Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Monday, October 17, 2016

Where do we go from here, Patriots?

Donald Trump has secured his place in Heaven if for no other reason than this: He has helped rip the mask off the Beast.

No thinking Human Being can claim to be intelligent and honest and not comprehend the Evil that is now on full display, without filters, during the 2016 election cycle.  HRC is corrupt and she is the face of global corruption.  End of story.  She is Paul Ryan's leader, and all of those like him - McCain, Romney, et cetera.  Trump is no Jeffersonian - he is merely a catalyst, showing every American the true state of their world - for those who will see.

Every major corporate media outlet is part of the Clinton Machine - even Fox.  They are all working together to maintain their grip on you and me.  Most big companies are more committed to their bottom line than to the country that made their existence possible in the first place.  Most of your neighbors would trade your entire family into an oven for a bread chit.

All of this is the value of the 2016 election - it is on display.  No more platitudes.  No more masks or 'optics'.  No more bullshit.  I do not care what you may think of Donald Trump as a man - as a candidate, he ripped the mask off the beast.

Now, you must take a decision.  Do you take a knee and try to live out your remaining years in some semblance of comfort?  Or, do you stand up and defend the concept of Rightful Liberty?

This is your decision to take - but you no longer have the luxury of pretending that D-Day is not upon you.  Any man or woman in America who fails to decide, right now, has decided - and they are the enemy. If you take a dollar from your neighbor that has been taken from him by .Gov, you are the enemy.  If you fail to stand tall with a musket in your hands today, with the reality that is on display, you are the enemy.  There are no bystanders.  

You stand with John Parker, or you fcuking stand against him.  Playtime is over.  Hiding behind pathetic concepts or constructs of ideology is no longer a viable option.  You stand with Rightful Liberty, or you stand opposed.  You parse words and play circle-jerking games and define yourselves as Enemies of Liberty - for you lack the courage to do the Hard Things.

Those who stand opposed get nothing but an opened doorway to the River Styx - a doorway opened by a Patriot.  

It is not my place to rally you.  It is not my place to rile you.  But I give you fair warning - it is my place to put you into a simple black and white paradigm, for I am threatened.  You mean to do me no harm, or you mean to infringe my Rightful Liberty.  Black & White.  No middle-ground.  No parsing.  Ally or enemy.

So, I send forth Fair Warning - I will not be infringed.  

Leave me alone.  Or you will be engaged as a threat to my life.  You will not survive that fight.

I encourage every American Patriot to comprehend that we are on the edge of a genocide against us.  Decide what you will.  It is what it is...

Not much will change under a Trump presidency.

Under an HRC presidency - EVERYTHING will change.

That is all.