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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Thomas A. Baker (June 25, 1916 – July 7, 1944)

Thomas A. Baker (June 25, 1916 – July 7, 1944) was a Sergeant in the United States Army during World War II. He served with Alpha Company, 105th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry division in the Philippines. He received a Medal of Honor posthumously for his actions in combat on the island of Saipan.
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty at Saipan,  June 19 to July 7 1944. When his entire company was held up by fire from automatic weapons and small-arms fire from strongly fortified enemy positions that commanded the view of the company, Sgt. (then Pvt.) Baker voluntarily took a bazooka and dashed alone to within 100 yards of the enemy. Through heavy rifle and machinegun fire that was directed at him by the enemy, he knocked out the strong point, enabling his company to assault the ridge. Some days later while his company advanced across the open field flanked with obstructions and places of concealment for the enemy, Sgt. Baker again voluntarily took up a position in the rear to protect the company against surprise attack and came upon 2 heavily fortified enemy pockets manned by 2 officers and 10 enlisted men which had been bypassed. Without regard for such superior numbers, he unhesitatingly attacked and killed all of them. Five hundred yards farther, he discovered 6 men of the enemy who had concealed themselves behind our lines and destroyed all of them. On 7 July 1944, the perimeter of which Sgt. Baker was a part was attacked from 3 sides by from 3,000 to 5,000 Japanese. During the early stages of this attack, Sgt. Baker was seriously wounded but he insisted on remaining in the line and fired at the enemy at ranges sometimes as close as 5 yards until his ammunition ran out. Without ammunition and with his own weapon battered to uselessness from hand-to-hand combat, he was carried about 50 yards to the rear by a comrade, who was then himself wounded. At this point Sgt. Baker refused to be moved any farther stating that he preferred to be left to die rather than risk the lives of any more of his friends. A short time later, at his request, he was placed in a sitting position against a small tree . Another comrade, withdrawing, offered assistance. Sgt. Baker refused, insisting that he be left alone and be given a soldier's pistol with its remaining 8 rounds of ammunition. When last seen alive, Sgt. Baker was propped against a tree, pistol in hand, calmly facing the foe. Later Sgt. Baker's body was found in the same position, gun empty, with 8 Japanese lying dead before him. His deeds were in keeping with the highest traditions of the U.S. Army.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


He then said, though, that the struggle of our time will be between “the forces of freedom, openness and global community against the forces of authoritarianism, isolationism and nationalism.”

“Forces for the flow of knowledge, trade and immigration against those who would slow them down,” he continued. “This is not a battle of nations, it’s a battle of ideas.”

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Comey - meh...

I truly do not give three damns or half a turkey turd about the Comey drama.  This is pure politics for Rs and Ds - it simply does not matter to real Americans.

That said - Maxine Waters: I Don't Support Trump Firing Comey, I Would Support Hillary Clinton Firing Comey

That Maxine quote quantifies and qualifies everything that is off the rails in America.

Here's the piece.

You do not have enough ammo.

Antifa Pig Farmers in Boston: May 13, 2017

Boston Common at noon.

Here's the link.

Interesting how every 12-18 months the same Leftist fcuks do their Leftist schtick under a new Leftist organizational name?  Just sayin'.

Extirpate fewer than 500 of these Leftists across the nation and watch how docile they become...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bob Owens ate a bullet...

Statist cuck.  No loss to Liberty, as he actively worked against genuine 2A.  We called it in 2014, here.

Here's the MSM piece on his suicide.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Columbus Antifa: He's not entirely wrong...

Here's the FB page.

Any objectively honest Patriot will admit several points: Too many 'Patriots' are fat, lazy, over 45, under-trained, comfortable on the sofa and unwilling to clear leather.

Another objectively demonstrable point: The Leftists are better organized, better financed, more motivated, generally much younger, training harder than most 'Militia' units, have far more support among the general population, - and will be willing to shoot first. It is a tiny step from hurling a Molotov to popping-off live rounds.

For every 'Patriot' tempted to float the rebuttals and excuses - don't bother.  We are dealing with objective observations.  Sure, 'once Patriots get into the fight' the paradigm may change.  But let's be intellectually honest - as you read this post, you will NOT pick up your kit and 'get into the fight' if a few Leftists drop a few OathKeepers or MAGA Trumpers at the next Berkeley mash-up.

