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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

tomayto - tomahto - You're Fired!

A thousand plus have signed onto the State Department memo condemning President Trump's vetting program.

They call it 'dissent'.

I suggest it is a 'resignation'.  I might just stand and cheer if President Trump booted them all, despite the protections they 'think' they have as FedGov employees.  (If you've never examined just how hard it is to be fired as a FedGov employee, I promise you - they are better protected than any Union 'Boss' could ever hope to be.)

Some of those idiots believe they will survive 'just fine' if they lose their jobs.  I wonder if they have noticed that the Clinton Foundation is no longer hiring?  The others simply think they are untouchable.

Well, Harry - I can touch you now!

Unleash Tillerson and let him gut Foggy Bottom, and rebuild it in his image.  Fuggit - I might even apply - don't you think I'd make a good 'America First' Statesman?  Ha!!!

Can you see the Saudis prepping for the next Kerodin visit?

'By Allah, he's going to want to eat those BBQ pork ribs at the King's table again!'