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Monday, October 24, 2016

More War

More on Russia's new posture regarding us, here.

Consider this: Russia is moving her fleet toward Syria, deliberately being provocative as she passes the UK.  We know Russia intends to be the dominant force in the Middle East.  We know the Bear is not afraid of war - even war with us.  

So, after the Motherland has positioned the Admiral Kutsenov and her escorts off Syria - what if they decided to remind the world that Russia is, indeed, a Super Power by dropping a small tactical nuke on some target in the area?  She would up the ante and cross a line that many people - foolishly - think Russia will not cross.

And just what, exactly, would Obama or Clinton do to retaliate if Putin decides to flex and turn a city of Mo's Morons into a glass parking lot?  

Short of a full nuclear exchange - which nobody in America would authorize - our political class would be told to sit down and shut up by the Bear.

And sit they would...