The Leftists have every advantage.  And they are willing to press those advantages for their ideals.

If you consider yourself a Threeper, the time for clearly deciding in your mind under what circumstances you will leave the porch, is here.

The Democrat Influence in Idaho

As Leftist Californians abandon their state, some come here to Northern Idaho.  Not many, but too many.  As with all invasive and infesting species, they attempt to bend local traditions to their own will.  Such attempts are met with generally little success - but they do have an impact in places like Coeur d'Alene.

And while the Pig Farmer mentality is as infested here in Idaho as it is most places in America (Just because a Pig Farmer calls himself a Republican or Conservative doesn't mean squat - Pig Farmers come in all flavors), the reality here in Northern Idaho is that the depth of influence of Stupidus Liberalis is orders of magnitude lower than anywhere else I have ever traveled.  This is particularly true here in Benewah County.

What was it like the last time you had to go to DMV/MVA in your AO?  My last trip took me 9 minutes, which included parking my rig, entering the courthouse, signing a single form (and my debit card receipt), thanking the nice ladies (there are only two in the office, and it is not a dedicated MVA/DMV office) and leaving with my updated registration, getting back to my truck, and heading off to my next chore.  Smog/emmissions tests?  Not here.  Registering a new (or new to you) vehicle?  You bring your rig to the courthouse, see the same ladies inside.  They come out and verify your VIN through the windshield, then finish up your title/registration inside.  Total time the last time I did it?  About 12-15 minutes.  No routine or annual 'safety inspections' or stickers that must be renewed, which are merely taxes laid upon drivers in other places.

Water meters?  None.  It is a flat monthly fee (a small fee at that) for unlimited water, sewer and weekly trash pick-up.  Zoning and permit headaches?  Not so much - especially outside of town.  Onerous 'licensing' requirements for tradesmen and business owners?  Nope.

I say all that simply to help illustrate just how many years removed Idaho is from places like California, coastal Washington and Oregon, and nearly every major city across America.  

The best illustration: The best candidate the Democrats can field for the Governor's Mansion is currently in jail & homeless.  Here's the piece.

BTW - this post is not an invitation to come and live here.  

California to tax space flight...

Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. - Ronald Reagan

You do not have enough ammo.

Here's the piece.

History Repeats

"First come the marches and demonstrations. Then the assertion of the right to civil disobedience, to break the law for a higher cause by blocking streets and highways. Then comes the confronting of cops, the smashing of windows, the fistfights, the throwing of stones – as in Portland on May Day.

And, now, the shouting down of campus speakers.

The rage and resentment of the left at its rejection in 2016 are palpable. Sometimes this fever passes peacefully, as in the “Cooling of America” in the 1970s. And sometimes it doesn’t.

But to have crowds of left and right coming out to confront one another violently, in a country whose citizens possess 300 million guns, is probably not a good idea.

RevWarIII - or CivWarII if you prefer - is imminent, unless 'Patriots' continue to lie back and think of England.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

List of Obamacare Taxes Repealed

-Abolishes the Obamacare Individual Mandate Tax which hits 8 million Americans each year.
-Abolishes the Obamacare Employer Mandate Tax. Together with repeal of the Individual Mandate Tax repeal this is a $270 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes Obamacare’s Medicine Cabinet Tax which hits 20 million Americans with Health Savings Accounts and 30 million Americans with Flexible Spending Accounts. This is a $6 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes Obamacare’s Flexible Spending Account tax on 30 million Americans. This is a $20 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes Obamacare’s Chronic Care Tax on 10 million Americans with high out of pocket medical expenses. This is a $126 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes Obamacare’s HSA withdrawal tax. This is a $100 million tax cut.
-Abolishes Obamacare’s 10% excise tax on small businesses with indoor tanning services. This is a $600 million tax cut.
-Abolishes the Obamacare health insurance tax. This is a $145 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes the Obamacare 3.8% surtax on investment income. This is a $172 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes the Obamacare medical device tax. This is a $20 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes the Obamacare tax on prescription medicine. This is a $28 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes the Obamacare tax on retiree prescription drug coverage. This is a $2 billion tax cut.
As a presidential candidate in 2008, Barack Obama had promised repeatedly that he would not raise any tax on any American earning less than $250,000 per year. He broke the promise when he signed Obamacare. With the passage of the House GOP bill, tens of millions of middle income Americans will get tax relief from Obamacare's long list of tax hikes.

