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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Trumpening is the Alpha State, not the Omega State

A sea change in thought is taking place in the West.

Liberalism appears to be a dying faith. America’s elites may still preach their trinity of values: diversity, democracy, equality. But the majorities in America and Europe are demanding that the borders be secured and Third World immigrants kept out.

A sea change, indeed.

But here is the reality: The Marxists will not simply go away because electoral politics swing away from them for a cycle, a few cycles, or even a few generations.

Unless they are cast out, in one form or another, and become seen as a plague upon Humanity, a pestilence to be spit upon and excluded from all civil circles, they will continue to infect and disease everything we hold dear.

If you think the Trumpening means 'Liberty won' - you are wrong at the molecular level.

The Trumpening evolved because a sufficient number of Americans found enough of their testicular fortitude to actually voice the word 'No!' in the safe-space of a voting booth.

Until an equally sufficient number of Americans - about 3 percent or so, historically - find the same resolve with more than words and ballots, this Trumpening is but a delusion.

Extirpate.  It is what is for breakfast.  And you'd better understand - this is the last chance Liberty has in America.  If we fail to move now and Go Hard, under the supporting fire from on-high that the Trumpening 'may' offer, we lose.

That is all.

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