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Saturday, October 8, 2016

That's going to leave a mark...

I do not care who you are - when Matt Drudge tells his 1 BILLION page views each month you are pussy whipped, you lose.


I really do not care how sexist this may sound to some of you, here's the reality: I do NOT want a President who can't pull serious Betty's.  Let's get this straight - a President who can fill his bank account in the private sector and score First Class women is NOT a bad option.  
Do you want some loser running the country who can't earn a paycheck or bed a Betty?

I do not.  

If the best you can do is a Welfare check and a fat welfare sow, you don't get a vote from this guy.

Let the howling begin.

FYI: Our friends in Florida and NC are safe and weathering the storm.