Krauthammer: Single-Payer within 7 Years

Yes, he's an Establishment neo-con.

But he is not wrong.  Particularly, this: I would predict that in less than seven years, we'll be in a single-payer system,"  Krauthammer said, pointing out that Republicans aren't even arguing for a free market system anymore.

We still have Socialized medicine, those who mean to be Masters are simply trying to change the name and a few details.  We are still mandated to buy insurance, or face .gov-mandated 'penalties'.  

A clean 'Repeal' would have dropped .Gov out of healthcare entirely.  But it is not in the nature of governments to surrender power once they have it.  And they now have proven that everyone in Washington wants to control you through your health, regardless of which political label they choose for themselves.  They have been bought by the insurance industry, among others.

Since Fox (or their upstream) still has me on double-secret probation, here's the link.  You'll probably have to copy/paste.  


House Passes ObamaCare 'Repeal'

Banner: I love HuffPo.  They produce some of the best comedy online.  

But they, and the Leftists, are correct to call the new bill 'TrumpCare' (versus a 'repeal') - because he now owns it.  No matter what, there will be unwinding issues that carry into the next 2 election cycles.  You can count on the Rs losing the House in 2018.  Not that it matters any longer - Hell, Paul Ryan could switch parties and do just as well for the Ds as he is doing right now.

But the 'replace' remains Socialized Medicine.


Now we'll see if the Senate deliberately monkey-wrenches it...

A message from Boston Antifa for Patriots

Here's their FB.


Socialized medicine is socialized medicine.

Evil is Evil.

The healthcare 'repeal' is a farce - we are only swapping authors of the socialized medicine Evil.

Trade the individual and employer mandates for continuous coverage requirements

The GOP's bill would get rid of the Obamacare requirement that people have health coverage or face a tax penalty. It would also eliminate the mandate that employers with at least 50 employees provide health insurance to their workers.

Under Obamacare, these companies had to provide affordable insurance to staffers who work more than 30 hours a week. They would face a penalty if they did not meet this criteria and their employee sought subsidies on the exchanges.

Instead, the Republican plan seeks to allow insurers to impose a 30% surcharge on the premiums of those who let their coverage lapse for at least 63 days. The plan would enable insurers to levy this surcharge for one year...


Nails it.


Krikorian, too.  Here.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

CNN: Losing their minds over Fake News tag

As we saw at the White House Correspondents Dinner, the taunt of 'Fake News' is really under the skin of the 'professionals'.

Here's the piece.

President 'Very Happy' with CR Deal

No chance of a veto.

Here's the link.

Monday, May 1, 2017

There is no excuse...

...no justification, for President Trump to sign the funding bill.

He should refuse to sign until his campaign promises are covered.

He is being obstructed by the Establishment, to be certain.  But worse, he is refusing to fight them...

Here's the piece.

And on ObamaCare - the reason they can't get it repealed is because the 'replace' aspect blows dead bear.

President Trump should demand a simple up/down vote on repeal.  And any R voting against should be targeted by the RNC for defeat.  Here.

LEO Guns Down Another Unarmed Kid in Texas

Most people do not have the proper temperament to serve as peace officers.

A man who pumps rifle rounds into a car full of teenagers leaving a party is one such example.  'Law & Order' they will scream from places like Daffy's Bunker.

LEO need to be grown-ups who are not frightened of their shadows and teen aged boys.

Here's the piece.

Yale: OK, that's just funny...

Remember the Yale 'symbolic' hunger strike?

Well, the Yale Republican Club just set up a bbq cookout next to them.  Too funny.

May Day

**UPDATE**  Portland seems to be the hotspot - here.

Keep your wits about you if you must be out and about today.

From Portland to NYC the Pig Farmers of America will be throwing their tantrums, and this year they are feeling emboldened.

Here's a generic piece from USA Today.

One pattern for which to look tomorrow - in AOs where the Lefties use masks, see if they are more violent than the AOs where masks are prohibited.  Finding that answer will help flesh-out what we saw on 15 April.

Stay safe.