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Monday, November 21, 2016

Fair Warning to Sanctuary City/State Officials

Fcuk me?  No, amigo - fcuk you...
Entering the United States illegally is a misdemeanor the first time.

It is a felony the second time.  Here, look for yourself.

Harboring illegals?  Oh my.  A felony count for each instance.

Governors, mayors, LEO officials, special interest groups, employers - take heed.  If the Trump Administration doesn't begin prosecuting you for your willful disregard for the security of the nation and the reckless endangerment of We the People - we will.  And we will not offer the niceties you will find in a FedGov court.

As my friend, the Gentleman from North Carolina, often reminds you all - you have been warned.

But it looks like Attorney General Sessions may restore some honor to the DoJ and handle your Treasonous behaviors, here.

III Percent Patriots