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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sanctuary Battles Heating Up

Significant news from Cav Med - San Fran withdraws from cooperating with FBI on Terrorism.

Here's the piece.

Consider: Berkeley.  Is it possible President Trump directed FBI to start looking into the Antifa idiots after last night, and this spurred the move? I bet investigations into the Leftists activity over the years, and especially now, would find more than a few well-known fingers in that pie.

Maybe, maybe not.  But in all things we must look for traces of Cause & Effect, particularly with such 'coincidental' timing.

One thing is certain: The Obama Admin had knowledge of (and ties to) the Soros-funded mayhem of BLM and Antifa, et al,  over the last 8 years.  They chose not to act, and perhaps even shield their allies.  That same information in the hands of President Trump's administration will likely yield staggeringly different results.

I could make the case for sedition and treason for Soros.  I wonder if Team Trump may do the same...