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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Heads on a Swivel Time, Patriots...

**When Mexico and Iran want HRC - what does that tell you?**  Here.

This from Zed, here.

Lots of rumblings tonight in the deeper reaches of the 'net - something big coming tomorrow, around 10am~noon EST. 

Aparently it has two parts - one is from Comey, but the other is from a non-gov source. Could be WikiLeaks, or something else alltogether. 

All I can say is to be very careful about where you go tomorrow - you don't want to get caught in any 'protest zones'.


Whoever you are, whatever life experiences you have had, Normalcy Bias may have you to some degree.  Push it back and be ready.

We are truly living through the same dangerous moments that History has recorded all over the planet, all through time - this is the stuff of which revolutions begin, civil wars trigger, and genocides leave the abstract and arrive on the door step.

Protect yourselves.  

We warned you since the 2012 election - the optics would drop.  They have dropped completely.

Top-tier Dems are dropping like flies.  And when I say Dems I mean Communist tyrants who mean to be Masters - Wasserman, Brazile, Abedin, and more every moment it looks like HRC herself is on the menu.  She will not go quietly into that good night - she's already been promised a prison cell if Donald wins.  However, if she wins, she'll pardon her friends and move forward.  She has everything to win or lose - and she has no shame.

Heads on swivels, folks. 

**NOT UNRELATED**  Podesta Pal Leading DOJ Side of Huma Weiner Emails, here.  They are trying to muscle a fix.  If it succeeds, there will be a Constitutional Crisis.  If they fail, they should all go to prison.  UPDATE - HERE.

**NOT UNRELATED** Pennsylvania State Police Raid Dems for Voter Fraud** Here.

**NOT UNRELATED** India & Pakis Trade Fire at Kashmir, here.

**NOT UNRELATED** Is WikiLeaks about to dump HRC's 33,000 deleted emails?  Here.

**NOT UNRELATED**  Dems ALREADY SUING ELECTION RESULTS - If HRC wins, given what we know and what is obvious, and you are not motivated to a war footing, you are wrong.  Here & Here.

**NOT UNRELATED**  For those of you thinking Huma will flip - you are insane.  Unless charges of Espionage are brought into the mix, she's facing no more than 5 years - a cake walk for a woman who loves her boss.  She'd eat a 5-year sentence for HRC like it was breakfast.  And she knows if she shuts her mouth and HRC wins, she'll be pardoned.  Then she'll be awarded a 7-figure salary on K Street the day after she leaves prison.  She has every motivation for keeping her pie hole shut - love, and the realities of an HRC win. 

Here's the piece.

**Intent to Deceive?**  HRC staffers discuss 'dumping' all the emails - presumably the 33,000 HRC deleted because they had 'no relevance'.  We shall see.  Just remember, you do not need mens rea to be convicted any more - but if it is on display, you will lose.  Here.