job with the government, or why you continue to hold it. I only know that you have become Judas and sold yourself to an oppressive state – your government office buildings and vehicles are part of the battlefield, and as a soldier I shall act accordingly.

I do not care why, as a journalist, you choose to spin and corrupt the news, rather than report the plain truth and let the people judge for themselves. I only know that you have violated the public trust in the most vile and seditious manner, and thus your homes, offices, studios, vehicles, and any other place you may find yourself are part of the battlefield, and as a soldier I shall act accordingly.

I do not care why you signed that union card. I only know that you pay dues to a communist organization which conducts treasonous works against my Republic daily – and so your union hall and your work-sites are part of the battlefield, and as a soldier I shall act accordingly.

RTWT - http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/a-time-to-kill/

When I wrote the above, I was calling out to people to wake up, smell the coffee, and look around. To see what was really going on, to prepare and make careful decisions.

Well, now they will make the choice - either awake and aware; or asleep at the wheel. Because the time has come.

Time - It's a commodity we no longer have:
time to awaken; time to seek the truth; time to learn essential skills; time to put ourselves and our families in positions of relative stability and safety; time to arm up; time to fill our pantries and larders; time to brace for impact;
I hope you spent the time you had well, because everything is about to be weighed and measured in the crucible of conflict - the time for preparing has now dwindled from years, down to just weeks. Sooner than we'd like, that last of those days shall dwindle down and a darkness will settle upon all things...

We have lived our entire lives in twilight, enjoying the fruits of our forefathers work and sacrifice. But now the fire they built for us has died down to just a few embers, and shall soon be exhausted completely - we did not feed the fire, as we were obliged to do. In the slumber of our ease and comfort, we let it die out. Our society did this - it is undeniable.

The darkness which closes in, is the darkness of lies, and we are enfolded into the embracing cloak of evil. The only light which can dispel that darkness is the Truth, and the only blade which can pierce that cloak is submission to the Truth.
All else shall be consumed.

It has been now, fully a decade that I have been sounding the alarm - I was certain once I saw their conduct in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and have been speaking out ever since - but there were those sounding the alarm long before ever I took up the call.

And no one can deny that,