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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Democrat Influence in Idaho

As Leftist Californians abandon their state, some come here to Northern Idaho.  Not many, but too many.  As with all invasive and infesting species, they attempt to bend local traditions to their own will.  Such attempts are met with generally little success - but they do have an impact in places like Coeur d'Alene.

And while the Pig Farmer mentality is as infested here in Idaho as it is most places in America (Just because a Pig Farmer calls himself a Republican or Conservative doesn't mean squat - Pig Farmers come in all flavors), the reality here in Northern Idaho is that the depth of influence of Stupidus Liberalis is orders of magnitude lower than anywhere else I have ever traveled.  This is particularly true here in Benewah County.

What was it like the last time you had to go to DMV/MVA in your AO?  My last trip took me 9 minutes, which included parking my rig, entering the courthouse, signing a single form (and my debit card receipt), thanking the nice ladies (there are only two in the office, and it is not a dedicated MVA/DMV office) and leaving with my updated registration, getting back to my truck, and heading off to my next chore.  Smog/emmissions tests?  Not here.  Registering a new (or new to you) vehicle?  You bring your rig to the courthouse, see the same ladies inside.  They come out and verify your VIN through the windshield, then finish up your title/registration inside.  Total time the last time I did it?  About 12-15 minutes.  No routine or annual 'safety inspections' or stickers that must be renewed, which are merely taxes laid upon drivers in other places.

Water meters?  None.  It is a flat monthly fee (a small fee at that) for unlimited water, sewer and weekly trash pick-up.  Zoning and permit headaches?  Not so much - especially outside of town.  Onerous 'licensing' requirements for tradesmen and business owners?  Nope.

I say all that simply to help illustrate just how many years removed Idaho is from places like California, coastal Washington and Oregon, and nearly every major city across America.  

The best illustration: The best candidate the Democrats can field for the Governor's Mansion is currently in jail & homeless.  Here's the piece.

BTW - this post is not an invitation to come and live here.