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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Intellectual Honesty: Why we'll never resolve differences in America without violence...

HuffPo - and many other Marxists - consider the pardon of Sheriff Arpaio to be a 'usurpation' of the Judiciary.  HuffPo goes so far as to declare it a looming Constitutional crisis.  Whether they believe it or not is moot.  This is their spin, their means of furthering discord and raising tensions.  If they believe it - they are ignorant and poorly educated.  If they do not believe it, they are deliberately and maliciously lying.

In either case, their narrative must be shut down, by any means necessary.  

The Executive issuing a pardon is a Constitutionally approved check and balance.

That's it.

The Executive disagreed with the outcome put forth by a politically-motivated lower Federal Court, and he shut them down.

End of story.

The problem these Marxist fcuks have isn't simply with President Trump - it is with the very foundations of the republic.  They do not like the Constitution.  They mean to have it set aside completely, eventually.  They mean to impose their own values upon us all - but first they must make the Constitution, and BoR, impotent.

This is a generational  fight they have waged, with varying degrees of success, for well over 150 years. 

Shut 'em down.